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Fans of the Month - 2020
Ken R. - May 2020


I've been a fan since I was a kid and I just wanted say thank you for the memories and the music...they've gotten me through some really tough times....and still get me through. As I drive this truck across the country during these crazy times.... ugh, lol... it sure makes the miles go a lil smoother... so from me, my wife, my daughter and Bubby the cat or "fatass" as my wife calls him...

Thank you and God Bless,

Ken R.

Jason H. - May 2020

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been a long time fan...Since i was oh, six or so. Ha ha. So that’s for 42 years. Anyway, I now reside in western PA as an Optometrist.......

I thought I would send you a picture of your feline counterpart. His name is....Peter Criss (for obvious reasons).

I hope you and your family are staying safe and sane.

Cheers to you and God bless.

Jason H.

Timo S. - My 2020


Man ,it so hard to put words how I feel,just reed your book ..okey maybe 3trd time... I been KISS fan since ,well hard to remeber but long long long time a go... First memories was Love gun tour so it`s been life time....
I just wanna thank you botttom of my heart of what you have done,you know when my dad get sick and that was 1994 november,when i get out of army so.. one snowy night (that night it raining snow so much it was hard to walking out streets ) I putting Destroyer to my walkman ( yeah no cd ) listening Beth and I starting crying...so much pain inside me and it came out out just that night.Never forget it...

My dad got cancer last year and we`re fightin, he feels much better now but everything can chance so fast. But anyway if i dont have get to know your time KISS, maybe i dont be ME, you and your songs have help me so much, so thanks Peter of all what you have done.

Love you man!

Best wishes

TS from Finland

Chris D. - April 2020

Hi Peter,

I've been a big fan since 1976, when i was 8. When my wife was pregnant, one of the songs I'd play close to her belly was Beth. My daughter is now 16 and i recently found her listening to Beth. I asked her about it and she said that it's beautiful and helps her relax and feel that everything will be OK when she's nervous.

Thank you for some beautiful (and rocking!) music.

Chris D.

Rocky - April 2020

Hey Peter,

Just surfing the web and thinking of the old days when I was a kid. Wishing you and your family peace love and joy! Thank you for all the memories, I still go out on a run and listen to rock and roll over and dressed to kill. Great times, Stay safe and close to God in these times!

Fan since 73'


Billy D. - April 2020

Hi Peter, I just wanted to say thank you for all of the amazing music. KISS is my favorite band and you’re one of the reasons I became a drummer. Whenever I’m not feeling motivated, I listen to and play songs like Watching You, God of Thunder, Strange Ways, etc and instantly remember why I love drumming. My favorite albums are ‘Hotter Than Hell’ and ‘Destroyer’. I can go on and on, but I just wanted to say thank you for always motivating me to play drums.

God bless Catman!

Billy D.

Johnny and Steph K. - March 2020

Hi Peter,

Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of me and my now fiance when I popped the big question to her.

We are huge KISS fans, and although it was only a tribute band, it was a perfect opportunity to ask her to marry me.

She went with the full Catman make-up and I hope you agree that she rocked it!

I thought with all the crap going on in the world these days it would be nice to put something in your inbox that might make you smile.

She's a huge fan of your drumming, and she now keeps asking me to buy her a kit! You've clearly inspired her...

Keep on rocking,

Johnny and Steph K.

David P. - March 2020

Hi there,

You probably get a ton of email but I just saw your photos with John5 and I wanted to say it is great to see you happy and healthy and enjoying yourself.

I grew up on Kiss and your work and I can't say enough good about it. You are one of a kind!

Be well.

David P.

Jimmy "Boots" F. - March 2020

Hi Peter Criss,

My names is Jimmy "Boots" F. and I love entertainment. Acting runs in my family with my grandfather and my brother as does music. And I love to sing but i am tone Deaf lol... so when i was young people would hear me sing with the radio and one song that was easier for me to sing and i loved was the song, and yes you know it bro, it was Beth. Well they had a band playing at a local night club and people that knew me talk the band in to letting me sing. Great but remember I'm tone deaf lol so I told them I can sing the song just fine if Peter was singing with me. So that's what they did. One of the guys from the band had a cassette tape in his car. So they put these earbuds on me or what ever you called them in the 80s and I had your voice and music in my ear. It was like you was standing right next to me and as I sang I would just picture you and me singing together and it was the next best thing to you being with me!! At the end of the song I did get a standing Ovation!! So for a few minutes I felt what it was like to be apart of you and KISS and the life of a Musician! Thank You!!

