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Subject: God bless you Peter

You have been through so much. I also had breast Cancer in 2008. I loved drums as a kid because of you!

God bless and good health for many years to come.

Jersey Girl

Cancer Survivor from Comic Con Chicago

Mr. Criss,

Thank you and thank Gigi for being so nice, gracious and welcoming at the Comic Con in Chicago. I am the guy that told you that I am a cancer survivor also and that I have three cats…..etc. My bucket list is complete now that I got to meet you. You have no idea how you have inspired me throughout my life. I really enjoyed talking to you and your very nice wife about cancer. I attached the picture just so you would know who I was at the show.

God Bless You both!!!

Doug B.

Subject: Sat comic con. Chicago

Not sure if Peter actually gets these emails, but he was so super sweet to my daughter Hannah sat I had to write.

She didnt have the money for an autograph, but he did take the time to talk to her, and gave her a big hug, and one to give to me!

Peter you are a world class drummer, and more importantly, human being!

Thanks for being my inspiration, and so great to my daughter!

all the best,

Jimmy C.

Congrats Peter

Hi Peter,

I do not know if you will read this, but I’m a huge KISS fan and my all time favorites musicians from KISS are Ace and you.

After reading your book I just want to say congratulations for your history and all you have done for us, the KISS fans all around the world.

You are an inspiration for every one out there.

Thanks for all the rock n roll you provide with truly passion.


Vinicius T.

Subject: Hi

I met your wife Gigi outside the hyatt hotel in chicago on saturday with my two cousins. I just wanted to say meeting her was the highlight of our weekend and we enjoyed talking and laughing with her. She is such a nice person and it will be a memory we will have for years to come.

Thanks for the Memories & Creating a New One!

Dear Peter & Gigi,

I had to drop a note and express what a great honor it was to meet you both at the Chicago Comic Con. I brought my son, Mac, who has been schooled in KISStory and is as big a vintage KISS fan as I am. Your respect, genuine and caring attitude towards the fans was great to see.

I selfishly admit that this was a huge deal for me. Been a fan since ’75 when I starting looking at my older brother’s albums. I saw and listened to the KISS records and I was hooked. And having the opportunity to meet you was a no brainer decision.

What sets this meeting apart from others is how you both treated us, particularly my kid. You both were kind, open and gracious. For me, it was great to ask how both of you are doing and hearing a positive update was fantastic. Trading brief stories back and forth was a treat for me. But what you (Peter) said to my kid was priceless. You words were candid and heartfelt and had a huge impact on him.

For me, seeing and watching that interaction was one of those moments a parent doesn’t forget. I thank you for being such a down to earth person who gives back to his fans of all ages!

On behalf of my son, we wish you both continued good health and happiness.

Tom M.

Subject: Greatest drummer ever!!!!

Hey peter just thought i say hello an see how life is treating u these days? I, v been a big fan of kiss since 1978 an i have to say i went to see kiss in july 2014 an it was disapointment to not see u an ace with them. The show suck so for the first time. Wish i could play drums as good as u do . I will never be able to hold a candle to. U an don henley r the reason i play drums. Just want to say how great u r. If u ever tour nashville tn again let me no an i come an see ur show.

Forever ctaman fan. Dean :-)

Subject: Hey


there aren't even words. You mean so much to us. Listen to KISS Alive 2 and tell me those drums are not incredible. Just listen. It is epic. I know Paul put you under the bus. But that's fine Because we all know the truth.

- Jason

Subject: God Bless You Peter!!

Hi dear Peter!!

I know you must have a lot of mails right now and maybe You don't have the whole time to read them. But,when you'll being reading mine I want you to know You're my hero and my idol. I love all things You've made in the Rock&Roll history and I see yours legacy continues till today. Actually I have 38 years old and now my son Jonathan is your fan too. When I show him all videos where you're performing he's was amazed and he's listening your music too. Jonathan want to be like You playing drums and I love that. That's all Peter and thanks for your attention. Greetings from Tijuana,Mexico. I hope You'll be here someday to meet You.

Yours...your fan number 1976....Gustavo.

P.S._ The only and forever original Catman!!!!

Subject: Makeup to Breakup

Hi, Peter,

I recently read your book and really enjoyed it. It's quite a life you've had. I've also read Ace's book and one of Gene's. I liked Ace's book, Gene's not so much. I won't be reading Paul's book.

It's too bad those two wouldn't perform with you and Ace at the rock hall induction. All of us fans wanted that so bad. The only other band I can think of where the fans Demand the original members and only the original members is the Beatles.

I saw you on the reunion tour in 1996 and it was awesome. One of the best concerts I've seen.

Anyway , thanks for all the great music and taking the time to read this.

All the best to you and your lovely wife. God bless you.

Much love, Liz U.

Subject: Makeup to Breakup

I finished your book in 2 days. You have lead a remarkable life! I don't mean it was always the stuff dreams are made of because some of it was a nightmare for you. Your honesty was what I hoped for and was not disappointed. Sometimes, being able to see the real person behind the hype is a letdown. This truly wasn't. I could see the pain you were going through looking back on footage from concerts and interviews. I have to say, the Tom Snyder interview will for ever be my favorite! Seeing you and Ace just being REAL people and the reactions of the others still makes me smile. Of all of the bad in your life, you are fortunate enough to have two-fold the good. You deserve all the happiness and love in your life that you have! It's a blessing you found Gigi at the point in your life when you could let someone like her in. I wish you both many years of good health and happiness and I also wish ( for you ) the ability to heal relationships from your past that still weigh on you. God bless you and thank you for being you. I know you're finished with the makeup, but you ARE the Catman and I'm so happy you're still with us.


Subject: Book


Just finished your book and have to say was amazing read. Happy to have seen you at Donington 96. Pity you never made it to Scotland!



Subject: Hey Catman

Hey Peter,

I just wanted to give you a quick note and say thanks for inspiring me to play drums. You were always my favorite and KISS is not the same without you. I remember seeing you on the Midnight Special and thinking how different and fresh that KISS was.

Also, congrats on being inducted to the RRHOF. Well...I don't want to take too much of your time, but God Bless to you and your family and thanks for being part of my soundtrack of Life.


Jerry T.

Makeup to Breakup Was Incredible

Dear Mr. Criss,

My name is Johnny Floegel. I'm an 18 year old kid from Jersey and a huge Kiss fan. I went to the Rock Hall induction because I wanted to be there for the final time the fantastic four would be on stage together. I just wanted to say that your book inspired me because of your honesty and your perseverance through all those rough years that gave kids like me music that transcends time. Just had to say that you and Ace are the heart of KISS and you guys are true rock and roll. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Black Diamond is the greatest KISS song ever. Your voice shits on Pauls.

Johnny F.

Springsteen KISS and Led Zeppelin forever

Subject: You are the best and will always be the best

I am not as a hard core fan as some but I of love kizz I always followed u through the years . We'll I have been really studying kizz lately and Eric Carr or Eric singer couldnt take your place you will always be the best drummer I've heard kizz will never be the same without you these guys can't hold a candle to you. As far as Paul goes I think hes and arrogant Ass who needs to grow up. Get over your problems because they stink without you .


Subject: Thanks for the inspiration

To the greatest drummer who ever lived. No one will ever replace the true Cat man.  My 7 year old son has been playing drums since he was 3. Thanks for the inspiration.

Subject: Dear Peter

Dear Peter Criss,

Hello you don't know me but I know you, your one of my favorite musicians and your story of breast cancer has helped me very much knowing someone whom I've looked up to through the years went through a difficult time and I'll tell you why January 2012 my wife had taken me to the emergency after watching me falling alone at home I don't remember much except waking up after brain surgery for the next year I felt alone and sad and turned to prescription drugs then I saw your story of what you went through and everyday after I'd put my KISS music on on do my yard work I'd work out stuff like that now today I am back at work no more brain troubles and feeling great...I'd like to thank you for your music and sharing your story or I'd probably never get to where I am. I am so happy you made it to the rock and roll Hall of Fame with my favorite band KISS thank you Peter love you and your music.

Bryan P.

Subject: Thanks For The Memories

I remember the first time I saw KISS on TV back in 1976. It was something I won't forget. The first record my cousin had was a 45 of 'Beth' and 'Hard Luck Woman', which is still my favorite KISS record to date. No one else but Peter could have sung those songs with such heartfelt sincerity.

The original lineup will always be the only KISS for millions of fans like myself . Thank you for giving me great musical memories that will last a lifetime.

Debby K.

Subject: Current kiss lineup

Sent from my iPad I just wanted to tell u I have been a kiss fan for 30 plus years.  U and Ace were the ones I looked up to. Without u guys there is no kiss! The two there now are impostors. I hope one day I can see another original kiss tour. Your one of the greatest drummers in rock and I have always been a big fan of yours

keep rockin!










Subject: Hello Cat man!


I have been a long time Kiss fan, until recent years, and a long time Peter and Ace fan, Ace is one of the reasons I started playing guitar and continue to do so no some 43 years later. Thank you for all the rock and roll over the years. You and Ace have made some great music and I have spent many wonderful evenings reliving concerts though video footage. I wish you well in all that you do. Keep the rock alive man!

Alex Chachula

Subject: Just saying Thanks...

The first time I heard of some band named KISS it was 1975 I was a 12 yr old living on a military base in N.C. Man let me tell ya I was hooked. I ran straight and bought KISS ALIVE 1and the rest is history...and yes I still have that album plus all the rest....I am now a 51 yr old Papaw who works underground in the coal mines that every night to get me ready for work I shove me a KISS C.D. in and go back to them days...I have been blessed with being able to take my wife to see you during the reunion tour and my son during the farewell tour and they became instant fans... I really wish I could take my Grand kids to see KISS but without you and Ace in the band well. .... its just not KISS...and its not gonna happen... But anyway I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the wonderful memories and congrats on your induction into the RRHOF. Damn was that 3 Peace

Rodney N.

Subject: hello PETER

Hello Peter

Greeting from MASS...I just was hoping that I would be able to write to you as I am SO enjoying your Bio .. can t laughing my ass off really!!! A very no holds barred life. You are quite a guy and as an Italian myself I can so relate. You and ACE were the real soul of KISS and I love how you pull no punches in calling out the other two on some many levels....Hollywood should be calling to do a movie of your life !!!

As a drummer and now an Electronica musician/composer, I will admit to not being much of a KISS fan through the years, though I had seen you guys open for SABBATH in Providence RI ( you blew them off the stage ) and headline the Orpheum in BOSTON in the 70's and I am so impressed you made it through the rock n roll circus as you did. You always did rock those drums in concert NO DOUBT !!!
Anyway, I hope you get this and again LOVE the book...maybe you just made a new fan as well.

Joseph H
Russian Winter Records

Subject: Huge Fan

Hi Peter!
I just read your book and I totally loved it and I became a huge fan of you. Hope you will visit in Finland soon! And thanks for making so amazing book!

Nea T.

Subject: Hey

From Paul's book "Bonham wouldn't have worked in KISS, Peter was the right man" Then "Peter is no Bonham" Do you see the madness? It's epic.

Jason R.


Hi peter, I have just finished reading your story, 'Makeup to Breakup' and I must tell you that I felt every bit of pain that you endured throughout your life. Like most other devoted fans of '' The Cat Man'', I could see why you stood out from the others, you were the underdog just like most of us and we your fans could see that was the way. You have so much courage an inspiration to thousands, to open up and tell the world of your life, your loves and your pain. Thankyou for sharing this with us, and thank God you have a beautiful wife who God must of sent you to help you through it.

With my KISS figurines, the Cat Man has always taken Pride of place at the front. I feel my life has had a lot of downs just like you and maybe why I found a spiritual connection to you from the start. We have to stop and be at peace with ourselves, smell the roses, admire those beautiful Mountain ranges and so on.

God Bless You Peter,


Subject: make up to break up

Mr. Peter Criss,

I would just like to express my gratitude to you for the openness in your book. I am and have been and will always be a true fan of you and Ace. you guys were my favorites. The true rock n rollers of the band. i can't even begin to explain the influence both of you had on me and my younger brother. The pictures I have of both of us in Kiss make up and the fact that we would bring all our kiss albums to school every day just so we could look at them. Just wish the chemistry of the original band could have lasted. Your book was great! i could not put it down and read through it in two days. You are a survivor and so are the fans of the Cat Man and Space Ace because in a crazy way we endured the Bullshit you both went through and pulled for you in the interest of the band Kiss. i guess we didn't pull hard enough for you or the mountain just couldn't be moved.  Survivor the absolute beat thing I took from your book. Ive been down my own road being a NY Italian as you have been and i just can't get that Survivor theme out of my head. Thanks Peter for more than you will know.

