Happy Birthday Peter!!!

I wanted to wish my wonderful husband a very HAPPY and HEALTHY and Purrrfect BIRTHDAY! He is truly a great man and I love and respect him immensely,I'm very proud to be his wife. I would also like to thank the KISS ARMY for all your love, support and respect that you've shown my husband throughout the years .

God Bless, Gigi Criss

Happy Birthday Peter, with many more to come. Wishing you all the very best on your birthday and in the years to come.  Health, Happiness, Love and Success! We hope you have the most Purrrfect day!

Sincerely, The Webstaff of PeterCriss.net

Click on link below Birthday Photos to see a few photos from Peter's Birthday...

Birthday Photos

Merry Christmas to the Ace Frehley Family

Merry Christmas to the Ace Frehley Family. The original lead guitarist and founding member of KISS. "I've missed you pal." Love, Peter

"500 Greatest Albums of all Time"

The following is from the new issue of Rolling Stone Magazine; Destroyer #496 - By the time their fifth album was released, KISS was the most popular band in America, with sold-out stadium tours and eventually it's own pinball machine, make- up line and a TV movie. Built around the proto power ballad "Beth", this is a ridiculously over-the-top party-rock album that just gets better with age. "Alive" was also in the Top 500 listed at #159.  Click on the link "Read More" below to read more from the magazine...

"Read More"

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Christmas comes once a year, People run around trying to buy the right gift, Uncle George a tie, Aunt Rose a sweater and Grandma a nice shawl and that's good. I'm not going to a mall or a department store for my gift. I'm just gonna reach dow n to my heart and give the gift of LOVE. So my gift to you, the fan's and your families, I give you all my LOVE and gratitude for the wonderful life you have given me and my family. God Bless, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

From - The Criss Family

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

I would like to wish a special "Merry Christmas" to my loved ones and friends, who have been near and dear to GiGi and me this year. God bless you all for your love and support and have a Happy New Year!!! Love, The Crisses

Merry Christmas to the Families of 9/11

God does not will evil or condone injustice; He merely permits it, even while he works the marvel by which it results in good. So if we find ourselves in an apparently hopeless situation, with every avenue of escape blocked, we must not rebel. I nstead, we must realize that God has his reasons, in his infinite goodness and wisdom, for permitting it. And so we accept it saying, "Thy Will Be Done." Immediately the load drops from our shoulders and the assurance that all will be well brings peace to our soul.

Photo's from M.S.G. in N.Y.C.

Hey Catfans!!! Well, all I can say is WOW!!! What a great show last night! It was truly magical! Please click on the link below "M.S.G. in N.Y.C." to see some photos of fans and some very "Special" guests that were at the sho w, like Diana Ross and Lenny Kravitz among others! Click on any "thumbnail" photo to enlarge and then use your back button on your computer to come back to the page. Enjoy...

M.S.G. in N.Y.C.

M.S.G. Platinum Ticket Award

This photo was taken at the "Cat Lair". Peter and the band each received these awards on the reunion tour in '96, On the first night of their 4 night sold out stand at the one and only - Madison Square Garden!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to my family and all. We all have a lot to be Thankful for. Remember 9/11. I thank my God everyday. Money can't buy health or love. God loves us, so lets love each other. So enjoy that fat turkey and life. God Bless - The Crisses

Happy Birthday Vinny!

Vinny has taught Gigi so much about the band and what it's like to be a KISS fan and to appreciate the original lineup. Also all the love and respect that he has for each one of them. And personally she finds it a joy to watch his excitement at each and every show. Thanks Vinny for always loving Peter with or without make-up. You've always been a true friend and great fan! Happy Birthday my Scorpion Partner!

Happy Birthday Gigi!

My wife turns 36 today - WOW!!! That's 3 - 3's in one if you do your Cat math. That's my lucky number, as you know. The day I met her was the luckiest day of my life!!! I love her to death!!! Happy Birthday!!! Love, Your Husband

Cat on Tour!

The first leg is over, it was great. So the fun will go on till Dec/20/2003, well how about that my birthday. What a gift! I get to spend it with you the fans! How lucky am I. 2003 - What a year. Thanks for the Wonderful Life!!! Love, The Ca P.S. There are a lot of surprises coming in 2004?

