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The Legendary Gene Krupa

We start the new year with my Idol Gene Krupa. He is the reason I play drums today. I love big bands. When I hear the word drums, I think Gene Krupa. He was a pioneer. He brought the drums up front. He was a great showman, but man could he play. He was the first to record a Bass Drum on record. Benny Goodman said "How about Davey Tough, Benny? Harry Leager? Buddy Schutz? Sid Catett? Buddy Rich? Louis Bellson? They all played for you at one time or another. Who was the best? Benny smiled patiently "Gene". Gene was the best, Amen. Go on line, Listen to his music and CDs, DVDs. My favorite CD Benny Goodman Live at Carnagie Hall. Their is a book called "World of Gene Krupa by Bruce H. Klauber, It's great. I am in it also (See quote below). In my autobiography I talk a lot about Krupa and Jerry Nolan and our love for him. Had Gene Krupa not existed, I doubt whether contemporary American Music would be played the way it is today. Sure, others might have come along and certainly others did and maybe they were faster, more modern or more subtle, but they were not Gene Krupa. They were not Legends. Hope you like it.

God Bless,
The Catman

"He was my idol. I got to talk to him and he really liked me. He gave me lessons for about six months.
He was great to take the time out to teach me. He once said to me, "You got it kid, You really got it.
I've never seen anyone who wants it so bad, so I'll take the time out to teach you."
Today when I do a drum solo I have that Drum Boogie Sound and nobody uses it.
The kids go wild but it's not original. I'm doing something that was done in 1935."

-Peter Criss for the book "World of Gene Krupa" by Mr. Bruce H. Klauber;
And also appeared in "Modern Drummer Magazine's Gene Krupa Tribute" Issue Oct/Nov/1979

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