Loyal Member of the Kiss Army,

John C.

Subject: Paul Q's whether you can read

Paul Stanley interview on his book tour, at 31:04, he questions whether either of you (Ace and Peter) can actually read a book. The low blows can't get any lower. I feel bad for you guys and am sorry he cannot stop. What is WRONG with him? I dislike this guy the more the talks.

Richard N.

Subject: Thanks for the music

Just want to say thanks for all of the great music. I don't think musicians always understand how much their music impacts peoples lives. One song can change your whole outlook at a particular moment. I especially like "Blue Moon Over Brooklyn". Actually, That whole album is amazing. Thanks for killing it live, and making me scream my lungs out.


Subject: Hey Peter

Hello Mr. Criss,

I came across your website and figured that I would just send a message. I am a fan of KISS from the 1970's and the reunion with you and Ace was the second concert show that I attended. While I am not a musician and cannot speak of musical influence, I have read your book and genuinely think that you are a good guy who overcame your demons and are a very brave man. You seem to be incredibly appreciative to be living another day and to be an influence on countless drummers. If anything I wish that you could put out more jazz drumming material but I am not your business manager.

Congratulations on getting into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and may you continue to inspire others.

God Bless,


Subject: Mr. Criss: Wonderful Job, And CONGRATULATIONS!

Greetings, Mr. Criss.

I hope that you and your family are doing well.

Please forgive me for sending this so late, but I just wanted to congratulate you on your incredible honor of being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It is one very richly deserved!

I have read, seen, and heard that there was a little bit of something happening “behind the scenes.” I’m sorry to hear about that. However, the bible does have something to say...

Psalm 59:10 (NIV): My God on whom I can rely. God will go before me and will let me gloat over those who slander me.

1 Peter 2:15 (NIV): It is God's will that your honorable lives should silence those ignorant people who make foolish accusations against you.

I would hate to call someone foolish, because I don’t know what causes people to do the things that they do or say the sort of things that they say. They may do it out of hurt, anger, or jealousy. I just don’t know. It makes me sad when this happens, but I know that I can walk proudly regardless of what is said about me, because I am a child of God. I can pray for those who speak ill against me, knowing that all will be OK. It is His sacrifice for which I am grateful, because I know that I have been forgiven through Him. I know from your words, that you know Christ as well. It is an experience like no other...

Thank you so very much, Mr. Criss, for all of the great and honorable works that you have done, one of the most recent being promoting breast cancer awareness among men! I think that men are less aware of their own health than they know. We need all the help we can get!

I hope that all goes well for you. I will definitely keep you and yours in prayer! God bless, and, again, GREAT JOB!


Subect: The book & the Hall


As a longtime fan of the original KISS , especially you and Ace. I picked up your book recently and just finished it yesterday. I loved it. Knowing most of the bands history and inner struggles anyways, I really enjoyed the parts on your upbringing and family life and your relationships through the years. I enjoyed your intro into drumming and music and your progression into bands etc. I truly felt this book was from the heart and showed how much you care for people and your dedication to the bands and certain friends & family over the years, along with your struggles you had. It also shed a lot of light on what we as fans already knew about the other 2 and how the mistreatment was so blatant. We can go on for a while about that and how wrong it is. I will never give a dime to the “KISS brand” as it is today. But would for the KISS band if it were to include you and Ace.

I found myself as I read sections of the book when releasing an album , I’d play those albums again for a couple days at a time and when I got to a new section of the book and a new album was coming out, I’d pull that from the collection and listen to it as well. Even when you got together for the Unplugged album. I’ve been listening to the last 4 songs on that as well. But nothing in between the years you were gone or after the unplugged as well.

Lastly I want to congratulate you on your introduction into the Hall of Fame, which was long overdue as we all know. It was somewhat of a bummer for me that you didn’t get to enjoy your night as it should be when an honor like this happens and we know who we can look to for this being taken from you. For me it would’ve been nice to see you sit behind that kit one more time to bang out those songs and also given you one more moment of Beth in front of the Hall of Fame audience. We all know that would’ve brought down the house there whether your band mates would’ve agreed or not, that’s a huge, huge part of your history. We all know it’s true. Would love to hear some new music with your voice in it.

Stay strong & stay you,


Subject: HOF


I wanted to send you an email to congratulate you on being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. You are very deserving! Thank you for all the great memories that I have of you and Kiss. I hope to see you again sometime in the future - either performing or at some conventions. The fans love you so much!

Best regards,


Subject: Thank you!


I'm a swedish guy who have followed you ever since I got "rock and roll over" as a
christmas gift back in 1976.
To me you will always be the number one drummer in the world and I'm so happy that I
had the opportunity to see you live in Gothenburg twice during your reunion.

Best regards

Subject: Great book

Hey peter great book I just finished 2 weeks ago really like how you told your story!!! was a great read.. and glad to see you guys get into hall of fame and thank you for all the years of music you gave us..

god bless


Subject: Peter Criss

Dear Peter,

Just wanted to say I Love You!!! You are an AWESOME musician!! I am 40 years old, and you are the reason that I started playing drums. When I first heard your drum solo on 100,000 years off of ALIVE!, and the way you put your heart and soul in both playing and singing Black Diamond, It literally sends chills down my back every time I listen to it!!!

Just want you to know that you are and will always be my favorite member of KISS. I had the pleasure of seeing you during the reunion tour of 96' and I was in heaven! I lost my voice from screaming so loud!!! I'm so glad that you don't have cancer. I wish you the best in all that you do. You and Ace are KISS and what made KISS great!!! Keep Rockin' my brother, and much success in the future.



Subject: Thanks for being an inspiration

Cat Man,

As a young drummer in 1977, you instantly became a major inspiration and influence. Having played consisently for over 40 years, I can still hear your influence coming out in my playing. Your drum solo in 100,000 years remains my favorite solo to this day.

I just wanted to say thanks for the years of great drumming. Below are pieces of my original kit...inspired ny the color of your drums on Kiss Alive. I doubt I will get a response from you (perhaps your people instead), but, I've said my peace.

Thanks and God Bless,


P.S.: what you said in your RRHOF speach is will always be the Cat Man!!

Subject: Thanks, Cat!

Hey Pete,

As a life-long fan, I am so disappointed that the original (and only true) members of KISS will not be performing at the induction ceremony. Gene and Paul never cease to amaze...

I saw your interview on That Metal Show and was truly touched. You're an inspiration to so many of us, not simply because you're the one and only CATMAN, but also because of your kind, gracious sincerity and down-to-earth perspective on life. I have long admired your music and your passion, going back over 35 years now, and I am looking forward to some new music and perhaps getting to see you perform live again soon. Though I love the KISS thing, I've never enjoyed a show more than when I saw you (and Ace) on The Bad Boys Tour in Baton Rouge. What a rockin' show that was!

I know this is getting a bit long, so I will close. Luv ya Cat; here's wishing you the absolute very best, always.

Very truly yours,

Louis J. H

Subject: Rock n Roll HOF

I've been listening to your music for 40 yrs now. Loved the reunion tour in 96, felt like I was in a time capsule back in 76! Simmons n Stanley suck for not performing with you n Ace for RRHOF. You guys are TRUE rock n roll and if I recall wasn't Beth the biggest hit ever for Kiss?

Rock on Cat Man!

Subject: Thanks for all that you do!

Hi Peter, wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you, and you are the reason I started playing drums in 1976.

Thanks for all that you do!

Wade O.

Subject: Thanks For The Inspiration!

I've been a KISS fan since I was 9, and began playing drums at 12, solely because of Peter Criss. I'm now 47, still playing drums in local bands and love every minute of it. I just wanted say how much I appreciate your influence, and getting me to pick up a pair of sticks in the first place! And one more thank you for taking the time to talk to me at a show in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, and posing for a picture as well. It's rare you get to meet the person that started it all for you, and for that I'm grateful.

Thanks again!

Darren W

Subject: That Metal Show

I saw you on That Metal Show! I personally do not listen to Kiss anymore due to the fact that Gene and Paul gave you such a small percentage on the reunion tour. God bless the fans they are deceived! Your correct Peter you must forgive to live!

Michael J.

Subject: Great to see u

Dear Peter

It was so great to see you healthy and happy on That Metal Show. I just finished watching it second night in a row to see you. Thank you, Thank you for your talent and great joy you gave a 12 yr old girl back in the day discovering Kiss Alive. I went from Elton to Kiss in a blink of an eye and found real rock and roll. Thanks again. You look great and keep to the beat. Love from a 51 yr old big girl now. Lol


Subject: HOF

Congrats on the h.o.f. as well long over do but well deserved!

Subject: Thank You!

Hi Peter

I just saw you on That Metal Show and thoroughly enjoyed it. Kiss was my first main influence in music and while I don’t listen to them as much these days, I still have the utmost respect for what you guys were. It’s a little sad to see what it’s become now but there’s no denying their importance. I’m so happy for you to be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame! You must be proud.

Peter I just want to say that I really respect you and wanted to have the chance to say thank you for being a major part of my childhood memories and sparking of a lifelong passion for music.

Much appreciated…

Matt G

Subject: Thank You!

Hey man,

I'm sure that you've heard this a million times over the years.....but I just wanted to take a moment to tell you thanks for everything. My first KISS show was in Memphis, Tn in '79 (I was 8 years old at the time) and I've clung to the music since the early 70's. Yeah, I've grown up and have three kids of my own now.....but hey, I have no problem turning on the mp3 player and air drumming to Deuce, 100,000 years, Black Diamond, etc....etc. Those songs and so many others still have the sound, the heart, the heavy hit that they had back then. Again, I just wanted to say thank you for the memories....and the kick ass music. Btw, congrats on the Rock and Roll HOF induction! Best of luck to ya Peter......rock on man (I'll be air drummin with ya!).

Tony R

Subject: Thank You

Peter Criss! Won't take alot of ur time jst wanted 2 thank u 4 being a huge part of my music life. U r truly a class act & always will b part of mine & millions of other lives. Again my deepest gratitude.

Have a gr8 day

Subject: R&R Hall of Fame

Congrats Catman!

You deserve it. too bad your bros have to b such a holes. u are the best! Been a fan since74,wish u all the best.

Rock on!

Frank A.

Subject: My First

I am not really sure why it has taken me so long to do this, but with all the news of the Hall Induction, it prompted me to think about my start on the drums and visit your site.

My very first concert was seeing you with Kiss and Cheap Trick at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in 1979, and I was hooked. I bought a five piece Black Pearl drumset and would lock myself in my room for hours playing along to my Kiss records. I put on the cat make up more than once for Halloween.

You were my first and strongest inspiration behind the drums and I am thankful for that as I still play today. I am currently playing in a local cover band that covers two Kiss songs and I cant help but think about those beginnings and how much I looked up to you and dreamed of being in your shoes one day, every time I hit my floor tom to start Rock n Roll All Night.

Thank you so much for all the great music. All my best to you.

Hows this for vintage. Me playing in my first band with my Kiss posters in the background. This would have been around 1980.

Dennis G.

Subject: The "C" Word

Hi Peter

Just saw you on That Metal Show and you look great. I didn't know about your battle with cancer and I was very happy to hear of your recovery. My Nonnie LOVED you before she passed from ovarian cancer in '76. She was 56 and she loved your picture from the revolution with the marching did my Mother. We all lived in the North End of Boston and the revolution was pretty big in that area...that pic was everywhere! I was the only italian kid with elders cool enough to be into Kiss...I was only 7 at the time.

Good to see you alive and well Peter. You survived years with Gene so your tough, never give up attitude got you through an even bigger piece of shit! Stay away from him...I don't want to hear about another hospital trip brother!

God Bless You and Your Family...the only Cats in my book!


Salvatore "Tory" S.

Subject: Appearances

I'm a long time Kiss fan since the beginning. I was wondering if you had any appearances in New Jersey anytime in the future. I live in Toms River and would love to meet you and get your autograph on your kiss solo album. Congratulations on the hall of Fame. It's a shame with all the drama that came with it. Sorry you and Ace won't be playing with Gene and Paul on that night. I loved you on that metal show. I agree totally with you about the Cat man make up and the others guys should have came up with there own like Eric and Vinnie. My first time seeing Kiss was on The Midnite Special. The next day my parents bought me Kiss alive and I have been a fan since then. You guys were rock Gods to me. I never saw you guys the first time around so when the reunion and farewell tour came i was in heaven. I finally got to see my childhood idols. You guys are my Beatles.