Cat on the Road Crew!

The KISS Road crew and Aerosmith Road crew have done great. Thank you from the Cat Man. Last leg to go! Great job!!!

Peter with Jeff MacPherson

My name is Jeff MacPherson and I am a drummer with a musical theater production called 'Mamma Mia'. I had the good fortune to meet Peter Criss, his wife Gigi, Paul Stanley and their new guitar player, Tommy when they came to see our show in Chicago last night (Aug. 22). Gigi suggested I email you with some photos from last night so that you may be interested in posting on Peter's website. The first is myself (Jeff) and Peter. It was truly an honor to meet Peter as I've been a KISS fan since I was a kid. All the best.

Happy Halloween To All My Favorite Cats!

Happy Halloween! Be safe and have fun, but remember, Beware of things that go bump in the night.

San Antonio- Express News-Peter Criss Interview

If cats have nine lives, then feline-faced Kiss drummer Peter Criss is a whisker's width from borrowed time. At 57, the Brooklyn-born alley cat has survived some hair-raising near misses.   "My worst (onstage mishap) was at Madison Square Garden, which is my home," he says, while sipping an afternoon cup of coffee. "I was just dying to finally be playing there and I got hit in the eye with an egg. It was coming from a distance, man, and it hurt! It was all over my drum s and I was furious. That was back in the day and it was very insulting (laughs)." Insulting, indeed, but not as scary as the time bassist Gene Simmons accidentally set himself on fire or when former guitarist Ace Frehley was electrocute d into la-la land. Not to be outdone, the jovial Criss shares another close call. Click on "Read More..." (Below) to read the rest of this article...

SOURCE: San Antonio - Express News By David Glessner DATE: 10-04-03 "Read More..."

Celebrating our 1 year anniversary!

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart on our 1 year anniversary! Thanks to my webmaster Jeff Mellin for all his hard work and blood, sweat and tears as well as Eric Sanchez and Mark Bell for all their help thru out the year and es pecially to all the fans for logging on to PeterCriss.net! I am continually blown away by all your love and support -

You are the best fans in the world!

Love - The Catman

In Memory of Robert Palmer

He was great. He really was terrific and I couldn't get enough of his videos like "Addicted to Love". It was a great loss to lose a great guy like he was. Our Sympathies - The Criss Family

A Day in Z-Land!

I just want to thank the people at Zildjian for giving me a dream come true in so many ways. They really made me and my wife Gigi, and Drum Tech - Ed, feel very special while touring the factory. I left the factory with a feeling of pride. I kne w I've been beating on the right cymbals for 40 years. I knew Arman Zildjian, he was a great man, and he left behind the best people to keep shop - trust me. I just want to thank them again for the time of my life. I will never forget. Click on the link below "A Day at Zildjian" to see a few more photo's...

more pix from Z-Land

Peter's Hand Prints from the Rock Walk of Fame

Here's a photo of Peter's hand prints and autograph that were added on June/20/1995 as part of the Rock Walk of Fame in L.A.

In Memory of John Ritter

I would like to have met John Ritter, but I did meet his Mom at the Grand Old Opry. She was giving a tour, back in the early 80's and all she would tell me is how great John was, and how proud of him she was. After that everytime I would see hi m on T.V. I got it. We are so lucky to have him in our living rooms after he's gone.

With Deepest Regrets,

The Criss Family

In Memory of Johnny Cash

I will miss "The Man in Black", He was a true Icon. There will never be one like him again. When he sang a song, He lived it. He would face a demon and kick it's ass. Johnny Cash was "The Man in Black, And remember the man in whi te ain't always the good guy.

With Deepest Regrets,

The Criss Family

Peter on OZ replay

Peter's episode of "OZ #41 Visitation" will be re-aired on Tuesday Sept. 30th on HBO Zone East at 11:00 p.m. So if you didn't get the chance to see it the first time it aired, here's your chance to see Peter as "Inmate Martin M ontgomery". Please click on "OZ" link below for more details... OZ info at HBO.COM

Peter Criss on the Symphony

As a boy I wanted to be a drummer in a big band. Dreams or prayers do come true becasue I got to be in a big band -"KISS". But I never expected to play with The Melbourne Symphony. I guess I prayed harder than I thought - it was like b eing in heaven for a night! I'll never forget the feeling of the music and that magical night in Melbourne. I could feel my Mom and Dad in the air...

