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Fans of the Month - 2018
Robert and Mary M . - January 2018

My wife Mary carved this in high. shcool we were dating way back then it
still hangs on our wall you were her favorite.

Happy Birthday,

Robert and Mary M.

Ben B . - January 2018

Hi Peter,

just want to let you know I’m your biggest fan! To me KISS will always be Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley! Your the one and only Catman! I became a diehard KISS fan in 1996 during the reunion tour! Thank you for all the great music you brought into my life! You are an inspiration to me as a person and a Christian! I wish I could meet you and Ace someday and have you sign my KISS tattoo! I’ve met Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, but I need to meet you and Ace Frehley! I love you Peter and I love KISS!

Check out my KISS tattoos!

Ben B.

Leon C . - January 2018

Hello Peter

Hope you remember me at the Melbourne convention I told you the story of how our surnames were similar and that i was one of the most popular kids at school becouse i used to say were related. ...you and Gigi had a big laugh out of that All that said it was an honour to meet you,you were a true gentleman and Gigi was just awesome. .as the catman says to everyone and ill return it to you GOD BLESS YOU PETER CRISS for all the good time.

Leon C.