Thank you Peter for being a part of my life for so many years.


Joseph M

Subject: Great Book

Hey Peter,

I just got done reading your book. It was a great read and I learned a lot about you
and KISS that I didn't know before.

Congrats on the R & R Hall of Fame induction. Well deserved! Keep on rockin!

Mike K.

Subject: Quick Hi

Hey Peter,

Just watched "That Metal Show" online, just wanted to say as a life long KISS fan I'm disappointed that you guys aren't going to preform. I stopped seeing KISS "live" years ago, still love the music just a bit turned off how things are progressing with the current "BRAND".

Anyway just wanted to mention that you came off quite well and got your point across in a classy way.

Just keep in mind that you guys (original lineup) hold a special place with millions of fans all over the world. You are very much appreciated, please don't forget that.

Congratulations of your health, and being the one and only "Catman"

Respectfully yours,


Subject: Book


Just a note to let you know I was a Kiss fan from the first time I ever heard Kiss. Kiss however is not Kiss now. I don't recognize what is now as Kiss. You are a great drummer then and now. I took my son to see you and Ace about 1995 at 328 Performance Hall. What it was to see you up close beating those skins. Just finished your book and thoroughly loved the no bullshit run down. Man you and GiGi (my wife's name also) have a long and blessed life. I'll always be a fan Catman!


Subject: Florida


When can we see you in Florida? Followed your career since '74 and you were a huge influence on my drumming, would love to meet you someday.

Craig S

Subject: Thank you


A sincere "Thank you"' for the music that I have enjoyed all my life and still do.  Kiss fan since 1975.

All the best,
Steve P

Subject: Congratulations

Hello Peter,

Just wanted to say congratulations on being inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Without you and Ace Kiss wouldn't be such an important part of Rock n Roll history.

All The Best,

Carl C.

Subject: If it wasn't for you guys.....

Dear Mr. Criss,

I have been a KISS fan since 1976 when a friend if mine gave me his copy of "Destroyer" because he didn't like it. Funny though, it was still sealed when he gave it to me. Anyway, been hooked ever since. KISS has always gotten me through the years. Good and Bad. KISS is so watered down that the taste of nectar has turned sour. In retrospect, I always seemed to be more critical of you and Ace as far as talent within the band. You guys were so much more in tune with the band than Paul & Gene. Although you guys were held back by these two, your lights have out shined theirs even today. The fact that you were denied (I don't care what excuse Gene and Paul have) your light in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Performance does not hide the fact that you and Ace ARE and ALWAYS WILL BE the candles that burn in the window of a dark, cold place created by Gene & Paul. I don't believe that it was about money, drugs, egos and all the other crap that Gene and Paul have reported over the years. I believe it is about power and the control of others that drives them to do the things they do.

I also believe the only reason KISS stays in the limelight at this time is because of the publicity Gene generates.

I will always be a KISS fan at heart, but my heart is saddened by the dark truths surrounding the band I once held so dear.

I want to personally congratulate you for your courage and strength during these trying times. You most definitely are the "HEART BEHIND THE HANDS".

God Bless,

Vicente R.

Subject: Your induction to the rock and roll hall of fame.

I just want to take a moment to reflect on how your music kept me going when the times were tough. I am really sad that Gene and Paul cannot see beyond their own ego's to understand that without you or Ace, they would probably flipping burgers. I wish you all the best, and I will keep you and Ace in my prayers. Hammers up.

Johnny L.

Subject: KISS

Dearest Peter,

It's my honor and priviledge to write to you and tell you how proud I am of you you and the boys for finaaly being inducted into the hall of fame. You are what got me started playing the drums man........I wish the best to you!

Again Congrats!!!

Caring fan,


Subject: I'm Done



Subject: Hall of Fame


Regardless of all of the negativity that Gene & Paul has directed to you & Ace, guess what, YOU ARE A ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAMER!!! Both you & Ace deserve this. You both deserve to have your moment in the spotlight & I sincerely hope you both show up, stand right next to Gene & Paul with the biggest smiles on your faces........why? Because Ace & yourself have shown & proven to Gene & Paul that you & Ace have something they will never have......Class, Dignity, Integrity & Heart!!! And if you are ever looking to talk to someone or looking for a friend, my name is Joe Fanizzi. A Italian from Syracuse, NY. Here. Is my number if you so ever would like to say hello, it would be a amazing gift & honor. ***-***-****.

Thank you for all of the amazing music & gifts you have given us!


Subject: Great Drummer

I have been a kiss fan since 1975, ( I,m 47) I always knew you were a great drummer but I just watched a concert from 75 with kiss playing SHE, the drumming is amazing. There is only one Catman.


Subject: R&R HOF

Hello Peter-

In my humble opinion, you and Ace should go to the induction ceremony. The heck with Gene & Paul, you both have every right to be there. Over the past 10-12 years they've been trying to convince everyone that it doesn't matter who wears the makeup. Well, it's obvious the only reason they're not performing is because they know it really DOES matter. And if you and Ave get a chance to perform Kiss songs there - no matter the format, even if in a tribute band - I say DO IT! You guys proved at Eddie Trunk's party that you still have it.

Hyde Park, NY

Subject: Pete

As a 30 plus year fan of KISS it truly seems disgusting that ego trumps fan respect yet again. Would the Beatles have accepted an award with two people playing the part of Ringo and George? Not only was it disrespectful to ignore the contributions of you and Ace ( who made the band successful to begin with ), it's been over a decade of disrespect just putting people into the makeup pretending they are you. It's no disrespect to TT, and ES, they are talented, but they are not The Catman and the Spaceman, never have been, never will be. It's a rouse.

We are ALL disappointed in Gene and Paul's decision making. For one time, put the crap aside and let's see the ORIGINAL 4 who made KISS what it is.

Beth, Hard Luck Woman, New York Groove....sorry we don't want replacements, we want the real deal.

Life is short, we shouldn't waste it on pettiness. We as fans continue to support Peter and Ace.

Wooster, Ohio

Subject: Disgraceful!


They just continue to disappoint fans. It is really sad and pathetic. I amglad that you and Ace were honest and told fans before we purchased ticketsto see a cover band perform! They are so selfish and have proven it over and over again. I am sincerely done withthem. They have completely made a mockery of anything that you have stood for. All they are doing is protecting their KISS novelty act. I bet in 5 years there will be a full Vegas act KISS band with pyro their bad wigs and all!! Embarrassing!!

God bless Peter. Can't wait for your next album.


Subject: KISS


As a long time KISS fan in my 50’s I was disappointed to hear you and the original members of KISS would not be performing at the RRHOF ceremony. You are KISS!

God Bless!


Subject: Hey Peter

Hey Peter,

my name is Jay. I first want to say thank you for all your contributions in the drumming world. You are what made me decide to be a drummer. When I was about 14 is when KISS was getting back together andputting the make-up back on. I was just starting to get into KISS, and boy was it a life changer. Seeing you on a riser, I knew right then that's what I wanted. Now 16 years later I honestly do not know what I would have done with myself if I wasn't a drummer. Congratulations on being inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame ( about time ) And as fan I am severly dissapointed at the fact you and Ace willnot be performing. I can understand people have had their disagreements thorugh the years. But if I recall, back when it all began, you all starved and struggled together to make KISS what it is today. The idea that for one night it can't all be brushed away irks me. But I digress, I always have the music, and they can't take away what you left for history. In any event stay well and keep up the great work!


Subject: Congrats

congrats on the upcoming induction to the rock n roll hall...your band deserves it...20 years after the fact, but us fans will take it...anyway..ive been a fan since the made me wanna be a rock never happened, but still to this day it was always something i wanted...i wont bash those 2 guys from your previous band, but it is a shame that they wont let this "reunion" happen..its the "original" KISS that made rock what it is and ace have always been 2 of my heroes and deserve the respect from the other sure you have read countless letters like this one so i'll sign off for now...take care and God Bless..when in Vegas, stop by and say hi....


Subject: Hall of Fame

hello peter ,

i hope this message gets to you , first i would like to say im joseph from sulphur,LA i have been a fan since i was 6 and now 42 i am very very upset right now not only for you and ace but myself and the fans who supported the band for all the yrs ..gene and paul and hall of fame have really pissed me off like never before.. i wanted to say to you that i'm sorry for this to be happening to you and us the fans but its important for you to know fans like myself got your back and still love you if you want give me a call ***-***-**** would be good to talk to you i seen you over ten times but never meet you...saw you with ace to back in tx 1995 with ace ...take care real cat man and good luck on you journey.


Subject: Thank you for everything.

Hi Peter,

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I just read your book and it was a great story.

You were always my favorite to the point that wen i was 16 years old I went out and bought my first set of drums and I used to play your solos really loud until I could play them note for note. I really couldn't play anything, but I could play the shit out of 100,000 Years

I am so glad that you are in a happy place in your life and you and Gigi are doing what you love to do.

All the best, Much respect and most importantly God Bless,


Subject: One for All


I'm not sure if Peter will read this directly but I felt compelled to write this little note. I recently read you're book and it inspired me to buy the one for all album. I have to tell you that it is one of the most beautiful set of songs I have ever heard!

You are a true talent Mr. Criss & you get better as time goes on!!!


A true Peter Criss fan


Subject: The Best... EVER!

Mr.Peter Criss,

I just wanted to write to say in this world there isn't another drummer that's as strong as you whole life I STUDIED your style I became pretty darn good, but, nothing close to the best..Mr.Peter Criss. Thank you for giving me a life time full of music.

God bless.


Subject: The Book

Just wanted to say I loved the book peter. You’re a true inspiration and the original catman.


Subject: Thanks


I have been a KISS fan all of my life and I know you probably hear this kind of thing a lot, but I just feel it necessary to say thank you. Thank you for being the one part of KISS that really is the genuine embodiment of what the KISS ARMY believes. Thank you for having integrity and a strong sense of family. All the other members of KISS have eventually made me and a lot of other fans feel lied to and had me questioning why I was even ever a fan to begin with. Thank you for all of your efforts and the heart ache and pain that you have endured while trying to both live your dreams and keep me and so many others entertained. Thank you for keeping me company when I was lonely and depressed at different stages of my life. Thank you for By Myself, thank you for Good Times, thank you for I Can't Stop the Rain, thank you for Blue Moon Over Brooklyn, and thank you for being so excited when you sang Beth on Unplugged. Thank you for the first six KISS studio albums which sound like they do because of the Jazz drummer who is playing rock 'n roll on them. Gene and Paul never got that sound again and probably still don't know why. Thank you for the 3 green guitar picks you threw me in Milwaukee in 2003. Thank you Peter for being a real person in a world of Aliens and Robots. I could continue to rattle on, but I doubt you will even see this e-mail or get this far into it if you do, so one more time I will say thank you for being an important part of my life.


Subject: Word of thanks!

Dear Peter,

I just finished reading 'Make up to break up' and wanted to drop a word of thanks for not only a great read, but for being such a large part of my childhood. 

God bless, Peter

Nashville,  TN

Subject: Your Book


My name is Mark & I live in Sydney Australia.

I have just finished your amazing book.It is by far the best Rock n Roll biography that I have ever read.In fact I’d go as far as to say it has now changed my life.Your stories about your marriages,divorce,cancer & being let down by your so called friends were all stories that I related to very closely.Your attidude at the end of the book & your love for your new wife has given me a bit of hope that I may do the same.

If you read this great,but I had to try & let you know how your book has changed me.



Subject: Your Book

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your honest and interesting book - I read it in three days and I usually take weeks or months. Of all the books written by and for KISS, this was by far the most honest and believable.

FYI, I ran a KISS fan club in the 80s and 90s and I've met and interviewed everyone ever in the band but you. Maybe someday.

I just wanted to pass along a note to say thanks for the incredible memories.



Subject: Loved the book

In my opinion kiss is like a good cooking recipe, each band member brought there own ingredient to the recipe of good music. Without Peter and Ace your getting the generic recipe just not as good, congratulations on hall of fame


Subject: What a wonder fulll book.

Hi Peter,

I don’t know if you will reply to or indeed even get this message of support, however:

My wife Angie bought me your book “ Make-up to Break-up” for Christmas, my having seen Kiss in it’s various incarnations, although alas never with you in your rightful position.

