Peter Criss Q&A

Q&A with "Peter Criss"! March 23rd-2003

Q-If you had to choose 2 other songs of yours, besides Beth, which would you pick to sing with the band right now? Walter L
A-Baby Diver and Hard Luck Woman

Q-Are you On the 1979 album called The Squigtones? Chad E
A-No, it's not me, and if it was that would be cool too. The Cat

Q-What is your real preference: Drum Workshop or Pearl, and why? Jamie
A-Pearls are good, but DW are a way of life. I have played them all, but DW gives me everything and more in a drum. I am blessed to play them, and
thanks for being a drummer, it's a great world!

Q-What's your favorite Italian recipe?

A-Just plain pasta with butter,salt,pepper,garlic.

Q-How do you feel playing KISS songs from the albums which you had no part of? Does it make any difference to you? John Morrison
A-Gene and Paul pick the songs. I just play them. I gave up years ago trying to get songs. I just love playing my drums these days. Thanks to God.

Q-Will your site have a section so that your fans can purchase merchandise from you? Jim Breeding
A-Not yet, but soon. I don't want it to just make money. That's not what it's about.

Q-Will you be releasing a cd of new music? R.R. guitar
A-This Summer. Jazz. I am so up, Ed Kanon and The Catman are doing the Jazz thing and more COOL things to come. Just wait and see!!!

Q-How was it to sing "Beth" at the symphony, and is Tommy Thayer a good person? Berry
A-Singing "Beth" with the symphony was a night I will keep forever! Tommy's a nice person, But I miss Ace.

Q-Could you post some of your artwork on your site? Mario
A- Very soon, I will start to put my artwork online. I am so glad you want it. Thanks, The Cat

Q-Can you shed some light on what the deal is with Ace? Ray, Jim, Dave, Ralph
A-I don't see Ace, But I miss him.

Q-What type of sticks are you using now, it looks like you went back to wood? D.V.
A-Right now I am using wood sticks. I have been playing alot of Jazz over the last 2 years and I like their feel.

Q-Was it hard for you to see Eric Singer in your make-up and costume(please be honest) and did you feel it was a slap in your face by Gene and Paul. Nick M.
A- Their is only "ONE" Catman. It's a paycheck to Eric, NO disrespect to Eric.
Gene and Paul, that's in my book.

God Bless

Q&A with "Peter Criss"! - March/29/03

Q-Have you found a church in Jersey that you are happy with? You also mentioned the Trinity when you referred to the #3 is that the meaning of the #3 for you? Scott MacDonald
A-I am a big beliver of God, and I go to St.Catherines in Spring Lake. A day does not go by that I don't thank the Lord. Yes the number 3 is Trinity to me. God Bless, The Cat

Q-Do you think that Ace is coming back to KISS? J.P.
A- I honestly don't know. I hope to talk to him over the summer. I miss not playing with him. Their is only "ONE" Ace, like Gene, Paul and Peter.

Q- Pretty much everyone knows about the "KISS/Aerosmith" tour, Do you know of any other touring plans? Also do you think us fans will get a new KISS record any time soon? Cale Haug
A- I don't know about the KISS/Aerosmith tour or any other touring plans. I just played these shows and had a ball! I hope you get the music we did, It was great just to play for you guys, The Fans. I am working on new music this summer.

Q- When will KISS play Mexico City? Do you like Mexico City? Raul Teran
A- I Love Mexico! I don't know when I will be there.

Q- How is your relationship with Gene and Paul these days? Do you get along better or just put up with each other? To me, If you are still working together, It can't be all that Bad... Patrick
A- My relationship with Gene and Paul is private. To know how I really feel about them It will be reveled in my book, and you don't know what Bad is. Only time will tell. I just love playing my drums and living life. God is so good to me.

Q- Why did you use the "Psycho Circus" Drum kit for the Symphony show? Also do you plan on putting a diagram of your kit on your website? Dave
A- Ed my tech and son calls the shots on my kits. He felt the Catseat would sound the best. Balls to the Wall, and Ed was right! We are working on my Drum page this summer as well as a new CD of music. We will have diagrams and All kinds of COOL shit on my Drum page.

