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Fans of the Month - 2018

Sara, Josh & Tristan - March 2018

Dear Peter & Gigi,

We just wanted to thank you both again for your kindness. You were so sweet to give Tristan the cap and the photos! You have no idea just how much that meant to us. He is still over the moon! We truly appreciate everything you did to make his experience meeting The Catman extra special. You both are amazing!! I hope we get a chance to see you again someday. Don't forget, Tristan will make you some hot dogs and chips anytime!

Love, Sara, Josh & Tristan

Sean and Angela W. - March 2018

Thank you, Peter and Gigi!

I want to thank you both for spending a little extra time with Sean Saturday in Charlotte, NC. My son called me after he spoke to you and Gigi (I was not able to come along), and was in tears, happy tears. Thank you both for being caring and asking him about his medical issues. Sean was very moved and I haven’t seen him smile so much! He already has his picture framed and sitting on his fireplace mantle. Also, thank you for mentioning God to him, Sean has lost some of his faith throughout the years, and hearing you mention this to him while you went through your breast cancer I’m sure sparked his belief again. You and Gigi are wonderful people. Take care, and thank you again. I hope Sean will meet you again in the future.

Angela W.

Steve C. - March 2018

Right this way...
To the MAN of the Day.
Man what a TRIP! :)

Just couldn't miss the chance to meet up, and 'make-up' again for the one and only original Catman himself. And, obviously catch up and take a current photo or 3 while I had the opportunity. And, once again a truly fantastic experience! I've got the coolest hero ever~

Peter: "Come over here Peter!"
Me: "I ain't the man... You are." ;)
So cool... and this time, after presenting him with a few sentimental gifts all of which he didn't have: Gene Krupa CD, Baretta Season One DVD set that he totally loved! And a copy of Rolling Stone with HIM on the cover (loved it as well!) and, well, a few KISS ARMY Tshirts for him and Gigi that he said he'd wear to sleep in! lol. He invited me to sit next to him in the "electric chair" as he called it and said "this is so weird to take a picture with myself" lol.
How special... "You're a good kid Steve." He said with a smile~ awww (*I'm 51 Peter ;) )

So awesome! And taking pictures with the fans of Mad Monster Party and even guests in his representation was a thrill within itself until I found myself in the grips of terror that is. :/ lol.

**also I need to mention the very kind words Peter gave me after we took these awesome photos together, as he gave me mad props for the whole makeup and costuming effort for him and the event again. "Man, once again really great job on everything man. All of it man. Seriously. I know what a bitch that is to go through with all of that. lol. Trust me. It ain't easy that's for sure." Me: "It was my pleasure." This was just before telling me I was a "good kid". Totally worth the trip all the way from Ky. After all. This *is my childhood hero we're talking about. And there's only 1 Peter Criss! :)

Thanks so much for reading everybody! Awesome stuff. Hope to do it again soon!

Steve C./KISS ARMY - The Coolest Band In The World. Thanks again Peter! Always #1.

William B. - February 2018

Hi Peter

I’m 11 and I’ve been a KISS fan ever since I was 5. When I was 5 I used to put make up on and pretend to play guitar and drums to KISS songs. I’ve just recently started collecting records. Of course my first record had to be was a KISS one! As you can see I bought an original 1974 pressing of Hotter Than Hell. I’m going to try to get all of the KISS LP’s from 1974-1977 because in my opinion that was the best era of KISS. My favourite albums are the first 4 KISS, Hotter Than Hell, Dressed To Kill and Destroyer. I’d like to thank you for all of the great music that you have created over the past 4 decades. My dream is to some day meet you or Ace. Once again thank you for the music.

From William B.

Matt S. - February 2018


Just wanted to say out of the four memoirs from your former band mates, Yours, really resonated with me. It had a real down to earth honest feel to it. Thanks for opening up about a lot of things. You're a survivor, cat.

Bless you brother. keep on rockin'. Met you backstage at a kiss meet n greet in the early 2000's.  It was truly a pleasure.

Matt S.

Tomm H. - February 2018

Hey there Peter,

I just wanted to tell you that you inspired me from an early age...always thought you were amazing...been playing drums since I was 7 (I'm 57 now). I learned everything you did back in the day. I never personally got to meet you, but seen KISS 8 times before you left the band...only seen them once with E.C. Anyway, I know how busy you must be, but just wanted you to know how much you've meant to me all of these years...I love you Brother..Take Care and God bless you and your family...

With Love,

Tomm H

Robert and Mary M . - January 2018

My wife Mary carved this in high. shcool we were dating way back then it
still hangs on our wall you were her favorite.

Happy Birthday,

Robert and Mary M.

Ben B . - January 2018

Hi Peter,

just want to let you know I’m your biggest fan! To me KISS will always be Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley! Your the one and only Catman! I became a diehard KISS fan in 1996 during the reunion tour! Thank you for all the great music you brought into my life! You are an inspiration to me as a person and a Christian! I wish I could meet you and Ace someday and have you sign my KISS tattoo! I’ve met Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, but I need to meet you and Ace Frehley! I love you Peter and I love KISS!

Check out my KISS tattoos!

Ben B.

Leon C . - January 2018

Hello Peter

Hope you remember me at the Melbourne convention I told you the story of how our surnames were similar and that i was one of the most popular kids at school becouse i used to say were related. ...you and Gigi had a big laugh out of that All that said it was an honour to meet you,you were a true gentleman and Gigi was just awesome. .as the catman says to everyone and ill return it to you GOD BLESS YOU PETER CRISS for all the good time.

Leon C.