God Bless - The CatMan

Peter with Mike, Ed and Chad

Here's Peter with (from left to right) Mike (Angel) McLaughlin from Peter's band "CRISS", Ed (The Tech) Kanon and Chad Smith from the "Red Hot Chill Peppers"! This photo was taken in L.A. in the 1990's.

Happy Birthday to the Demon!

I'd like to wish my bandmate, and favorite demon, Gene Simmons, a very happy birthday! Wishing you a long, healthy life!


The Catman - Peter

Peter with Ron Delsener

Here's a photo of Peter with a dear old friend Mr. Ron Delsener.

KISS/Aerosmith in Hartford Ct.

The first show went great, We were great. We hit the stage at 8, like prize fighters, oiled, pumped up and ready to kick ass, As we say in Rock and Roll. Aerosmith was great, It's an honor to play with Hall of Famer's. I was very proud of the bands. Click on the link "Tour Pictures" below to see some pictures from the Tour!

"Tour Pictures"

"CRISS" Invite

Here is an invite to see the 1st show of Peter's band "CRISS" in Hollywood Ca. on Nov/10/1991.

KISS at Best Buy in N.Y.C.

Hey Catfans!!! Please click on the link below "Best Buy In-Store" to see some photos of KISS's In-Store in N.Y.C. on 7/23/03. The turnout for this rare in-store was overwhelming with fans lined up around the block. There was a COOL KI SS Symphony truck with the KISS girls on it and as soon as you would enter the store you were greeted with the sounds of the KISS Symphony/Alive4 with a real Symphony ensemble playing along...Very COOL!!! The band and fans young and old loved it , Overall it was a very special day in KISStory!

Best Buy In-Store

In Loving Memory To Eric Carr

In memory of the late great Eric Carr on his birthday, Peter and GiGi Criss and the webstaff of PeterCriss.net wish to send out their loving thoughts to his family and all his friends and fans around the world. This photo of Eric and Peter was t aken backstage at Radio City Music Hall in N.Y.C. in 1983 on KISS's "Lick it up tour".

Please Click on link below "Eric Carr" to see The Cat's Meow-Eric Carr page.
Click Here

Photos from the The Cat Lair

What's up CatFans! Click on the link below "Enter The Cat Lair" to see some photos of Peter working on his CD and more! Enjoy!!!

Enter The Cat Lair...

Ed Kanon Speaks! Photo by Maryjo Spilane

Q- How are you involved with the recording and set-up for Peter's new CD?

Ed- I just try to make sure everything is up and running smooth. When he is ready to roll, we just start rolling. That's when all the cool shit happens. We try to captu re as much of the original feel of what is going on. I am there to capture it.

Q- What type of equipment are you using?

Ed- We are using ProTools to track everything, as long as all the tracks are there we can do anything with them later on do wn the road. The computer is the way to go these days. We are using Audio Technica mikes on pretty much everything. They sound great.

Q- What advice can you give someone who would like to become a drum tech?

Ed- It's really long hours. It ca n be very hard sometimes, But can also be very rewarding. You get to travel the world, Not everyone is as lucky as me. Peter is very easy to work for, He is always open-minded, Some can be total nightmares to work for. Rock stars can be total me ntal cases. So as long as you can deal with that, You're all good.

Q- What's a day in the life like for Ed Kanon on the road with KISS?

Ed- Wake up on the bus, Walk off the bus. Try to find out how to get into the building. Find catering. Ma ke coffee. Drink coffee. Find back line truck. Get new drumheads out of box. Get drum cases in one area. Open cases. Change drumheads. Tune drums and put them back in cases. Go get more coffee. Comeback and find drum riser. Put cases by drum ris er. Open cases. Put drums on riser. Setup hardware. Clean hardware. Clean drums. Set up drums on hardware. Tune drums again. Clean cymbals. Set up cymbals. Go eat lunch. Come back when riser is onstage. Setup monitors, mikes, electronics etc... Play drums for awhile and fine-tune things. Band comes in for a sound check. Go eat dinner. Setup show items, Water, Set list, Towels, Boots, Roses, and make-up touch up kit. Watch opening act. Do the show. Tear it down as fast as humanly possib le. Put cases on truck. Shower. Sleep.