Q- When is your book coming out and where can it be found? God gave Rock and Roll to you. Lonnie Mae
A- I stoped working on my book when I went back to play with Gene and Paul, But this summer I'm working on new music and It's back to my book. That's right God gave Rock and Roll to everyone, Not just Gene and Paul.

Q- Do you have any plans to play a show in Brazil? Victor Rabay
A- I love Brazil, Don't know if I'll be there?

Q- What do you think about a tour with the whole KISS family, You, Gene, Paul, Ace, Bruce, Vinnie, Mark and Eric, celebrating 3 decades of Rock and Roll?
A- I don't think about KISS as a family.
I have my own. KISS was/is a band I founded and enjoy playing my drums for.
I don't know those other guys? I celebrate life everyday. Thank you - The Cat

Q-Do you have any plans in the future for more autograph signings/appearances like the one you did in PA? Bret
A- Well this summer I'm working with Ed Kanon in the Cat Lair on Music, Movies? Who knows? The future is mine.

Q- What was the colors of your Love gun/Alive 2 Drum kit and do you have any specs on the kind of Zildjian Cymbals you were playing at the time? Steve Jones
A- I am working on a Drum page this summer and hopefully my Drum page will help you, It will be for Drummers only. COOL right.

Q- I heard you talk about a new cd a few months ago where you said you might cover some of Cole Porter's stuff, will we ever hear that? I'm hoping we will hear it before Gene's solo cd. Fizzy
A- I don't know about Gene's solo cd? I am working on my Jazz cd over the summer and I hope you like it. I will be working on alot of COOL shit, For my Peter Criss Fans, as well as my KISS
Fans. I do hope you like the "KISS Symphony" cd and dvd. It was fun doing It.

Q- I recently attended the "KISS Symphony" concert and wanted to know if you had fun playing there? I love your Peter Criss solo album I can't stop listening to It! Anthony
A- Thanks for listening to my music, I am doing more this summer. I had a ball in Melbourne, I love playing there. Thank you for coming to the show and Thanks for being a Fan.

God Bless all my fans - "The Cat"

Q&A with "Peter Criss!" - April/05/03

Q- If you wanna pay tribute to the ones working for you behind the scenes who will that be and why? Which people where important for your career? Arie van Rotterdam/Holland
A- Important - My Mother and Father, My wife she is my angel and friends and family. Gene Krupa and Bill Aucoin and health and God those are the things that help me go on.

Q- Do you think that Eric Carr would have played with KISS until after the farewell tour? By the way your the best drummer of KISS out of the 3! MysticAngel
A- Eric Carr was a great drummer and person, God Bless Him. I have and always will be the drummer of KISS. The First. 3 is my lucky number, but 1 is better.

Q- I am a great jazz fan like you, my question is, Are you a Rolling Stones Fan? Laura
A- I am a big jazz guy/ big band and swing music and I am a big fan of the Rolling Stones. We just stayed at the same hotel as them in Tokyo, We got to see them alot, just walking around. It was very COOL.

Q- What do you think of the war with Iraq? Stacy Baggett
A- Everybody has an opinion on the war. I found out a long time ago that Politics and Religion don't mix, So I will keep my opinion to myself and God. I always pray for peace not war.

Q- You are an amazing person! I am friends with Glenn Noyes and your tech Ed. My question to you is, Are you going to tour with KISS if they do a U.S. 30 anniversary tour with Steven Tyler and Co.? Jamie Harris
A- I don't know at this point. It's up to God, out of my hands. Say hi to Glenn he is a nice guy. I am just a person, not amazing. Thank you

Q- Was it you who ran in the pool and Gene saved you or Ace? I ask because Gene says Ace. Joe
A-That was a long time ago, but he did save me from drowning one night, I swallowed to much water and Gene pulled me out. Ace has his own story.

Q- My question is in 2 parts. On the upcoming U.S. tour any chance of you playing and singing some obscure songs like "Baby Driver" or "Mainline" or anything like that? #2 - What is the status of Catapult Records and where can I get info to send you some stuff? John
A- I just got done playing with Gene and Paul as you know, and they call the shots on the songs. So I don't think so, but it would be cool.
This summer Catapult will get it's first music, ME. It's going to take some time for Catapult Records and works. I will have some info in the near future.

