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Subject: Nice memories

Dear Peter Criss,

Recently I’ve put some of my LP’s on compact disc and there I saw suddenly the solo album you’ve recorded in, I guess that was 1978. Actually it was one of the first records I got. I remember that I first was a fan of ABBA, but than I saw ‘I was made for loving you’ on TV and I became -like lots of little Dutch boys from Amsterdam- a fan of Kiss. I guess it must have something to do with the cats my parents had in those days, that I liked catman the most, so my father gave me your first solo-album for a birthday or so when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I always played that album for a year or two, at last I knew exactly were the scratches were on the record. Than I became a fan of Stevie Wonder (children aren’t much faithful, ha! ;-) ), but I kept on playing your record now and than until I was 21 or so, than I brought all my records to the garret. Quiet obviously I have many, many memories on that album you’ve made so it was really a nice surprise to find that album back and putting it on a compact disc, with all it’s scratches too, ;-) . Now I’m 37 and playing your record (in the mean time on a compact disc) again after all these years was like a journey back to my childhood. For many reasons my childhood wasn’t always fun, but listening to your and others music certainly was. It also was a great and nice surprise finding out that I still know all the lyrics with that difference that nowadays I know what I sing along about! Later I served through the internet and found your site and I found it a nice gesture to write my memories down, so I just did and I hope in understandable English, I find writing in English difficult because this language is not my mother tongue, but I find it worth it and at least you understand more of these lines then if they were dutch-spoken, ;-)

Many greetings from Amsterdam and it was nice having the opportunity writing these words!

Sincerely, Olivier Mouwe

Subject: Destroyer the new Peter, Ace, Vinnie and Bruce project

Hi Peter,

I'm 42 years old and I was a great Kiss french fan in the fall seventies. 30 years after I rediscover all the albums I did not listen for years.
And I dream, not of a Kiss reunion, but of an ex Kiss members reunion.
Why don't you create a NEW band called "Destroyer" or "Love Gun" for instance ?
The drummer/singer would be Peter Criss
The Guitar player/singer and bassist would be Ace Frehley
The second guitar player and bassist would be Vinnie Vincent
The Third guitar player and bassist would be Bruce Kulick.
And let's dream of a good set lit!!!!
with songs written by you, Ace and Vinnie from all the areas of the band + solo albums!!
3 hours show!!!!!!!!
Thank you for this next project. I hope Ace, Vinnie and Bruce will agree this new deal

Best regards

Hubert Allusson from Bordeaux (France)

Subject: Saludo de Fernando desde Argentina.

Peter: mi nombre es Fernando te escribo desde Argentina tengo 32 y soy fan de Kiss desde los 15 mas o menos quería contarte que toco la batería hace algo así como 15 años, y que la verdad admiro mucho tu forma de tocar.

Tuve la oportunidad de verte en vivo en mi país en los años 97 y 99 y la verdad fue una experiencia maravillosa.

Mis respetuosos saludos para vos y tu familia.

Subject: hey

Hey, how're you doing from New Zealand. I'm Michelle, 37 and my kids love your music too. Keep it up (the drumming too, ha ha!)


Subject: KISS is a Cover Band

Hi Peter,

I simply had to write to you and say how much I agree with you about the so-called 'new' KISS and the imposters playing yourself and Ace Frehley. I believe you entirely. I think the way that Gene and Paul are disrespecting KISS fans around the world is very, very disappointing. It is NOT KISS without Peter and Ace, that's the bottom line. You may remember Gene once saying, many years ago, how he wanted KISS to be like The Beatles. My question is this: can you imagine The Beatles without George Harrison or John Lennon? That's why Paul Mcartney has never revived the beatles, because it wouldn't be the same. My point exactly: how will it ever be KISS without you? You know what I hope, Peter? I honestly hope Gene and Paul come to their senses and give the fans what they want. A final tour with the REAL KISS. I will wait for the day when Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace come back to Sydney, Australia as KISS.

You're a true legend Peter and a very honest man,

God Bless,

Subject: Hello From Branson , Missouri

Hello Peter Criss;

I have been a very big fan for several years. Now my kids listen to Kiss and all of your singles. I have been a Deputy Sheriff for the past 17 years and I would like to say anytime that your close to the Branson Missouri area please zip me and e-mail and I would be more then happy to show you around. I know that you get many letters like this daily and you can’t answer them all. You and your family take care and God Bless.

