Happy Holidays

Peter wishes you a happy and healthy holiday. Merry Christmas and have a happpy and safe New Year.

God Bless you all.

Peter Criss and the staff and PeterCriss.net

Happy Birthday Peter Criss!!!

Happy Birthday Peter, I love you. I love you more every year.

Love Gigi

More Birthday Wishes

We're sure we speak for the fans when we, here, at PeterCriss.net want to wish Peter a very happy birthday and many more to come.

The Staff at PeterCriss.net

6th Annual Children's Christmas Parade

On Wednesday, December 14th, Peter will be attending at the 6th Annual Children's Christmas Parade. Please come out and join us for this wonderful evening, KISS regalia welcomed. Presented by the North Hudson Firefighters and Fire Officers.

Scenarios USA REAL DEAL Awards

We would like to congratulate Tom and Lucinda (pictured center) on their REAL DEAL award from Scenarios USA. Scenarios USA asks teens to write stories about issues that shape their lives. We were so proud to have helped support the event. Her e are two short bios of Tom and Lucinda's accomplishments.

Tom Fontana, the celebrated television writer/producer, who got his start writing for "St. Elsewhere" and went on to create "Homicide: Life on the Street" and &q uot;Oz." Fontana has received three Emmy Awards, four Peabody Awards, three Writers' Guild Awards, and four Television Critics Association Awards.

Lucinda Treat, Chief Legal Officer, New England Sports Ventures, overseas all general co rporate matters for the Boston Red Sox, New England Sports Network, and Fenway Park. Treat is both the youngest chief legal office for a major league baseball team, as well as the only woman to currently hold the position.

For more information on Scenarios USA click here.

Happy Birthday Gigi

Happy Birthday to my loving wife. She loves life and God so much, and gives me such inspiration everyday to be the best I can be. She is my whole world. I am so blessed to have such a great wife.


P.S. And we here at PeterCriss .net would also like to wish Gigi a happy birthday with all of our love.

To the Peter Criss Fans

I just want to say thank you so much for all of the e-mail birthday messages and the love and support that you continue to give my husband. It's so nice of you to remember me on my special day.

Love Gigi

Happy Birthday Gigi

Happy Birthday to my loving wife. She loves life and God so much, and gives me such inspiration everyday to be the best I can be. She is my whole world. I am so blessed to have such a great wife.



P.S. An d we here at PeterCriss.net would also like to wish Gigi a happy birthday with all of our love.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to you all.

We love you,
Peter and Gigi Criss

Catfans Help

Calling on the Kiss Army, the vicitims of Katrina need your help. Click below to donate for much needed food and supplies.

The American Red Cross

Albums to Own

Greg Prato from Billboard recently did an interview with Anthrax' drummer Charlie Benante, who picked the Kiss Alive album as his choice for their 'Every Home Should Have One' column. Here's what Charlie had to say about Peter:

"I loved [Peter Criss?] drumming on Alive. I think he was one of the big influences as far as having a huge drum kit goes. It was like, 'Look at all these drums, what is he doing with all these?' Because at the time, you had like the 'five -piece-kit-drummers' out there, like John Bonham and Joey Kramer. After Peter, Neil Peart had the big kit also."

Quote and article posted with Greg Prato's permission.

Happy Birthday, Eric Carr

All our very best to Eric's family and friends and fans around the world!!!

God Bless

Happy Fourth of July

Everyone here at PeterCriss.net want to wish everyone a very safe and fun 4th of July!!!


We would like to congratulate The Sex Slaves on their new CD, "Bite Your Tongue". Good luck to Eric Thirteen, Del Cheetah, Jay-Bomb and their Tour Manager Jeff Mellin. Eric and Jeff are good friends of ours and we are happy that they are doing so well.

Good Luck
Peter and Gigi Criss and PeterCriss.net


National Cancer Survivor's Day

Sunday, June 5th is National Cancer Survivor's Day sponsored by the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation.

For more information, please, click below...


New Webmaster at PeterCriss.net

We want to introduce our new webmaster, Ray, a computer consultant in NYC. We would like to welcome him aboard PeterCriss.net.

We'd also like to thank Jeff for his time at PeterCriss.net. Good luck on the road working with bands. We love you.