Q- I just wanted to know, since you have suffered from carpal tunnel pain, have you taken a different approach to warming up and/or playing shows? Also what would you suggest to young drummers, like myself to do to prevent these things from happening much later on down the road? Joseph
A- I am getting ready to put up my drum page this summer, just for drummers. Do's and Dont's with diagrams etc... and I hope that will help answer some of your questions. Thanks

Q- How does it make you feel to know that so many people look up to you as a drumming hero? Tracy a.k.a.Space Lion
A- I wanted to be Gene Krupa and when someone tells me they want to be me, I think how I felt about Gene Krupa and how I made my dreams come true, So If people feel like that about me, I am the luckest man on the planet!

Q- Why thru-out all the years with KISS haven't you had a "Green Drum Kit"? JStanvia
A- Funny, I don't like Green Drums. Crazy right?

Q- Do sometimes you feel after you left KISS in 1980 that you made the wrong move? Cause in many ways it look like you did make the wrong move? It's a rough question, cause you are a tough guy. Delfin/ Caracas-Venezuela
A- Read It in my book, and It's not a tough question, I am a pussy cat.

God Bless all my fans,
The Cat

Q&A with "Peter Criss!" - April/12/03

Q- Would you be on a celebrity reality show like "Survivor" if approached? Ryan
A- Would I be on celebrity survivor, Sure. Why not, just NO snakes, I hate snakes.

Q- I think that Gene and Paul, not on purpose of course, have really damaged the band more with decisions being made recently than you and Ace's personal problems did during the 70's, and at present. Honestly what do you think? Also when Kiss was to play at the 9-11 All Star concert in D.C., Paul had his hip problem and KISS pulled out. Do you really think that if it were you or Ace, Kiss would have still pulled out or found a replacement? They say no one member is most important and that the band must go on. Worried Fan-Lee Johnson
A- Don't worry man, that's all B.S. The Cat is doing some music this summer, In the "Cat Lair". Don't be worried. All will be cool. Let It Be- The Cat

Q- My question for you is would you release a box set of your own someday with rare stuff you have done pre and post KISS, since the KISS box set mostly contained rare Paul and Gene material. Todd
A- I had nothing to do with the KISS Box set, I didn't even get one. I am working on some new music this summer and maybe someday, I'll put out some cool stuff!

Q- I'd like to know for how long is your current contract with KISS and for how much longer would you like to perform live with KISS? Mark Stroming
A- The contract is my thing, and how much longer...?

Q- I collect anything Peter Criss and I was wondering what new merchandise is coming out? Will you ever do a signiture series drum set? Thank you for being my inspiration! Cody Smith
A- We are working on it as we speak and DW Drums only, One set and that's all you need.

Q- Who is "Michael Benvenga" (From the Peter Criss album)? Ulises Vazquez from Mexico
A- In my book I will talk all about Michael Benvenga, He was a great guy, In my youth.

Q-Do you have any contact or influence with Ace these days? I was wondering what you could do to try and convince him to come back in the band. It seems he has a lot of animosity toward Gene in particular. How do you get on with Gene and Paul these days?
Lee, from London,England

A- I love Ace. Ace is his own man and will do what he wants. I respect him. I have my own issues with Gene and Paul.

Q- Any plans to perform with the Buddy Rich band? It would be awesome to see the Catman play with Buddy's old band. I do not think Gene Krupa would object. Michael J. Rublesky III
A- I think Buddy was great! But I am a Gene Krupa man, If not for him I would not be playing drums, and Gene would not object.

Q- I have studied you in every era of KISS, You were a complete animal in the early days and I put you right up there with Bonham and Moon. Now that you are older I feel you are much more disciplined and stay in the pocket a lot better. I also think you are the best you've ever been on the drums and vocals. At your age how do you keep up your chops? Dave-Destin, Florida
A- I feel great for my age. I first don't think about age, My Mom said "It's not the age it's the stage". I workout, eat well and play my drums everyday, and have a very young wife and love God. Thank you

Q- How does it feel to be back in KISS, even without your longtime partner and friend Ace? Did it put your solo projects on hold? I am curious about this, and what they'll be...I even heard about a tribute to Frank Sinatra! Ana-Your biggest brazillian fan
A- Good, I will always be in KISS. I miss Ace alot. Yes, my solo projects are a go again, I am doing my tribute cd to the great jazz/swing music.