Q- Will you be involved with Peters drum page link on his website?

Ed- I am sure you (Jeff) will bother me all the time. (HAHA) But if it's to inform all you fans out there, then what the hell I'll give a little info. All joking aside, I will be as involved as I need to be. It's good to get information out to the public.

Thanks Ed and Yes I will be bothering him often, Anything for the fans. You know I love ya brother!

Peter's Fan Mail

Hey Cat Fans, Good News after a long search into Peter's missing Fan mail, It seems that it was misdirected to the wrong address. So rest assured that it is in our hands now. But with Peter's very busy schedule, Please be Patient for a reply. Sorry for any inconvenience that this might have caused and Thanks again to everyone for there understanding with this matter and hopefully this will never happen again.

All the best!

The Webstaff for PeterCriss.net

Peter Criss #3

I just finished reading something that was in the Who's News section of the USA Weekend that I wanted to share with you; Rock music critics often praise The Rolling Stones and other bands-But not Aerosmith a good ol' band from the U.S.A. Why d on't they get the credit they deserve? If it were up to fans and fellow musicians, Aerosmith would be carved into a mountain and the mounment named Mount Rockmore. Their comeback from near-extinction after getting clean and sober in 1986 is unp aralleled in rock, and their status as America's greatest rock band is evidenced by their influence on our pop culture. They're everywhere from the Got Milk? ads to N.Y. fashion shows. Lead singer Steven Tyler even did an episode of the Disney teen sitcom Lizzie Mcguire and inducted AC/DC into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Check out their social commentary and Tales from the road at AeroForceOne.com. They're funny and smart. Could that be why critics don't like them??? I Concur!

The Catman

Peter's Drum Page !!!

What's up CatFans!!! Please click on the link below to enter "Peter's Drum Page" and the different pages within which are; Drum Tips, Drum Stories, The Cat's Meow and Drum (mail) Q&A forum... As of July/17/04 - NEW - "Reunio n (Pearl) Kit - Drum Page". As of Jan/31/05 NEW - "The Cat's Meow - Charlie Watts" page. As of June/4/04 - NEW -"Drum Tip" and "Drum Story"...and Peter has answered more of your Drum Questions that wil l be posted over time in the "Drum (mail) Q&A" forum...starting on June/9...Enjoy!!!

Click on here to enter Drum Page...

Peter Criss on his Drums

There are some jerks selling my drums I'm told, I have every set of drums, The Reunion tour, Psycho Circus tour, Farewell tour, Australia and Tokyo tours. The only set of drums I know of is, KISS had a second set of Pearl drums, That was a dupl icate of the ones I toured with, Which were black and sliver striped Pearls, NOT DW! I just don't want to hear about people getting ripped off - Be Very Cautious!!!

P.S.- If any original drums are to be sold you will hear it here first!

Love, The Catman

Tales from "The Cat Lair"!!!

Your webmaster had the honor of spending some time in "The Cat Lair" last week. The following is a short interview with the Catman himself; Q- How does it feel to be working on your 1st CD for Catapult Records? Peter- A dream come true. I always wanted a company, Not for ego but for art, Do it my way, CD, DVD etc... It feels just great! Q- What should your fans expect from your new CD? Peter- I can't say what to expect, I just hope you like it whether it's music, movi es, art, or a book. Q- Do you have any song titles yet? Peter- Clowns and Desert. Q- What's your drum-set up for the CD so far? Peter- We are trying all different set-ups, Looking for the sound. Q- Are you playing any other instruments on the CD? Peter- I am not one of those lucky guys that can play everything. I play and sing and whatever I can do to help make the song better. Q- If given the opportunity to make a Drum Instructional Video, Would you want to? Peter- Some day, That would be cool, But I would do it my way. I've seen ones and they all start looking the same. So I would try to set it up so the player/viewer would have more fun. Q- You mentioned that you might have a DVD coming out as well. Could you gi ve us a hint what might be on it? Peter- NO, Surprises are good. Q- How is your book coming along? Peter- I had to stop for now, But that is cool I can add this tour to it. Check back next month for a conversation with Peter's main man Ed Kanon!

