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The Legendary Jim Chapin

This is our second drummer, The Legendary Jim Chapin. If you have had the honor of seeing or meeting Jim, You know he is one of the greats. A true pioneer of the drums, I call him Pa Pa Chapin. "I can". I had the honor of studying with him in the early 80's, Right after I left KISS. I got to know a lot more about the drums, But also about myself and I really needed that at a time in my life. Jim gave me that. Harry Chapin, Jim's son, A great performer, songwriter (Cat's in the Cradle) who past on. He died in a car wreck, Not his fault. Jim really inspired me he was so strong over it. I really love that man. Jim is one of the last of the greats left. One of the lessons I remember is the Moeller's method, and pull outs and oney and twoy. Jim had "How to play drums books" out before everyone - Minus 1 and 2 are brilliant. If they are every out there - Get Them. What Jim can do on a practice pad some wish they can do on the drums. This is the guy who got me on the pad. Look into Jim Chapin, He will open up a new world of drums for you.

God Bless Papa Chapin,
The Cat

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