Q-You have recently done some acting like 'OZ'. Are you going to do more acting in the future? When Eric Singer came back to KISS and used "Your" make-up. How did that feel? What are your opinions of Eric as a drummer?
Marko from Finland

A- Yes Yes Yes, going back to acting school this summer. I am the real Catman. Eric is a good drummer.

God Bless all my "Catfans"!

Q&A with "Peter Criss!" - April/23/03

Q- If you had the chance to put together a Peter Criss fantasy band, Who would be in it? Alive or dead, It doesn't matter. Chuck from N.Y.
A- Jimmy Hendrix, Gene Kupra, John Lennon, Benny Goodman, Teddy Welson, Miles Davis, Harry James, Bill Wyman, Steve Perry, Marty Ballon and Frank Sinatra.

Q- Why do Gene and Paul refuse to change the setlist and continue to bore the fans with the same songs. I would image you being bored with having to sing Black Diamond and Beth for the past 6 years and not something like Hard Luck Woman, Baby Driver or Hooligan? Byron Fogle
A- I am with you, I would like to sing those songs, But Gene and Paul do the list, But there are some songs we must keep, It's hard.

Q- As a lifelong Catman fan and drummer, I've followed not only your musical career but also your choice in drum hardware for roughly 25 years now. That said, I can't help but notice that in all recent action photos from the recent tour that I've seen , You appear to have switched back to wood sticks, So I was wondering why you opted to switch back to wood after all this time.
It's great to see the king back on his throne on the mighty KISS stage! Michael Cornett

A- I don't know, But over the last two years I've been playing a lot of jazz, So I am into wood right now, But I do change and change is good. Try everything. Be open minded and just have fun playing drums.

Q- I am a Japanese Peter fan from 11 years old. I like your cool drum playing, your smile on your make-up and your voice! The lucky number for you is #3, Please let me know why? H.Ogasawara
A- I love Japan, My wife and I had a ball there. The #3 is my lucky number, Why? The Trinity. In my life everything with a #3 is good, This is my 3rd wife, I was the 3rd member of KISS, in most of my good days there is a #3, But remember 3 strikes and your out. Just Kidding. Believe in the #3.

Q- It was an honor, pleasure and privelege to meet you at "An Audience with Peter Criss Day". You had mentioned that you were a bit nervous about how the vibe was going to be between you and the other members for the "Symphony" show. How did it go then? Tom Fitzgerald
A- Tom, things went great, being nervous is a good thing, It keeps you sharp, If you know what I mean?

Q- I treked down from sydney with my fiance and 2 other mates to see The "Symphony" show...We were all blown off our seats! It was the most phenomenal show ever! For me you made the night! We could see how stoked you were...The grin did not leave your face the whole night...and your drumming was on fire! I really don't know why people go on about your drumming...Everyone knows that if it wasn't for you, KISS would never have got as big as it did!!! Each member brings their own Influences and styles, and without your unique Influences, KISS may never have had the sound it does now! Whenever I put on a KISS record I thank God for giving you 4 guys the musical talent and passion that you have! I can't leave without asking you something...Is the tattoo of the cross on your arm indicative of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ? Julia Lord
A- You said it all kid. You sound like a nice person, I am a big beliver of God, I thank God everyday and to have people like you love me. God Bless-The Cat

Q- I really love your song "Blue Moon Over Brooklyn". I know it's not a KISS song, But if you had been given the opportunity to perform the song in Melbourne with the Symphony would you have done it? Andrew Ferullo
A- It was a milestone playing with the Melbourne Symphony, Gene and Paul call the shots, I just wanted to
play for the fans, But It would have been cool to do my stuff.

Q- You once played a set with Joey Dee at Trudy Heller's. How did that come about? Julian
A- It will be in my book. Thanks

God Bless all my "Catfans"

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