DRUM TIP -#7 "The Cow Bell"
I don't know if you like the "Cow Bells" but, I love them. Right from the start I played with a cow bell, because Gene Krupa did. Later in my music career, Hard Rock and Latin, The Bell. Some bass player in Nashville, Alan Woody said "Man your hell on the bell." I like mine right in the middle of my bass drum, but you can set one on a stand or put it where ever it feels good. EP makes the best. Try it. The sound of a cow bell and snare drum rule!

God Bless - The Cat

DRUM TIP -#6 "Drum Sticks"
Hi, A lot of drummers ask me what sticks do I dig. There was a time, I would only play one kind "Regal Rock" back in the day. I have played a lot of different ones since then. ProMark, Vic Firth, Now I play Ahead and Zildjian Jazz. I am also trying out a custom stick made just right, light and right. This tour I played the jazz more, maybe because I have been playing a lot of Jazz over the last 3 years. But I still play my Aheads for rock too. There is nothing wrong with playing with more than one type of stick. I also love Mallets. I have at least 13 or 15 different types. Brushes also, 3 different kinds. So again, What ever makes you play better.

God Bless - The Cat

DRUM TIP -#5 "Listen to All Types of Music"
This is easy and fun. Try to listen to ALL music, not just what you "dig," Country, Pop, Jazz, Classical it goes on and on. There are so many rhythms and beats, It will blow your mind and make you a better drummer. You may not like some of (this music), but trust me, someday you just may use some rhythms or beats from them. I have been so blessed to have traveled all over this world and hear different music of the Countries, that's COOL too. So just listen and keep playing. It will all come together for you, someday.

God Bless - The CatMan

DRUM TIP -#4 "Stretching"
It is very important to stretch your body parts, Before playing your drums. Lay on the floor, Stretch them legs, Arms, Back, Move around man - Stretch. I did not do this when I started playing, Why? Because your young. Later you will be sorry. After Stretching, Back to the pad. Start simple, Exercise. The idea is to stay loose, You will play better.

Trust The CatMan.


DRUM TIP -#3- From Ed (The Tech) Kanon - "The best way to clean and tune drums"

With the cleaning: cymbals, use Zildjian cymbal cleaner (available at any big music store). Use a clean towel. Apply the cleaner, and lightly rub it around the surface. Let it dry at bit. Use another towel to buff it out, and BaDa BinG, a clean cymbal. You can use Windex for the shells, as long as there is a clear coat on them.

Tuning drums: Choose the head you like. Put it on, and tighten the tension rods hand tight. Tighten the head with a key going from one side of the drum, to the opposite lug on the other side. Give them all the same amount of turns, to keep them as even as possible. After you get to a desired pitch, tap the head next to each tension rod. Listen to the pitch each one makes. Start getting each one to make the hit the same pitch. Then turn the drum over and do the same. We like to have the bottom head a little bit tighter than the top. The only trick to tuning is getting everything even. When both heads are even, the drum will sing. You might want to try changing the pitch on each head. It might sound better tighter or looser. The shell has a key that it resonates in. So, if it gets closer to the natural key that it is in, it will start sounding better.

Good Luck !!!!

DRUM TIP#2 - "Warm up for the Cat"
There's not a day goes by that I either don't practice on my Pad or If I am home I'll play at least 4 out of 7 days of the week. It depends, If I am off the road it's 4 days. If I am getting ready to tour I'll play 5 to 6 days, I always take Sunday off. I am a Christian. I mean even God rested on the 7th day. On the road, I'll play my Pad in my room watching TV. Right before a show I'll stretch out my body parts, Then do about 10 to 15 minutes on the Pad. We always have music on in the dressing room, So I just play along, it's fun and keeps me sharp. Eat right and NO drugs or alcohol, You can't play good drums if your either drunk or high. I'm now 57 and I'm just trying to let you know the drums come first.

God Bless - The CatMan

DRUM TIP#1 - "The Practice Pad"
A long time ago, I had the honor of being Jim Chapin's student, 1980 a good 2 years. I wanted to know more about the drums. Sometimes we think we know it all, I mean I already was a "Rock Star". Why start from the beginning, Because it's the only way to start. Jim took me back to the basics, The Practice Pad. Now there is not a day or night that goes by that I don't play on my pad. Right before a show I warm up on one. It will make you looser, more precise and more agile and that's what your job is, Keep the time, Finsh your rolls and stay steady. The pad can do that and more. Do your exercises and try different things, Rights to lefts, Lefts to rights. I hope this will help. My Favorite Pad - "Reel Feel" they come in all sizes. There is even a cool small one that I carry in my shoulder knapsack bag. Keep practicing, It's fun.

God Bless - The CatMan

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