Dan Luttrell

Subject: retire the band it's not a business

first and only email Im an Artist but I just want to say I read an article stating Kiss should go on
you know without Bruce, Carr...Ace, or Peter...kiss is not Kiss America knows the truth Europe is cool but

Europe doesnt care about band history... they dont mind like American fans do...

Bill Aucoin was such a better manager...

my distaste for this current kiss is great and Im not interested anymore

alot of the True fans that have remained cause of Paul will leave if a new kiss without any originality

a show for new members This is Why they arent in the Fame and probably will never be

PETER make an article

doc mcgee said no Peter and Ace no Kiss now he supports a totally non original kiss

Subject: Hi

Hello Peter,

I have be introduce to Kiss about 2 years of ago from my new husband. He has been a Kiss fan since he was about 8 years old.I would like to say, sorry, I missed all those GREAT SONGS and TOURS. I have listen to all the records you guys have and I have been blown away. I just wished you had been on the radio more. I came from a very small country town and the radio was all I had. I have just finished the Biography off Kiss. I love every minute. I can tell that its was a long and rough road. But you guys still ended on top. Also have to tell you that I have a 5 yr daughter. She is crazy over the CAT Peter Criss. She can recognize anything anywhere thats you or Kiss.

I will be getting the new music from you and I hope you have a good book (I read something about you writing one) out there.

God Bless and Be Cool

Donna Garrow

Subject: Hi Peter

Been a fan of yours since 1975 or so. Was just 7 years old. Hope all is well with you and your pretty wife . Take care .

Greg Estrada

Subject: Greetings from Germany

Hi Peter,

I just hope that you are fine.

Lots of Love


Subject: hello.

thank for you music,35 years listen to kiss.

from chile


Subject: Catman!!!

I just wanted to say thanks. It was you and Ace that made the KISS sound, and made me want to play drums and guitar since I was 15. I'm now 48, and have been playing guitar (thanks to Ace and Les Paul) and drums ever since thanks to you (and Gene Krupa). They can put make-up on anybody, but they can NEVER replace the REAL members that made KISS what they WERE!!! I know you have limited space, but I attached one of my Krupa/Criss inspired solos. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep the faith.


Subject: Happy Father's day!

I just wanted to wish you a great Father's day Peter!!

Always a fan

Subject: Peter & Ace...The best!

Hey Peter…..

All the best to you and your family. Last time I saw you play was the Bad Boys Tour with you and Ace in Detroit. Sure wish you and Ace would hook up an tour guys rock!!

Roger Sibilsky


Subject: Masspequa 1975

Hey Peter

I was born in Amityville and raised in Massapequa, after 10 years of being in Germany as a traveling musician, I am back in 1975 I guess I was 2 or 3 and my 7 year old brother and our neighbors had all your albums. I was hooked on rock and roll and hooked on you right away. I still can not get you, your voice, your drumming or your tunes out of my head. I am thankful for what you've done to say the least.

I hope you are well and your health is great.

Love, your fan
Matthew John Cutillo
Amityville, LI

Subject: The "New Kiss"

First, let me say there is only ONE Catman - and that's YOU!!!
I have MY opinion on G&P's "new Kiss" but it would take too long! lol! I'd love to hear YOURS.
Hope all is well!

Rock On Catman!!!

Dotti Jones

Subject: hey peter

hi Peter

im juuso 13year old boy and im from Finland im love playing drums i have a pearl drum but im wanna DW but i have not money. my pearl set is good. you ar best drummer in the world and its amazing if you came Finland be cause is 9year kun you ar here but Peter you rock!!!! t.Juuso GOD BLESS..

Subject: hello peter criss

hey peter

this is zachary ripple and i have been a kiss fan for a long time and i am a big fan of you and you are the best drummer of all time.well i am thirty two year old.and i live in beckley wv .and getting married in june 28.we are having the song forever play at our wedding.. your song beth is my favorite too. looking forward to hearing more songs from you in the future.

one of your biggest fans,

Subject: Rock on Catman

Dear Peter,

Just wanted to say that you are my favorite. I used to dress as you during our high school fall festival.My high school friends were all KISS fans so we all dressed like you guys, and put on a performance.Lipsincing of course.But I had to dress like Ace, since my cousin was a real drummer.Those were the days.Anyway I pray the best for you and your family.Stay happy stay real.

Love ya man,


Dear Mr. Criss,

Kiss sucks without you and Ace. Eric Singer is the worst drummer ever and Tommy Thayer can not play guitar for his life. Why don't you and Ace get back together like in 1995. I would rather come see you and Ace then Kiss.

James Hofrichter

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