Your book and life story is quite inspirational with that never give up attitude of yours, and written in a way to appeal to the common man.

Well done on being man enough to get your story in print and out to the masses.

Best wishes from the bottom of the world here in New Zealand.


Subject: Appearances

Hi Peter (and Gigi),

I hope both of you are well, and Congratulations on your induction Peter into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It is an honor that is long overdue. For over 40 years you have inspired countless boys and girls, myself included, with your music and talents. You have left a legacy that will inspire generations to come. I was 3 1/2 years old the first time I saw KISS on the Mike Douglas Show in 1974. As soon as I saw you behind that drum kit I was a goner, and I have been your fan ever since.

I also want to tell you how much I admire your integrity and taking the high road after the repeated bashing you have received from Gene on his social media feeds and Lydia in her recent interviews. The fact that you have remained silent and not sunk to their level shows me that you are a decent honorable person, and you have no need to get into a mudslinging contest when you have the truth on your side.

I am hoping to see you in NYC in April and watch you accept the honor of being inducted into the Hall of Fame. I am curious if you are going to be making any more public appearances while you are there? I did not see anything new for this year on the website.

I cannot wait to hear the new album you are working on. And I hope that you and Ace can play some dates together this coming year in support of each other. Your performance at Eddie Trunk's party was magical, you and Ace were always the highlight of KISS to me, the spark that made it ignite.

Take care of yourself, God Bless you Catman (the REAL Catman). Big hugs and kisses always.


Subject: BLOWN AWAY by your book!

Hi Peter,

I have been a fan of yours since I purchased "Dressed to Kill" at the age of 12. I finally got around to purchasing your book for my NOOK and I have to say that I am sorry I waited as long as I did... What a FANTASTIC read! I literally could not put it down and devoured it in two days. It confirmed suspicions I have already had about the "other guys" and made me think about so many other aspect of life and the entertainment world...

Being a NJ born and bred Italian guy, I could truly relate to your childhood. And now that I am cracking 50 this March, find myself soul searching like you did... (I was in the entertainment business for 15 years myself).

But regardless, I felt the need to reach out to you and express what a great job you guys did on the book and I believe every word of it.

Your friend,


PS... I am now going to find and purchase your latest solo album... I already own the other three...

Subject: Thank You

Hi Peter:

I became a fan in 1977, and even at the young age of 8, I knew you were the real gentleman of Kiss. Don't ask me how, I just did. Maybe it was because you weren't afraid to smile. You just didn't see a lot of that from the other guys.

Also, you were dressed as a character, but unless you were forced to for some promo or photo shoot, I never got the impression that you were trying to be "in character." You weren't a cat; you were Peter from Brooklyn dressed in a cat costume, and it made it easier for us, as fans, to relate to you. The other guys were usually either putting on a show for the camera, or hiding from it because they didn't feel they owed it to the fans who made them stinking rich to be a little more accessible. It was impossible to get a glimpse of who they really were.

I read your book last year and wanted to say thank you for your openness, hard work, tremendous sacrifice, and for sharing your talents with us. Naturally, as it was with most kids then, the band's theatrics drew me in at first, but I quickly grew to love the pure, organic rock sound you guys put together. You just don't hear much like it these days. Everything is so heavily engineered. It's crap. (And who the hell invented the autotuner, anyway? Dude should be shot.)

Anyway, it was your mastery of your craft that held that Kiss sound together. You rock, Peter, both as a musician and as a human being. Thanks from the bottom of this fan's heart.

Portland, Oregon

Subject: FAN




Subject: Thank you for being you


I began playing drums when I was about eight years old and heard my brother playing his Kiss albums. When I heard you sing "Beth" and also play drums, I came to the conclusion that you were probably the only real musician in the band. When I started playing, I didn't have drums, but built a kit out of cinder blocks and hub caps I found around my neighborhood. I used my mom's wooden spoons as sticks and played Destroyer and the Alive albums, trying to keep the beat with you.

Later, of course, I marched in a marching band and began with the basics. Today, I'm 45 and I still play drums in my praise and worship band at church. I guess I say all that to say this: You changed my life for good. Your drumming skills, your voice, and your Christian identity made me, late in life, want to play drums, but to play them for Jesus.

To warm up, I still play a drum solo that you did--I guess on the Kiss Alive II album.

I just wanted to thank you for being a good, Christian drummer and sharing your talent with us. While I love Gene and Buddy, my first influence was you, Man. I appreciate it so much.

Grace and Peace,


Subject: Your Book


Huge fan of biographies and your has been one of the better ones!! Been a fan of Kiss since I was 8!! Babysitters albums! Good luck on the coming RRHOF celebration.  So deserving and I hope credit is given where credit is due! Thanks for such an  entertaining book.


Subject: book, career, fans

Dear Peter,

Just a note to let you know I have always been a big fan of Kiss. Still listen to the old tracks as well as my son, and grandson. We three are musicians. I must speak frankly that I admire you and Ace among all rock n roll figures with Keith Richards running a tight third. My son's 25th birthday was at 328 Performance Hall in Nashville as I surprised him with tickets for he and I to see Ace and Peter! Make no mistake seeing you two up close performing just about blew the three Kiss concerts I went to out of the water. What an electrifying show. I got your book as a Christmas gift from my son. What can I say you can't hardly put it down to go to bed. Whatever in life you do most, keep on doing it. You earned it Catman (the only real one). God Bless you and your family and thankyou for all the good tunes and entertainment you have provided for me over the years and the years to come.

Fan always,

Subject: Your Book

Hi Peter,

Just reading your book. Amazing read and life story. I can't put the book down.  Your an awesome drummer and your solo albums kick ass. I'm in to all styles of music.All the best to you and your family.
Fan forever.
(AKA Marky H)
Subject: Just finished your book

Dear Peter,

I just finished reading your book. Man, what a ride your life has been! What an eye opener to what really goes on behind the scenes. 

As an outcast child of the 70s, I was a big fan. But out here in Rural SW Kansas, there were few radio stations, and they were all country. I would always have to wait until night to pull in the distant radio stations. I don't remember how many times I heard 'Beth' play before I finally heard a Dj say who performed it. I was floored!

Anyway, you were playing the Farewell tour in Wichita Ks on my birthday in Aug 2000. My wife andson surprised me with tickets to the show. So we made the 150 mile trip to se you. We were standing against the front rail on Ace's side of the stage. The crowd surge was so bad that security had to pull my wife out to keep her from being crushed. But she surprised me later with an drumhead that said 'Farewell 2000' and has your autograph on it. Anyway, after reading your book, I hope it is really your autograph. Doesn't sound like you got your fair share of whatever she might have paid for it regardless, which should have been 100%! The drumhead has been proudly hanging on the wall in my office ever since. Best birthday present of my life, great show with Nugent and Skid Row and THE ORIGINAL KISS!

Thanks for the memories, the shows, the music and the book.

Forever a grateful fan,

Subject: really enjoyed your new book!

My daughter Alysha bought your book for me on christmas.  I was intrigued by what actually happened to the original kiss line up but wasn’t surprised. What really effected me was your battle with drugs. i actually was crying because I could feel your pain.  Reaching out for help and having a friend to help you get going and help give you hope back in your life.  I have had  things in my life that is similar. I also played in a band in the 80’s. Had alot of fun, did free gigs but couldn’t get guys serious enough to go for it. We over the years have split for reasons of alcohol abuse. two of the guys can’t work because they can’t stop drinking and one other guy drinks buy holds a steady job. He was my best friend growing up but has forgotten about the old days like when my Mom would sing him Old Mcdonald Had A Farm or when my Dad ( Big Jim ) would pick him up over his head and hold him against the ceiling. Now when I got ill he doesn’t return my calls. It took are old drummer over 2 years to tell his wife that he was going to see me and she would just have to get over it. I’m happy that he did. Him and I jam once a week and its great. A good friend, wife and family with God has helped me to to get out of the dark My life was great till I lost my self to Bipolar Disorder but I took the first steps to get the treatment that I needed. I lost most of my friends, almost lost my job where I have worked for the city parks department looking after swans and being an arborist. In short I just what to say that you have alot of courage for all your battles and in the end victories.

Thanks Peter Criss, God bless you to.


Subject: Hi from Ireland

Hi Peter from Ireland the home of the black stiff (Guinness) you inspired me to play drums in my opinion you are better than that other imposter drumming for kiss in respect for you and ace I cannot watch kiss play congrats on your injunction bout time you got in slainte from Dublin.


Subject: Great Book!!!

Hello Mr. Criss,

I want to write you to tell you what a great book you wrote. Thanks for sharing you life with us! Also thanks for sharing that you love God!

Thank you,


Subject: Loved Makeup to Breakup!

Mr. Criss,

As a lifelong die hard Peter Criss / KISS fan since I was 10 (I'm now 46) I truly want to thank you for writing your book Makeup to Breakup! I truly enjoyed reading it as it brought back tons of memories for me regarding you and KISS.....Wow what a life you have had sir!! I couldn't put the book down finished it lickety split.....funny thing is I'm not a huge reader my wife kept laughing at me! In my opinion you were the most creative and passionate force behind the band!  You were my favorite from the get go (love son is a bad ass one right now in his high school) SO should have sang lead on more KISS songs as I love the ones you do sing lead on as well as many of the other songs you sing that you have created through the years away from KISS.

I finished reading your book Wednesday night and then driving to work on Thursday morning I did an IPOD shuffle concerning all of my KISS songs (and I have a kazillion of them)....Funny thing is most of the songs I heard on my 40 minute drive to work were ones you sang lead on!  divine intervention after reading your book?!? :) One other thing every year my fantasy baseball team is named "Black Diamond".....guess who has won the most titles in our league?? Yep me... :)

Thanks again sir for writing your book.....may god bless you, your family, and friends....

Peace and love from Houston, Texas!

Subject: Thank You

Dear Peter,

Thank you for sharing your story. I have always been a fan. I was so sorry to hear everything you went through with the other members of Kiss. No matter what, it looks like you ultimately came out on top! Thank you for being the face and voice of breast cancer in men, I have no doubt that you have saved many lives. I normally don't write celebrities, but I really enjoyed reading your story. I'm glad you have found happiness and contentment in your life. You seem like someone that would be a great friend.



Subject: Jamming with you now

Hey Peter ,

I decided to see what you were up to and found your site with a contact link available. (Too cool)

I have always enjoyed your playing and just wanted to say thank you for everything.

From Tampa Fla.


Subject: Amazed

Dear Peter, As I write this, I have still yet to fall asleep. It's 4:21AM on a cold Seattle Tuesday, and I just finished reading my Christmas present that my girlfriend gave me: Your autobiography.

It's very honest, often times funny, some vulgar (hehehe), and very emotional. It took a lot of gusto and brass to write something so brutal, and I don't know the right words to describe it all. Some of it made me tear up. Boy, did I tear up.

A little bit about me: I'm about the same age as your daughter, so growing up in the 80s there would be these pictures in magazines of men in makeup that looked like they could summon Godzilla or Voltron. Who was I to know they were a rock n roll band? I was intrigued, and I wanted to learn more! Access to the music was kind of tricky, for my parents weren't much of fans (they were more RUSH, SRV, Eagles, Blues)

...but my uncle Dean was. As I got older, I got more curious about this spectacle known as KISS. Well, thanks to my uncle Dean (who is also a drummer) I had the joy of listening to all the LPs from the beginning to Dynasty, and I was hooked! But I have to tell you something: the pinnacle of my life was when my father got me tickets to see you guys play in 1997. What a rush! I got to see what I never thought I would; an era that I wasn't even born in magically shows up like from a time warp! You all were awesome. My dad was even thrilled with the tunes and the spectacle! We got to be in the seated area, and we were nearest to Ace, with a perfect view of you and the other guys. You and Ace were in perfect view, so it worked out for me! I still remember you doing your drum solo. If I had a time machine, I would re-live that experience (except for Sugar Ray. Ugh.)!

But that was the ONLY time I saw KISS. It was the original line-up, the hits, and honestly one of the greatest concerts ever! I'm sure you get this all the time, but thank you. Your music has got me through some rough times--Rock and roll can be very uplifting! I've been addicted since I heard that sound. :)

I'm a musician playing guitar in an industrial metal band called Mixed Messages. Although our sound is heavy and fast, I still credit KISS as a major influence, although I embarrass myself by trying to imitate Ace's swagger when I play. Hahaha My girlfriend also plays in the band as the bassist. Her name is Sharon and we've been together for almost 6 years. Our bond is heavy, and we connect with our music.