From Vince Sanna/Drumscene Magazine

The following is a quote from Mr.Vince Sanna, Senior Editor and Featured Writer for Drumscene Magazine and the gentlemen that conducted the interview with Peter; "Immediately after the interview with Peter, I can clearly remember speakin g on the cell phone with my other half. She asked, 'How did the interview with Peter go?' I replied, 'Have you ever had the feeling that you've met someone before but can't pinpoint when and where?' She started laughing and at that particu lar moment, I realized why. I have never been a religious person nor was I one to believe in past lives. But now, I can truly say, my heart felt like it had known Peter for so many years. The warmth, honesty and openness of character of this bea utiful man was truly overwhelming. It was amazing to look at Peter straight in the eye and experience his almost childlike enthusiasm and burning ambition to enjoy each day life has to offer. Not only is Peter Criss one of the greatest rock n' roll drummers the world will ever see and hear, but one of the greatest human beings you could ever have the privilege of meeting. Intrinsically KISS yet so much more". The issue is well on its way to selling out, so now is the time for fans to get a copy!

Click on here to order your copy of Drumscene...

Happy Anniversary GiGi

I'm blessed to be loved by a woman like you and to have found you at a time I needed love. The last 7 years have been great and now our 5th anniversary approaches...very cool! God answered my prayers he gave me you. I just want to say, I'll l ove you till the day I die. P.S.- Thanks for being my friend also. Love your husband, Peter

Ed-Jim-Peter and Angel

This picture from Peter's personal collection is of (from left to right) Ed Kanon (Tech&Son), Jim Chapin (Drumming Teacher), Peter Criss (The Cat) and Mike (a.k.a. Angel) Stone (Musican from the band "Criss"). This photo was taken out in L.A. in the early '90's.

Happy Birthday Ace Frehley a.k.a. Curly

May God shine upon you today and everyday of your life! Love you, Peter and GiGi

Ed Kanon and Me

May and June is the time for Jazz! I am going to have a great time in the "Cat Lair" with my tech and son Ed Kanon who is coming out to the "Cat Lair" with some other cool cats. This is the 1st CD on Catapult Records, It's been a long time dream of mine come true to do a Jazz CD (like "My Way").

P.S.- It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!

Love, The Cat

News Flash!!!

I am happy to say, I will be on the KISS/Aerosmith Tour. I love their music and respect them as "Hall of Famer's" and all around good people. It will be an honor to step on the same stage as them! This is one more great chapter for my book, The ending gets better and better! I also have a very big surprise, but I won't let the cat out of the bag yet. May you and your families have a wonderful Easter Sunday.

God Bless, The Crisses

The Criss Family Send Their Deepest Condolences

Sean Delaney was a big influence on KISS; amen to that. I loved him and will miss him dearly. He helped me grow and also helped on my first solo album. He co-wrote "Rock-me baby" and one of my favorite ballads "I can't stop the r ain". I believe that when it rains the angels are crying; So let the rain fall on him today. God Bless, Sean Delaney, and our prayers go out to all of his loved ones.

Love, The Criss family

Thank you from Peter Criss!

I would like to thank all the great people who made these past few shows a very memorable expererince for me. To all my fans from Australia, I love you all and It was great to come back to play for all of you and Thanks to Mr.Andrew Mcmanus for begin such a great person and to Mr.David Campbell and the "Melbourne Symphony Orchestra" for making it a night I will never forget! Thanks also to all my loving fans from Japan, I'm so happy I had the chance to come back and play f or all of you too, I love you all!!! Thank you to Mr.Udo, It was great to see you again. Also thank you to all the Tech's and Crew and Production staff, because without you the show couldn't go on! I love you all!!!