God Bless.
Peter & Gigi Criss

Happy Birthday Ace!!!

Another year younger, good for you! We Love You.

Love Peter & Gigi and staff at Petercriss.net

Happy Easter

I wanna wish all of the fans a Happy Easter.

God Bless

Be True to Thyself

Just when I think I am better with 9/11. It hits me like a ton of bricks. It's that time of the year, September 11th. I go right back to the hurt and loss of the innocent souls who were murdered that day. As a New Yorker and American, we gri eve. I and my family send our prayers to the families of those who lost their lives trying to save the lives of others, you are the true heroes. May God look down on you with all His love.

God Bless
The Criss'

America's Most Talented Kids

Did anyone catch 9 year old Angelo Coppola's performance on America's Most Talented Kids? AWESOME!!! Angelo did the KISS Army proud and came in 1st on the PAX Network's show last week playing drums to "Rock and Roll All night!!"

According to his Dad, the response Angelo has gotten from the show has been tremendous. Eric Singer has even asked for a copy of his performance! He also has an entire page dedicated to KISS on his website as well as a short video clip of his performance.

Check out his Homepage!

In Memory of the Pope

Being that I am a Catholic, the death of Pope John Paul II is a major loss to us all. He was a great pope and tried to bring peace and compassion to all nations. Hopefully his spirit and memory will live through us all.

God Bless

Buyer Beware!!!

Hey CatFans, It has come to our attention that there are people selling fraudulent autographs of Peter's on Ebay and other Internet sites...So, please be forewarned.

We just didn't want our CatFans to get rippped...off

Available soon direct from Peter will be "Authentic Autographed" items as well as other exclusive items at Peter Criss Days and on this website...

Stay tuned for more information...

Billboard.com Article

Original Kiss drummer Peter Criss has been quite a busy "cat" since parting ways with the group after its highly successful co-headlining tour with Aerosmith in 2003. Currently hard at work at his own recording studio, Criss is laying down tracks for an as-yet-untitled solo album...

Click here to read the rest of the article at Billboard.com

New Q&A with Peter Criss

What's up Catfans,

Your webmaster recently had the chance to sit down and talk to Peter and ask him some of the questions that you the fans have been asking.

Please click on the link below "Q&A with Peter Criss" to read and enjo y.

Please note that © Peter's Q&A and all of the Text within are copyrighted and can NOT be reproduced in any matter with-out the written permission from the Webstaff for PeterCriss.net - All Rights Reserved - 2005. "Q&A with Peter Criss"

In Memory of Johnny Carson...

I grew up with Johnny Carson. He was the greatest. There will never be another Johnny Carson, and their has been a lot of people in his seat. Not to take away from doing a good job, but Johnny ruled!

We will miss him. Our love goes out to hi s family.

God Bless, PeterCriss.net

400,000 Hits!!!

We here at PeterCriss.net want to take a minute to thank ALL of the fans for taking us over 400,000 hits!

You guys are the best!

God Bless from everyone here at PeterCriss.net

Drum Q&A Forum Info.

Attention: All Drummers and Peter Criss Fans as part of Peter's Drum page link, Peter will be answering your questions about, What else drums!!! The e-mail address is Drums@PeterCriss.net Please only send Drum questions to this e-mail address a nd thanks.

All other e-mails should be sent to;

The answers to your questions will be posted in the "Drum Q&A" link on Peter's Drum Page or Click on the link below to read "Drum Questions and Answers ".

As of Jan/29/05 - NEW - Peter has answered more of your drum questions...

All the best - The Webstaff of PeterCriss.net
Drum Questions and Answers...

Hey Catfans!

This is a new section where you the fans have your e-mails and comments posted. Please click on the link below "The Fans Speak" to view this page. Due to the overwhelming response to "The Fans Speak" section we a sk that you keep your e-mails and comments brief...thank you. Enjoy!!!

If you don't want your e-mail or comment posted in this section, Please notify us by saying so any where in your e-mail or in the "Subject Matter" of your e-mail. Thank you.

Fans Speak

In Memory of Mom...

It's been 13 years she has been gone, but it feels like yesterday.

January, 1, 1991 my Mom passed on. We miss her.

God Bless, The Criscuolas

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