I realized I just rambled BIG TIME. Let's hear it for insomnia! Anyway Peter, thank you for sharing your life with me & everyone else who is a fan! Much love to you and Gigi, and I hope 2014 will be a successful year! Oh! Congrats on being inducted to the Hall of Fame. I hope you get to play one last time with the other 3 guyzos, and it that it will leave a happier note. You deserve that, at least. I'm happy for all that contributed over the years from beginning to current, but it's time to celebrate the 4 that started it all. Again, thanks. Oh! It was cool to see the footage of Eddie Trunk's party! You still got it, Cat-Man!!!



Subject: Makeup to Breakup

Loved your book ,learned about Jerry Nolan i always loved The Dolls music.As a huge fan of Kiss i learned  more, your honesty bleeds through pages.

Thank You,


Subject: Huge Fan

Hi Peter,

I am a huge fan of yours and a musician inspired by your work.  Congrats on your induction into the hall of fame, it is a long time coming.  God bless you for all that you've done for the world, you are a great inspiration.  Maybe one day fate will have our paths cross and I will get the chance to shake the hand of the man who helped shape who I am today.  God Bless.



Subject: Makeup to Breakup

Peter :

I just completed your bio in 5 days flat. It was such a great read. All of the standard "rock and roll clichés " aside, there was so much more to be found in the pages of your book that most rock stars might be fearful of sharing. Situations that many people can identify with and draw strength from which are too numerous to mention. The vulnerability, rejection and fear. Ego usually forces that type of narrative out for most. I was most moved by the "conversation with God" self dialogue you chronicled on page 360. I find myself doing the very same thing, the "replies" just come right at you as if from somewhere divine. I always walk out of a silent church feeling better. I wanted to congratulate you on your Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction that is long overdue. I was 9 years old when I stared getting KISS on vinyl, now its all on CD and in regular rotation. I hope to run into you in NYC some day. Oh and because there were so many references to Morrison and The Doors, indulge me in giving a listen to my cover of me singing Roadhouse Blues with my band RADIO DAYS ( see link below ). We've been together for 5 years and have drama as well, thankfully on a micro level. God bless you and the family, have a great 2014.


Subject: Thank You!!

Hey Peter,

My Name is Joe McGinness, I am 30 years old from Moriah NY,  and a huge fan of yours. Just wanted to Say thanks for changing my life for the better and influencing me As a musician and as a person. Im also very proud of you for what you're doing with spreading the word on Breast cancer. You've always been one of my favorite KISS Memebers as well! I read your book which I thought was Amazing!  The Best KISS book ever!!  It really made me realize that with all you have been through in your life , you seem so sweet and sincere , as well as most appreciative for what you have been given. As a Musician myself, even though I mainly sing country music I find myslef listening to your stuff an awful lot for inspiration. Once again thank you so much for everything you have done in your career that has helped me out. Also finally, Congrats on the Rock n' Roll hall Of Fame Induction!! You have deserved it for a long time and I'm sure your mother and father would be so proud if they were here to see it!!

God Bless ,

Joe McGinness

P.S. If you're ever in upstate NY Let me know . My Family would love to meet you!!
Subject: Thanks

Dear Mr. Criss

I just finished your book, I pretty much read it strait through in 10hrs or so.. Couldn't put it down. I have been a KISS fan since Alive, I was born in Terre Haute in 68' and grew up across the river in Illinois.

I have always been an Ace man, being a guitar player, but I'm a big admirer of you as well. I am glad you have came out of the other side of the meat grinder that has been your life. You are an inspiration to me.

I have had my own share of ups and downs in life as well, culminating with a shattered 5th vertebrae in my neck this last August due to diving head first into a 4' above ground pool. Long story short I should be paralyzed from the neck down, but I'm not. There were 2 other people in Indianapolis Methodist Hospital that week alone with the same injury and the same circumstance as me that week alone that will never use their arms or legs again.

I have struggled with myself since this accident occurred. I have not been able to return to work, I work in a telephone switch office for Frontier, formerly Verizon. I have put my wife and kids through hell as well as myself.

I guess what I'm getting at is I can relate to a lot of your experiences and feelings. I have spent a great deal of time feeling sorry for myself, questioning God, friends and family. It has been very difficult, but I should be thankful. I can walk, play my guitar, make love the whole nine yards.

I love all the sex, drugs and R&R stories that I have read in numerous books, like Slash, Duff, Anthony Kiedes, Sammy Hagar, Ace etc....but your book had a heavy message of faith that really inspires me to get off the mat and own my flaws and realize what a great life I have and another chance at life.

I didn't mean to ramble, I am just emotional right now, I teared up a couple times while reading about your life and how you are trying to root out the negativity and some of the bad experiences that you've had and it has affected me.

Thanks for the inspiration.


P.S. Congrats on the HOF, you are so deserving.

Subject: Happy New Year and Congratulations for the RnR Hall of Fame

Hallo Peter Criss,

I am 46 years old and a Fan of you ,and Kiss ,since 1978. Congratulations to You and KISS for the  induction into The RnR Hall of Fame. I wish you and your Family all the best for 2014.
Best wishes and Greetings from Thomas
Subject: Congrats

Hey brother.

Congrats on the Hall of Fame. Hope Gene and Paul do this right. Only Gene ,Paul, Ace, and Peter are KISS... We the fans will accept no substitutes for this honor... Keep your head up, its all good..


Subject: Induction Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

I can't really think of anything else to say but congrats and awesome finally you guys get some of the recognition that you deserve I think you're one of the greats that has actually done something good with your fame there's really no way that any of the  fans would understand what you guys havegone through addiction sickness eggcetera but you came through it all and lived to tell about it that's phenomenal in itself no words can describe how I feel about all 4 of you being on stage one more time in my lifetime nothing short of awesome no matter what's been said over all these years it took all four elements to bring you guys to greatness I feel you're one of the best drummers in my lifetime and it's just not kiss without you and ace it won't be right ifall four of you aren't there I hope you guys can work it out god bless congrats again it's well overdue and well deserved.

lots of love

lifetime fan

Subject: Hi peter I loved your drumming

You are a great drummer and singer special beth your the only one can sing that not a imposter


Subject: 43 yr old fan reading book :)

Dear peter,

I am 2 chapters in on reading ur book my wife gave me for x-mas. I'm tickled reading all ur drum idol's. Most I haven't heard of.. I'm 43 now & let me tell u at 7 yrs old MY idol was this guy from this band my older sis got me into. He had make up like a cat on & the band was called kiss!!! Yes You! I'm sure u've heard this a million times now. But I had never seen or heard anything like it! Now, I never made it in a big band, but still play drums as hobby to this day, & follow music like u wouldn't believe. Now teaching my 8 yr old son drums! U've inspired so many people! Thank you for what u have done in music & life of it!

Can't wait to finish book :)

Take care!


Subject: Thank You

Bless you peter for all the great music I been honored to listen over the years .

And finally , congratulations on the rock 'n roll Hall of Fame.

Fan for life Jim R.

Subject: Alive too

Hi Peter!

Just messing around with my new iPhone...downloaded Alive II... And thought wow! maybe I can email Peter Criss...thanks Peter, what you did on this album influenced me forever. Just awesome! Hope 2014 is the best ever!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! God of Thunder just started playin' and I gotta run.


Kevin C.

Subject: Cat Man

Dear Peter,

I attended my first KISS concert at the age of 4 and have been a fan ever since. My Dad is a KISS fan and he introduced me to y'all. You are by far the most talented drummer that KISS has ever had and will have to me. And if I may say so, you are by far the most talented percussionist that I have ever heard.

Congratulations of being inducted to the Hall of Fame, it is long overdue for you guys. You are definitely a class act, humble, and talented man. You will always be The Cat Man. And to me it is a disgrace that Eric Singer is wearing your character and creation while performing with KISS. I just had to get that out of my system.

Thank you for sharing your talent with the world and Congratulations of your induction into the Hall of Fame. God Bless You Peter and YOU are the one and only Cat Man.

With Love,
Michelle L.

Subject: Congrats

Hi Peter,

Congratulations on your induction into the Rock and Roll hall of fame.

I am a drummer, have been for a long time and I learned a lot from your playing early on in my drumming days. I was a Peter Criss fan. Still am.

I hope the future brings you happiness and success in everything you do. Keep drumming and I'll do the same.

Thanks Peter!!
Dave G

Subject: HOF

Hi Peter,

Fan since the beginning.

Just wanted to say congratulations on your induction into the RnR HOF.

Have a great holiday season and hope to see you play with the guys again at the ceremony.

All the best.

Ed C.

Subject: Happy Belated Birthday and Congratulations!!

Hi Peter,

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday and Congratulations on being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!!! I will be there in April. Your book is great and listening to your music always puts a smile on my face.

I have been a fan since I was 6 years old and am 42 now. You were my Beatles!

Take care and God Bless!

See you in April with the mighty KISS Army!!!!

Scott S.

Subject: Hey Catman...

Loved the book Peter... finished it in 6 days.  So happy that you've been able to exercise the "Demon" and "Starchild" from your life and thoughts... believe me... the fans know them all too well.  Your decency and soft yet big heartedness screamed from the pages. KISS was the first band I loved... I'm sure you've heard that a million times.  I play drums these... everyday... luv it to death.  Whatta feeling!  

Yer one of the True Good Guys Peter!

Congratulations on your truly deserving Hall Of Fame Induction.

Subject: Congrats and happy b-day

Happy birthday and congratulations on your induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Personally I think it should have happened years ago! I don't want to sound like a gushy kid but you truly have been an inspiration to me and one of my heroes since 1977 (I was 8 yrs old then).  I never got to see the real KISS show when I was a kid, but I got to share that experience with my kids when you guys did the first reunion tour. We saw what I believe was the second show of the tour in St. Louis. It was magical! Anyway keep rockin', as will I, and most importantly, keep the faith. God bless you and yours.

Shawn J.
Bernie, MO

Subject: Happy Birthday

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday dude!! and Congrats on a long over do induction into the Hall of fame!!!!

I would love to see you and Ace do a mini tour around the nation!! Please make Grand Rapids, MI a stop!!

Take Care

Larry H.

Subject: Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Peter!

You are such an amazing individual. We have had many opportunities to meet you and Gigi and your warmth is so unlike any other celebrity we've ever come across! You are also a true inspiration as a fellow breast cancer survivor! Thank you! Wishing you a truly wonderful birthday.


Robin and Jeff S.

Subject: Birthday Wishes!

Happy Birthday Peter and congratulations on getting into the Rock and Roll Hall Of

Love you always.

Forever a Catman Fan,


Subject: Peter, Happy Birthday!! From Russia With Love!

Dear Peter,

Happy Birthday!!
With all my heart I wish you many happiness. Let all your dreams, hopes and expectations will come true. I wish you always have cheerful mood, good health, strength to resist difficulties and patience, big success in all your dealings and great personal happiness!

Thank you for the bright light that you giving me and all fans!

God bless you, Peter!!
We are waiting for you in Russia!

With great respect,
Alex L. (webmaster KISSARMY.RU)

Subject: Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Peter!

Thank you for all that you have done for rock & roll and drumming!

Merry Christmas to you and your family and I look forward to seeing you at the Hall of Fame induction!


John B.

Subject: Birthday Wishes

Hi Peter,

Wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday & congratulations on getting into the R&R Hall of Fame! Well deserved and LONG OVERDUE.

It was such a thrill to meet you at September's Mad Monster- you are so inspiring and have had such a life! You are truly a cat with nine lives.

I really hope you'll make it out west this year for more signings!

Thanks for a lifetime of great music, courage and inspiration!

Your fan of the month for January! ;)

Love and respect,


Subject: Happy Birthday

Hello Peter,

I wish you a happy bithday!
I am a fan of you from the beginning and you've inspired me fir years.
God bless you.

Regards from a huge fan.
Arno Ruigrok from Holland.

Subject: Dec. 20th!!

Happy Birthday Peter
The Original, One and Only Catman!!

Congratulations on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!


Subject: Happy Birthday & Congratulations

Happy Birthday, Peter & CONGRATULATIONS on the long overdue hall of fame induction! I've been a fan- and you've been an inspiration since '76. Thank's been a great journey!

-Pete T.

Subject: 68


Happy Birthday! 