God Bless,

Peter Criss- "The Catman"

Peter back in the 80's

Here's a great shot of Peter back in the 80's hanging out in his old home in CT. with some of his gold and platinum albums behind him.

Q&A with Peter Criss!!!

Due to the overwhelming response to Peter's Q&A and Peter's desire to answer as many of his fans questions as possible, we will be posting your Q&A over time. Thanks to everyone who sent in their questions and for logging on to PeterCriss.net! God Bless

Click here for the Past Q&A with Peter Criss...

The Catman in Japan!

Hey CatFans!!! Click on "The Catman in Japan!!!" Link below to see some great new photo's of Peter and the boys on there recent tour of the "Land of the Rising Sun" as well as a few behind the scenes shots of Peter and the band at a photo session. All photo's contained in this link are courtesy of "Spiro Papadatos". Enjoy...

The Catman in Japan!!!

The Catman with Neil Peart from the Band Rush

Here's a photo of me and Neil Peart back in the day (circa.75-76) on the ALIVE tour. Neil is one of my favorite drummers, and one of the nicest guys I know. Photo submitted by: Mike Naimoli

An Audience with Peter Criss Day

Click on link below to see some Fan Photo's from "An Audience with Peter Criss Day"-1/04/03- in King of Prussia, PA. Rock on "Catfans"!!!

Click on here to enter An Audience with Peter Criss Day

Peter Criss on the Ramones

Gene and Paul, Played me a song they did for the late "Joey Ramone", that was very cool of them. I am a big fan. Bands like "The Ramones" and "The N.Y. Dolls", The drummer "Jerry Nolan", My dearest friend, who also passed on... made "CbGb's" famous and the Start of the N.Y. Sound. "Joey will be missed".

The Catman

Great New Photo's of The Catman in L.A.!!!

"CatFans"! We have a treat for you. Please Click on "The Catman in L.A." link below to see some "New Photo's" of Me and my Drum Set-up out in L.A. "A Very Special Thanks" - To All The People at; &qu ot;Drum Workshop"(DW) "Zildjian Cymbals" "Ahead Drumsticks" "Love all you guys"!!! "The Cat"

Click here for "The Catman in L.A."

The Catman in L.A.

Hey "CatFans"!!! I'm out in L.A. and it's Feb.1 and I started rehearsals with Gene and Paul today, although I have been rehearsing with Tommy Thayer for the last week and a half. This was the 1st time I played with Gene and Paul without Ace and I will truly miss him. Rehearsals are going great and it's great to be playing with the boys again. We will be out here until Feb.17 then it's off to do the shows. I will keep you all updated about "Future" shows, after the Las Vegas Show. I love you all!!!

God Bless,

The Catman

Peter with Anton Fig

Pictured here are Peter and Anton Fig hanging out before performing at the 2nd Families of Freedom Fund Benefit in N.Y.C. Peter sang "Beth" and Anton played drums with the NBC Orchestra.

Happy Birthday Starchild!

Best Birthday Wishes to my Band-mate Paul Stanley. Hope the STARS truly shine for you this year!!!

God Bless,

Peter Criss

An Audience with Peter Criss

I had a great time. I hope to do it again in the near future. My fans showed me nothing but respect and love. You are the reason that I am playing with KISS. Singing and playing my drums are my way of saying Thank you for the years and the Wonde rful life you have given me!!! Thank you for logging on to PeterCriss.net. The Peter Criss Family Thanks You.

God Bless

Peter's Q and A Session

Pictured here is Peter in the middle of his Q and A session at "An Audience with Peter Criss" in Philly. Peter spent well over an hour answering questions from his fans and no topic was off-limits. After the Q and A Peter made sure tha t every fan got the chance to come up to him and say hello and get a autograph and photo. A fun day was had by all and Peter hopes to do it again in the future, so keep checking back to PeterCriss.net to be the first to know. A Very Special Than ks to all the fans that came out!!!


In memory of my mother (Mrs.Loretta Criscuola) who passed away on this date. My mom was very supportive of me and my music career throughout my life and made me the man I am today. We should all take the time to cherish and love all our love one s while they're with us because everyday is a blessing. Peter Criss-"Catman"

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