Thanks Again Peter Criss from Jimmy "Boots" F.
Keep the Live and Peace!!!

Dr. Fred B. - February 2020

Hello Peter.

I'm 57 years old and have been a fan of yours since I was 15. I saw my very first KISS concert at the Providence Civic Center in 1978. You quickly became an inspiration and my idol and I even dressed up as the cat man (boy lol) one Halloween. You played the drums with such fluidity, confidence and ease. And your kit was incredible! Always wanted to play on a kit like that. I've always hoped to meet you.

As a boy, I was always fascinated by drums. I started off with the rubber practice pad and got my first set when I was around 12. I played constantly until I joined the Navy in 1981. I served for 9 years. My career was cut short by a knee injury. I got away from playing while in the service for obvious reasons lol. I got another set shortly after I was discharged. Played again for a few years, then went to college and became a sports and rehab chiropractor, practicing almost 20 years now. I had every single KISS album and could play just about every song. I loved your solo in 100,000 years and God of Thunder from Alive 2.

I just bought this Pearl set and it feels great to play again. I'm planning on adding to the kit.

I just want to thank you. You remain my idol and I'm hoping to pick up where I left off and keep going! The drums have been a source of peace, energy and excitement for me and lets face it, its an excellent workout!

I hope you are well and if ever in the need for a good chiropractor, let me know.

Dr. Fred B.

Dr. John W. - February 2020


I grew up, I’m 55, in Southern Indiana and was forbidden to listen to any “devil” music as a child. I was always intrigued by KISS and as I got older really appreciated your music. I never attended a rock concert, but when KISS announced last year they were doing a final tour I made up my mind to go if you and Ace were in it. Since you were not I didn’t attend. From a fan’s perspective if there is anyway you could join them for either a full show or a few sets per concert I’d certainly enjoy that.


John W.

Scott G. - February 2020

Mr Criss,

Just wanted to thank you for the amazing impact you had on my life. I was just a shy little boy when I first saw you in KISS. I went on to be a rock drummer, a big cat keeper in a zoo and an actor! In some strange way, you helped a boy you didn’t even know . I found the combination of drums ,cats and theatrics and somehow met the perfect woman during the course of it all!!!! It’s been a great adventure!

Thank you, Catman!


Scott G.

Nicolas "Chino" P. - January 2020

Hi Peter,

I am Thomas from Argentina... Today my friend Nicolas "Chino" P., passed away. He was 27 years old and was your biggest fan ever. I would love if you can say some words for him. He left 2 beautiful daugthers, and we are debasted... He really loved you, he was drummer becouse of you. Here i send you a photo of me with Nicolas (he is on the drums)

Thank you, I hope you can answer.

Mitch H . - January 2020


Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your book—I quote from it in one of my forthcoming. You’re the best.

Your fan,


Jet A . - January 2020

Hi Mr. Peter Criss,

I recently bought and finished reading your autobiography Makeup to Breakup. I’ve read the other members books and I’ve gotta say yours is my favorite. Reading it felt like I was listening to you tell all the stories in person, and I’ve always loved your voice the best out of all the members its the most unique and heartfelt and soulful, and of course your drumming really is the groove that had the early songs sound so great, I love the way your drumming always had a swing feel to it and the ghost notes on the snares and funky hi hat rhythms spiced things up, Im 18 years old so I never really had the chance to see the only real KISS with Peter Criss and Ace Frehley and it bums me out a bit, but listening to the old records always brings me to life, ya know people say Eric singers a great drummer but I honestly always felt his drumming was over simplified and boring, on the other had you always drummed with soul and spice and I love it, anyway reading your book was great felt like the closest thing I could get to seeing Kiss in the seventies.

Thanks for all the great music Mr Peter Criss the Catman!


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