Gordeev A.

Subject: Happy birthday Peter !

From your biggest Mexican fan: Feliz cumpleaños !!!

Memo V.

Subject: Hello Peter

Congratulations on your induction to the Hall of Fame Peter, it’s about time. How ABBA got there first is beyond human comprehension, and it’s all the more reason why Deep Purple should form an Army.

Look after yourself, and many blessings to you and yours this holiday season.

David “Buddah Dave”

Subject: Hello Peter

Dear Peter,

Congratulations with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame thing. KISS wouldn't excist without you and Ace putting your heart and soul into the best rock band ever. Hopefully the fans will see a small reunion that evening with other legends like sir Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Nirvana members, Hall & Oates, Cat Stevens & Bruce Springsteen singing Rock and Roll All Nite at the end.

PS. Still waiting for your new album, hopefully a release somewhere in 2014?

God bless you,


The Netherlands

Subject: Congratulations Catman!

Hello Peter,

Just want to congratulate you and the other three founding members of Kiss on your recent nomination to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Since 1974 Kiss has brought great music and absolute joy to their millions of fans worldwide and soon you will be getting the industry recognition that has sorely been lacking since the bands inception. This is truly an honor, Peter, and much more than the '45 gold record that you aspired to as a young man. You deserve this award, you worked your ass off for this award, you struggled and sacrificed for this award and all I can say is, "well deserved". I cannot be happier for you and Gigi and hope that your induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is everything that you desire for it to be!

God bless and congratulations!



Subject: Congratulations Peter

You've been the one and only since the beginning. It must feel so amazing to finally be acknowledged by the hall. Dont wanna take up your time, but I love you man and all the magic you brought to KISS. have a good day.

Zach B.

Subject: One Peter Criss

There was always one and only Peter Criss people can dress up like him, but nobody has the heart and soul he has. It does not matter if the band plays together for the Hall of Fame induction, from the night the drummer for Joey Greco broke his leg to the final pages of his book he has nothing to prove. I have been playing the drums for 30 years and sitting back at three in the morning after a show putting Pete"s music on dam There"s Nothing Better. Thank You Peter for picking up the sticks and I hope you never stop making great music.

Best wishes,

Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday

James F A.

Subject: Congrats

Dear Mr. Criss,

I am unsure that you yourself will ever actually lay eyes on this email, however when I found a way to contact you I just wanted to send a huge congrats to you. Although I do not nor probably will never know the true complications between you and the rest of the guys from KISS I am truly ecstatic that KISS has FINALLY made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I am a lifelong KISS fan, and while I always have been and always will be a fan of the music, I was extremely disappointed when you and Ace were no longer in the band. I know the band has moved on with “replacement players” but from a true die hard member of the KISS Army the REAL TRUE KISS will ALWAYS be Peter, Ace, Gene and Paul. It is my sincerest hope that when April 10, 2014 rolls around and the Hall of Fame induction happens for, in my opinion the greatest band ever, that the true members of the KISS Army get the honor of seeing the true members of KISS on that stage enjoying the fruits of their labor. As I said I may not now nor never will know what really happened between everyone in the band, but the best thing about being alive is there is always the chance to make things right and it’s never too late. I truly enjoy your music and song writing ability. Never the less you deserve as much credit as KISS going into the Hall of Fame as anyone else, so again big congratulations on this milestone achievement and thank you for making music that I personally enjoy still to this day.

Thank you for your time and god bless.


Subject: Congrats

Congratulations on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Much deserved and overdue. The induction date is on my birthday, I'm there!

Love ya,

San Francisco

Subject: Congratulations on the induction!


I've been a fan of KISS, and of yours since I was just a kid in the 1970s. My aunt/god-mother thought I'd get a kick out of the crazy guys wearing makeup! Well she was right, and much to my dad's chagrin, I joined KISS Army good and early! Hell, I was Catman for Halloween three straight years (my uncles were the other fellows). Cardboard/aluminum foil boots and all!

My one regret was never getting to see you live. I have seen KISS many times over the years but never had a chance to see the original lineup. Both you and Ace added a unique dynamic to the song writing that I think gets lost...

Anyway, I'm sure you're getting a ton of these but I just wanted to drop a note as a lifelong fan to say congratulations and it's about damn time!


Subject: Hall


First off, congratulations on your induction to the RR Hall of Fame. Must be an incredible feeling. I am very happy for you. If it were my decision, to do something a little different, I would have the original 4 dressed to the nines, like on the Dressed to Kill cover, and be introduced that way. That would be so cool. Anyway, what I am most proud about you (and Ace) is that neither of you have been getting in the mud with Paul and especially Gene, throwing out slighted remarks, barbs and worse - lies about continued drug use and alcohol. From where I am sitting, I cannot understand how someone could do this - and for what purpose? Spite? Insecurity? To Gene, I would say if you're so great and are so confident in yourself, why do you feel the need to tear somebody down to build yourself up or the current Kiss lineup? You (and Ace) have remained classy. You in particular have kept your humor. Ace, rightly so, has defended himself against Gene's inaccurate remarks.

So, I hope you just be yourself, the guy you are now and thoroughly enjoy every second of your induction in April. I hope Gene and Paul can keep their veiled sarcastic remarks to themselves during their acceptance speeches. I think they will, but be prepared to throw a zinger back at Gene if he can't help being himself on the podium. Put him in his place, if you have to, in a humorous but effective way.

I don't care about why you and Ace were in the 70's. I only care about who you guys are now. Paul and Gene can only live in the past. I see those guys actually getting worse as time moves on. I like who you and Ace are today.

Stay well, stay up and give yourself a huge pat on the back for this accomplishment - congratulations Peter. I hope there is still a rock album from you in the wings - would love to hear it.

Merry Christmas


Subject: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2014

My Congratulations Mr. Catman.

You are for me, and now for the rest of the world, an important piece of music history.

Thanks for your outrageous idea called KISS.

Luca (from Italy)

Subject: Congrats Peter on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


As a long time fan going all the way back to the 70's I wanted to extent a long over due congratulations on the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. It seems finally with fan impute some of the bands who are way over due may finally be getting their day. (Fingers crossed in future for Deep Purple). But for today....I am very happy that Kiss and you got in. I hope that I get to see my four "real" ;) hero's one more time on a stage at the ceremony. I also hope that in some way the members who were part of their own era are also recognized (Bruce, Vinnie) and the two who have left us (Eric Carr and Mark) as well as the late great Bill Aucoin.

So sir a giant Congrats to you and to Kiss. Thank you for sharing your music (first album I got was your 78 solo and it still gets rocked today :) later Blue Moon over Brooklyn (amazing beyond words) as well as always being the truest most down to earth, heart felt Rock God out there.



Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas

Subject: Congratulations

Hi Peter

Congratulations being inducted into the hall of fame

Best wishes


P.S friends with Peter H. here in Melbourne Australia.

Subject: Congratulations

Congratulations Peter!

So happy for you that the event is in Brooklyn!!

I spoke with Ace today and he was so excited.

Hope that you and Gigi are well.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Best, Keith

Subject: Congratulations

Congratulations on getting into the RRHOL it is well deserved and long overdue.

Enjoy and be proud of your success in making your dreams come true.

God Bless,


Subject: Congratulations!!!

We All are Very happy for you , Peter!! Well deserved and long overdue!! Enjoy the Honors at the RRHOF!!!

All the Best to you always.... God Bless!!
(just a lifelong fan...Jersey kid living the dream in DC)

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Subject: Hall of Fame

I have been a fan for over 30 years and I am so happy to see Kiss going in the hall. You have always been my favorite in the band . Your unique vocals always added more to the songs than any of the others. I am so proud to have been raised on Kiss music. Love you forever catman.



Subject: Congratulations Peter!

Hi Peter

I just wanted to drop a line and congratulate you for being inducted into the R&R hall of fame and wish you a happy early birthday as well!

I had the pleasure of meeting you this past September in New Orleans. I'm including a picture of you with myself and my father, Clarence, together at Mad Monster! That is a day I will never forget! My dad took me to see you and KISS at the Baton Rouge Centroplex in 1979!

I've loved the four of you guys since I was 9 (45 now), and still just as big as afan! I'm so proud for you and happy that you guys finally got in ! In my opinion,you guys have been there all this while, they just haven't recognized it yet! Thank you so much for being you and taking care of your fans like you accommodated my dad, girlfriend, and me! Never stop being yourself!

Congratulations again! Happy Birthday, too!

Here's wishing you and Gigi a very Merry Christmas as well!

Brian from New Orleans

Subject: Congratulations

Hello Peter,

My name is Luke and I am from Brisbane,Australia. I am a fan of 70's music including Kiss and I am writing to say congratulations for KISS' induction into the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame which you guys truly deserve it.

Best Wishes

From Luke

Subject: Rock N Roll HOF

Congrats Peter You Deserve It . I Will Be There With My Daughter On Her 11th Birthday.


Subject: Hello My Hero!

Hello Peter!

I'm Pablo, I'm from Brazil, and am a big fan of yours!

You sure it was the soul of KISS! Even I have the same cross you on my right arm, I call it the Cross of Peter Criss.

God bless you for all that you mean to me and all fans of KISS!

A big hug from someone who admires you!


Subject: Read the Book

Hello Peter!

I've just read your autobiogrphy. I'm 50 years old and needles to say a Kiss-fan since 1975. I enjoyed reading your book, which tells a different and I guess a more true and honest story than usually presented in media.

To me Kiss ended in 1978, the energy disappeared. And did you know that your solo-album got the best reviews in swedish press?

Just sant to say that you're a true inspiration and the only original member who can walk down the street with pride and your head held high (or whatever expressions you use in America, you know what I mean). Have a good life.

best regards and merry christmas all the way from Sweden


Subject: thank you

Just wanted to tell you I've always admired you as a drummer, but even more as a person. I met you in 1995 in Baltimore and you were so genuine. Thank you for all the great music and writing . The book is incredible.


Subject: Since the age of 10

Since the age of 10, I have been a Drummer,I am now 49,You inspired me right from the beginning,I have studied your every move since day 1. Played only Pearl Drums,You have mentored me in so many ways,I still play to this day at my CHurch with a great Praise and Worship Team,One thing I must tell you,my 3 year old Nephew is starting to play and who does he want to play to:KISS. Carrying on you legacy into another generation.Happy Birthday this month.

God Bless


Subject: Respect

Dear Peter,

My name is Hilbert Kuipers and I’m a 34 year old guitarist from the Netherlands.

I started playin’ when I was 5 years old, I learned my first chords from my dad and developed my own skills.

When I was 9 I got a LTD edition from the 1978 Peter Criss album. That day changed my whole perspective of music.
While all of my schoolbuddies we’re listening to housemusic and hiphop, I spend hours listening to your tracks and slowly got infected with the KISS virus.

I bought all of the records (vinyl) the original line up had made, with Unmasked being the last of them.

By the time I reached the age of 16 a had created a style of playing that was very similar to Ace’s style obviously and I was a frequently asked guitarists for many bands.

In 1996 my dream came true, the impossible suddenly became possible; on December 10th 1996, 7 years from the day I got infected with KISS, the original line up of KISS came to Ahoy Rotterdam.

I went to see you and it was one of the most special moments in my live but, strangely enough, from that day forward I started listening to a wider variety of music, mostly rock oriented.

Toto/Steve Lukather became my favorite guitarist but… you as well as Ace were my reason to pick up my guitar and actually learn to play modern day rock.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for that, it made me the man I’m today. I’m very grateful, although you never knew this.

A couple of week ago I read your biography and I really was impressed by your story.

Obviously it was fun to read about the early days, the jokes and the infinite anecdotes but most beautiful thing I discovered in your book was the fact I really could identify with your way of thinking. It felt like I’m not the only one with certain problems and I felt understood.

For instance; like you, I really find it hard to pay no attention to justice/ethics and that always got me in fights and arguments with other bandmembers because I don’t keep my mouth shut when something of someone is bothering me.

Also, I did a lot of partying with other women on the road while I’m married…just because I could. I never did drugs though.

It was fun to read and I would like to say that I respect you in every possible way, thats all. J

And no, I’m not gay, I’m just an emotional guy that speaks from his heart.

Maybe a really ambitious and direct question but…how can I create the opportunity to meet you in person and maybe play with you sometime?

It would be a real honor for me, it’s on my bucketlist.

If you’re curious about my playing, you can find out a couple of samples on youtube on which I play guitar:

- Cover Robbie Williams/Angels with me singing and soloing:

- Demonstration Line 6 pod / Musicman Luke guitar:

- Cover Bohemian Rhapsody Queen (during soundcheck):

Hope to hear from you but I don’t make myself illusions, I’m aware of what I’m asking….but at least I’ve tried! J

Kind regards,


Subject: G'Day

hi Peter...

I brought your book so quickly when it came out that it had burn marks on it lol..reading the book for the 2nd time now and just wanted to thank you for investing your time and effort into this book. I will forever be a Peter criss fan...

thank you

(one of your many fans from Sydney Australia)

Subject: Thank you

Hello Peter,

I'm 45 and feel a little strange sending you an e-mail but felt compelled to let you know that I started listening to KISS around 1974 or 1975 and still can't get enough of that sound to this day. It is strange how you and Ace are, in my opinion (and millions of other fans opinions) the two that made the sound that drove KISS to Superstardom, yet you two seem to be denied your just due from Gene and Paul. I want to thank you for nearly 40 years of never ending enjoyment from the music you make and the genuine love you show towards your family, friends, and fans. By the way, hands down, you had the best voice of the original four.

Thank you Peter,


Subject: Drummer from Argentina

Hello Peter.

My name is Martin. I'm Drummer and teacher in Argentina. Just wanted to thank you for being one of my biggest idols on drums. Your playing changed my life and I could make this my job.

I hope you are fine with good health. I will always be grateful!

A hug,


Subject: My inspiration is the Catman Peter Criss!

I've been a KISS Fan since I was 5 years old,I'm now 42 and still Love the original KISS! Not this watered down shit that Paul and Gene call KISS! My Wife,My Son and a friend of the Family got to see you guys at the Rosemont in 96 for the Reunion. It was the first KISS Concert I ever went to and it was the best concert I've ever been to! My Son is the biggest Ace Frehley fan now because of it! You,however are my Sole inspiration! Your Drumming is Unique and powerful! It Blows my Mind! I play also but just as a Hobby! My Son who is an Artist painted a picture of you in the style of the Rock N Roll Over and it Hangs on the wall of my "Mancave" directly across from my Drums! It gives me inspiration to play! You are the ultimate Drummer Catman!


Subject: Spooky Empire Event 2013

Peter and Family,

It was an amazing experience working for you at the Spooky Empire event on the 25th and 26th of October. When you meet someone who is a well known music icon and celebrity, many times the experience is not what you hyped it up in your head to be. To see how you interact with your fans and how much they mean to you was a blessing to observe. The care and respect you showed the fans who had their own battles with cancer was not only emotional  but inspirational to see. I believe if you look up the word "Class" in the Webster's dictionary, you will see a picture of Peter Criss there with his patented grin. God bless you and your amazing family! You are all such good people!

Take care and until our paths cross again! "3" 


Subject: Makeup to Breakup


I read your book this weekend I loved it! Hope you and Gigi are well.thanks for the great read.


Subject: My Take On It

I have followed the band Kiss since the mid 70s when I was in High School.Even played in a Kiss copy band. I loved the sound and the energy of it all.I will never forget that time and just how popular the band was. Of course over time things and people change and no one is perfect.What I mean is that things arent always as they seem.After I read your book as well as Aces my conclusion is that I thought your book is the most honest and upfront.Ace left a lot of gaps because of all his bad habits that caught up to him.That being said I have to give my opinion about the statements Gene and Paul make. I honestly dont care what sins people committed in the past but I really dont want to keep hearing about how bad Peter and Ace were.Quite honestly its disgusting.The band would never be where it is today if all of and yes I mean all 4 original members gave everything they had in the early years. I dont care who had too much to drink or smoke or whatever. What about Genes thousands of women and Pauls pills etc.I just dont see what purpose it serves to keep bringing up all the negatives I for one dont want to hear it anymore. Glad you licked cancer and find yourself at peace in your life.

God Bless You


Subject: Honor and Respect

Dear Peter
I took great inspiration from reading your book, I found it enjoyable and enlightening. The road you've travelled has been very interesting to say the least. I am so pleased that your life is now so fulfilling and rewarding. I greatly respect the work you are doing with the Cancer Society.

I wish you every success in the future.

God bless

Subject: Makeup to Breakup: WOW!!!

Hi Peter,

I picked up your book yesterday at my local bookstore and have gotten half way through it. It was very hard to put down! After a couple of hours I had to face the reality of getting up and going to work the next day and be able to function but I would have rather stayed up and finished. Some of the stories were shocking and made me grit my teeth (nuns...ugh) but there were quite a few times I found myself laughing out loud. I have read Gene’s and Ace’s books (and like an idiot I will probably read Paul's too) but yours is the only one to make me laugh out loud.

I know it wasn't always roses for you in or outside of KISS but I am glad you got through it all and I wanted you to know I am loving this book!

For me, KISS will always be you, Ace, Paul & Gene. I wish you all the best and thanks for the music and the stories!


PS: I also applaud your efforts in bringing attention to breast cancer awareness! With famous faces out there it brings attention and more importantly hope to victims and their families. If you are ever in Maine, the lobster is on me! ROCK ON!!!!

Subject: My Favorite Cat

To Peter Criss,
I just want to thank you for being life and getting me through high school in the late 70's and early 80's. Back then my friend Carmel and i would debate who was better her favorite Paul or my favorite Peter.

So many great memories Beth will always be my personal favorite.

I do hope all is well in your life post Kizz.

Thank you from Australia

Your fan,

Subject: Just a Thank You

Dear Mr.Criss,

I am 50 years old and have been a fan of yours since Alive came out. Although I wanted to play drums as a kid, my parents pushed me into playing guitar. So after 43 years I am a pretty good guitarist but still love the drums. You and Ace were my favorite members of KISS. After reading your book and his I have to say instead of a tie for favorite musicians you shot to the top. I recently saw your appearance on TMS and thought it was awesome. OH, if you ever need a rhythm guitarist I would be honored to help. I personally thought your solo album of the four was the best. I still listen to it damn near every day.

GOD BLESS and keep rockin'!!



Subject: Gene Krupa


I am turning 44 this November 30th. I was a Kiss Fan until seventh grade when Kiss changed and you left. I am still a fan of that period. I have read Ace's book and am reading your's now. (I won't read Paul's or Gene's because I do not believe they would be authentic.)

My three kids are now Kiss fans. (I only play the albums up to Unmasked so that is all they will ever know.)I chose the name Peter as my confirmation name after you and my oldest daughter Dara's middle name is Beth. Guess why.

I also started playing the drums in grammar school because of you. In the sixth grade, Gene Krupa came to our school in Franklin Square Long Island to give a demonstration for the entire school in the auditorium. All the kids thought he was just some old man. I would have too had I not studied every word off the back of every album. On each album you would thank him so I knew who he was. When he arrived, all the kids just wanted to play his drums. I yelled above the crowd that I played the drums because of you and that you played the drums because of him and that because of that I should play! He agreed and I played for the school. A real nice memory I have.

Thank you and I am glad to see you are doing well.


Subject: Peter...


No doubt you get a lot of mail and there is a good chance you are not going to read this. But I won’t know unless I send.

I’ve been a fan since a Monday I stayed home from school sick and I happened watched the Mike Douglas show. 15 years old and trying to explain what I saw on TV the next day in school was nearly impossible. I was a huge fan from 73 to 79. I’ve been a fan still but my real listening years were 73-79.

I just finished your book. Having read Gene’s and just feeling that his book was an all about ME book...he never really got too far into his demons and it’s obvious a lot was there. Not much in apologies from him. I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your book and the truthfulness in it. Believe me...I believed a lot of the crap that was schpeeled out in the past but your book opened up my eyes and I was able to see a lot more when I read Gene’s book again and also Nothin’ To Lose. I purchased your book thinking I was not going to be very interested in it... only to be completely taken with it. I couldn’t put it down. You did what I did not told the painful truth.

Being a KISS fan for so many years...I was glad I purchased your book to at least contribute a little back to you that was taken from you. Me as a fan...I got caught up in the hype. I never really thought any of you all as “real” humans. It was all fantasy. But your book Peter...put it right out there. You ARE human, you make mistakes...but most importantly, you are truthful to yourself and you own up. I can’t tell you how much I respect you for this book. I appreciate you letting me into your personal life. I wish nothing but the best for you Catman. Ya know...anyone can put on the makeup but it doesn’t make you the Catman. There is only one. You!

I hope this email finds you and your family well.

Thanks again for everything Peter. You are now included in my prayers.


Subject: Hi

Hi Peter,

Thanks to God that you are in this world. You are the inspiration for many people in this world like my brother...see ya.

-- Juan

Subject: Read Your Book


I just finished reading your book. Very hard times and a wild early life to get through. I'm near 50 now and I can appreciate taking stock of things and slowing down. All your decisions in life can't be right ones, but that's what life is all about. I saw you play in Harrisburg, PA years ago with Tall Man and Angel as well as with Kiss 2X. You are an awesome drummer and I wish I could see you somewhere again. It would be a treat. Baby Driver, Nothin' To Lose and of course Beth and Hard Luck Woman are among my favorites!

God Bless and Rock on!!


Subject: A Fan of Peter's for 37 Years


Don't exactly know if it will be you reading this, or if it will ever get read, but you were the foundation of Kiss. You've been the drummer closest to my heart all of these years, and probably will be until the end of me. Your drum style has always been the high water mark I have judged other drummers by. I walked 12 miles round trip back in '78 to buy my Solo albums, and yours is still the one in my car I listen to with any regularity. It was different than the other guy's, but it was quite well done. You haven't deserved the things thrown at you by others. You will forever be my favorite Kiss member. Thanks for the music Pete. Hope your health is well.

Much much love and respect.


Subject: Hello from Billy

Hi Peter:

First I want to say, THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GREAT MUSIC AND LIVE PERFORMANCES YOU HAVE GIVEN US FANS. The ONLY KISS I KNOW AND ALWAYS WILL KNOW IS: Paul. Gene. Ace and Peter!!! NOT TOMMY AND ERIC!!! After you and Ace left the band, I REFUSE to spend MY HARD EARN MONEY on a COPY BAND!!! Today, KISS is a TRIBUTE BAND!!!!! Gene and Paul ruined the KISS LEGACY!!!! It's sad to see FANS of today buying into the bullshit!!! The last time I did see you play is when you opened for Aerosmith. At first, I was against it because Ace wasn't there and second, KISS wound up being an OPENING ACT!! Also, the show was LESS THAN THE AVERAGE KISS SHOW. And to top it off, ALOT OF THE GREAT KISS SONGS WERE NOT PLAYED on that tour, Calling Dr. Love, Christine Sixteen, Strutter, etc. Anyway, I had to write this to you. It's sad to see this happen and THIS IS WHAT MONEY DOES TO PEOPLE, Gene and Paul are treating this like you said, a brand NOT a band!!!!

Take care Peter and hope to see you make MUSIC AGAIN!!!!


Subject: Greetings from China

Dear Mr. Criss,

Greetings from Shanghai, China. I am a Finnish guy living here with my family, always (well, since the age of 6 at least, starting 1976) been a big fan of KISS, meaning the period when you were in drums. My son (Daniel, now 7) also made his version of the cat mask when they had a party at school last year. This week I finally got a copy of your book here in Shanghai, and now in 2 days I have already finished it and I must say it is the most entertaining book I have read in a long long time. The only regret is that I did not get a signed version, but you cannot have it all, right? Very inspirational story also, the real chance to see what a beautiful person there is behind the beautiful mask! I just had to finish it almost non-stop, had to get up in the middle of the night to continue the story, what a trip it was! I want to wish all the best for you and your family, after all that you have been through.

Much love & respect with kindest regards,


Subject: This is a letter I wrote to Gene.

I find it odd that Gene & Paul continue to bad mouth Ace & Peter, but have no problem singing their songs and using the old photos/footage when promoting pretty much everything and anything.

If it weren't fro Ace and Peter KISS would be NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Concert I have Seen was The Last OF THE FOUR ORIGINAL MEMBERS OCT. 08. 2000 Charleston SC IT Should of ENDED THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KISS FAN FROM 1973 to 1983-1996-2000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. We all know the Ace and Peter were screw ups. That's what made them fun !!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP LIVING OFF THE OLD IMAGE OF KISS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR WIFE ALMOST LEFT YOU BECAUSE ALL YOU CARED ABOUT WAS MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WISE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subject: Hello


Long time fan, Just wanted to say it's not the same without you and Ace. Never will be.Anyways I went to see the reunion tour in 96 and you guys were so fresh and kick ass, tons of energy and great show. Just went to see the Monster tour (Hard Rock Hollywood, Fl) and what a disappointment. Sounded horrible, everyone looked bored on stage, Didn't even sell out. Songs were played flat and it wasn't Peter Criss on the drum's... At least I have great memories of the 96 reunion tour. Read your book. Great work very inspirational.

Good luck. A life long fan,


Subject: Thanks a Million!!

Hello Peter,

I just want to express what a sheer pleasure it was to meet ya'll at the Mad Monster Party Gras convention in New Orleans this weekend. My friends and I has such a wonderful experience and the two of you could not have been more gracious or accommodating. Thanks a million for the memories of meeting our childhood hero.

I am sure that both of you have an expert understanding of the lifelong devotion of Kiss/Peter Criss fans but please just allow me this small indulgence. I have been extremely blessed in my lifetime. I had the most magical childhood full of love and friends that I still have to this day. My mother and father were amazing parents, they live three doors down from me now and celebrated 52 years of marriage this year. GOD is good. I would be remiss, however, to not give some credit for this wonderful childhood to my childhood heroes, the members of Kiss. As a fourth grader in 1976 I vividly remember my childhood crush and teacher, Ms. Cumbo, saying, "If I see another picture of Kiss I'm gonna scream". You see, the members of Kiss were real life superheroes to me, my brother and my best friend and we simply could not wait for the next Kiss album, the next magazine with Kiss on the cover, the next Kiss appearance on television, or the next Kiss tour. The magic of Kiss that we experienced as children we STILL experience today. That's what is truly amazing. Kiss, for me, is a lot more than just the music (although I LOVE every song Kiss made up until the Elder album). They are a part of my history and a way for me to get in touch with that youthful enthusiasm and wonderment that I had as a child. Classic Kiss is still my number one hobby today, almost forty years after I first heard Alive on vinyl. I have amassed a huge collection of Kiss merchandise, one item at a time, and when I enter my Kiss room I still feel like a ten year old little boy, full of wonderment and awe. THIS is what Peter and the rest of Kiss have given to their legions of fans for the past forty years. That's why Kiss fans are the best fans in the world in my opinion, bar none.

In the profession that I have chosen to work in I deal with real life issues every day that can be very taxing. I believe that all individual should have a hobby that brings them escape, excitement, and pleasure and classic Kiss has been my lifelong hobby. Immersing myself in all things Kiss, Kiss trivia, Kiss news, new classic Kiss items, brings me the same joy that it did almost forty years ago and it keeps me in touch with my childhood. It is usually the kid in the adult that I find the most appealing and interesting. Knowing that my childhood hero still loves brownies and ice cold milk before bedtime is so extremely cool to me. I hope that the two of you enjoyed the few little treats I was able to bring you this weekend as much as I enjoy them. (I have also been a chocolate milk and brownie fan since childhood as well.) Once again, you have no idea how much your hospitality and graciousness meant to me and my three buddies who attended on Friday and Saturday. I will truly be a Peter Criss fan for life! I am also so very thrilled that my childhood hero has someone in his life who is sober, loves the Lord, is a helpmate, and who has his best interests at heart. I certainly hope that in the future circumstances will allow the two of you to, once again, find yourselves in my little corner of America. If that becomes an eventuality, the brownies and chocolate milk will once again be on me! Take care and GOD bless.

Sincerely, Mac

Subject: You Were the Best Drummer

The first time kiss toured western Canada, I saw you and the band in 77, During the alive tour. Man you were the best one and always the best!! Keep on rocking,Peter, And congrats to you and your wife on a long happy marriage!!

Your no one fan,

Martin from Alberta,Canada.

Subject: Just a Thank You

Hi Peter;

I finished reading your book not too long ago, and I wanted to thank you for writing it and for your honesty and bravery about what you've gone through. I've been a fan of KISS for a number of years, but honestly, I'm just a bigger fan of music in general - in whatever genre or form it takes. I love the fact that when I see videos of you, I can see the same love in your smile. So just a thank you, from my heart, for contributing to the soundtrack of my life in so many ways.

Play on :)

Lori, aka Loripop326

Subject: Letters to Catman from a Brazillian Drummer

Hey man,

my name is Daniel Camarao, I'm from Belém, Brazil. I'm 20 yo, I'm a drummer too. I'm your fan. I want to congratulate your book: ''Makeup to Breakup"...I loved all those words that you wrote. I felt happy with you, I also felt sad with you. You book encouraged me to keep on doing music and find my way, with happy and God.

Thanks Catman.!!!

Subject: Thank You

Hi Peter,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for being the inspiration for me to get involved in music. When I first began following kiss I remember listening to the songs you were on and trying to play like I was right next to you. I never had the chance to see you perform and I refuse to pay to see kiss without you as well as ace. In fact I only bought symphony because you are the one behind the kit. I got to read your book and enjoyed it. Thank you for the inspiration.

Sincerely, Chris

Subject: Your Book

Mr Criss

Just finished your book tonight and it brought up so many feelings of my own life and so many of the stories my father told of his past. I can remember the Christmas morning I unwrapped my Kiss Alive II album and my new drum set. I was already a huge fan but Alive II was very special to me. I've been playing now for over 38 years and have lived a similar life of rock n roll craziness. Woman, alcohol and drugs had been a daily ritual for me. Now coming up on six years clean (this weekend) It's funny how sobriety enables you to remember so much more of your past, and continues to alleviate your prideful self. I want to thank you for ending this book in a place that inspires my faith in God and regains my faith in Peter Criss as a giver. I wish you great happiness.


The Louisville Crashers

Subject: Loved Your Book


I just got your book 2 days ago & just finished it tonight. I have to say, I thought it was great. I was in Junior High when you guys were hitting it big, and Love Gun was my first album. I never got to see you on tour, though, until the reunion tour. It gave me chills to see my favorite childhood band...took me right back to that young kid, listening to that album, on a small, portable record player. You know the kind...had a hinged lid that latched shut & 1 As a fellow cancer (kidney) survivor, I'm happy both you & your wife beat this terrible disease. Keep up your good work for this cause!

Best Wishes to you & Gigi,



Subject: Makeup to Breakup.  Superb.

Hi Peter,

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I've enjoyed your book.

Funny as hell yet deeply moving. A remarkable life to be sure.

I first got into KISS as a seven year old when I was living in Sydney, Australia and you guys changed everything for me. "Thanks" somehow just doesn't seem sufficient!

I am now a 43 year old writer/performer with my own theatrical troupe called The Laudanum Project and even though we are not a band and seem to be more guided by the likes of Charles Dickens and Edgar Allan Poe rather than rock music I think there are some influences that are unmistakable.

Cheers to you Peter for being a survivor and sharing so much with us.

You will always rock.

Melbourne, Australia
Subject: Drums

Peter Criss,

You r the reason I play the drums!


Subject: 9 Years Old, First KISS Concert

Hi Peter,

My name is Sean Swan. Im sure youve gotten tons of letters and comments over the years about how they are the biggest fans etcc, but I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to play drums. Music has brought me so much joy and happiness and I cant even fathom what life would have been without it. I am in my early 40s now, kids, job, etcc, and stay home to be with my children so I dont miss out on they're lives. I still play a couple nights a week locally and still enjoy it more than ever. I moved to nashville and played 10 plus years on the road with several artist, but moved back home as I say to be with my kids.

When I was about 9 years old, a 16 year old, long haired,Kiss army member, was my hero. He had a black, double bass set identical to what you played in the 70's, a 68 camaro, and a beautiful blonde girlfriend. Ha! As far as I knew this guy had it all! I convinced my parents to the let him babysit me while they would go on date nights. It worked out great. He would bring his girlfriend and swim in our inground pool, ( Prob among other things)! while his mom and dad let me play his drum set at his house down the block. His room, as was mine, was covered with posters from one wall to the other. One night he had planned to go see you guys at the Memphis Tn Coliseum. He got tickets, made arrangements but forgot he was supposed to baby sit me! With no one to watch me, he took me with them. I remembered every detail! That was one of the best nights of my life. I finally got to see me hero play drums.

I dont mean to waste your time man, reading a boring story, but as I said I just wanted you to know that even though Ive never met you, youve made a positive impact on my life, and inspired me to be a better player. Over the years Ive come to respect and admire many other players and drumming brothers as I do you. Some are famous , some are not. Larrie Londin, or Ralph gallant was also one of my biggest influences. I sadly never got to meet him before he passed away, but got to know Sean , his son, when I lived in Nashville Tn. I actually have one of his pedals that I bought from Sean. Seems like Sean said something about you guys being friends? Anyways, Thanks again man for introducing me to drums and music. I hope peace and happiness finds you the rest of your days Brother!

Rock on and God Bless!!

Subject: Makeup to Breakup

Great book, Peter !

I read it twice and still wanted more. Yours and Ace's contributions to Kiss should never be minimized. Without you and Ace, there is no Beth, Parasite, Hooligan, Baby Driver, Cold Gin, Dirty Livin, Strange Ways, Shock Me, not to mention the soul you brought to Hard Luck Woman and Nothin' to Lose. These are all great Kiss songs. I refuse to see the current Kiss cover band; you and Ace are the best, always will be. Keep rockin !


Subject: Thanks for the Book

Finally read your book. Was great to get your perspective of the great & not so great years. Credit for not leaving out lots of detail like Ace did or talk shit like Gene.

Stay healthy Cat.

Peter, a lifelong fan.

Subject: I Love Your Book

Hi Peter,

My name is Victor Filonovich and I'm the Director of Product Management for Latin Percussion and Toca Percussion. I'm currently on a business trip in Thailand and I've enjoyed reading your book. I love your book, it speaks so much from your heart. You such be so proud for writing it.

Growing up a KISS fan and starting drums at an early age, I was always fascinated by your drumming. You are truly one of the best drummers in the world. Thank you.

As I mentioned, I'm currently in Bangkok working on some new percussion products for 2014. I will be flying back to NJ in a few days.

Once again, great book and all the best to you.


Subject: Makeup to Breakup

Hi Peter,

After I have read the book, wiped all my tears I found myself completely empty!

For me Peter, you have always been largest character in the band Kiss and there´s nothing in the world Gene, Paul and Ace can do to change that.

They have ripped you off, fucked you really hard during all those years – but it´s you Peter, who´s the true heart and soul of Kiss! Without Peter Criss – Kiss is just a brand – not a band.

I´m a 48 year old rock drummer myself and believe me, you are my true hero.

You have been through hell so many times and I can guarantee that God has reserved a sweet spot on his throne for you.

Keep working on your forgiveness since you are the strong one with your faith, Gene and Paul has already their reserved seats next to the dark one with their greed so you can easily forgive them in order to get YOUR peace.

I would love to see play your music next time I go to US

Best regards and God bless you

Your greatest fan in Sweden


Subject: Thank You

Hey Pete!

I have been a die hard KISS fan since I was 12 years old in 1977. KISSmania is very contagious. I became a fan because of a really cute guy said I needed to hear Alive! I am still a KISS fan and have no idea what happened to the cute guy. I was a fan, then my nephews and nieces became fans, my friends became fans. Now my great-nephews and nieces are fans. It's amazing.

When you and Ace left the group I stayed a fan begrudgingly. I also followed you and Ace on your solo careers. You guys were KISS. The group with just Gene and Paul was "Gene, Paul and 2 other guys."

I wasn't old enough to get to a KISS concert before you guys left the band. So can you imagine my euphoria when I saw KISS Unplugged??? I think my head exploded! My niece, nephew and I were one of the lucky 45,000 fans who bought tickets in 47 minutes to see you guys at Tiger Stadium. The sits were shitty but the experience was heaven! My band was back! We saw you guys everytime you came through Detroit.

I achieved a 'bucket list' item of mine in 2003 when I was able to meet you and Gene and Paul backstage at Comerica Park. I asked you to sign my tuxedo jacket. It is a prized possession and it's in my will to be left to my nephew. I even got a hug! Thanks so much!

I have just finished reading your book. It was so great! I have a great amount of respect for you. It also solidified my opinion of Gene and Paul. They were all about the money. I knew this when it was published in 1998 that you and Ace were being paid a pittance in comparison to the other 2. A DJ was on the radio of one of our local rock stations talking about it and I couldn't stand it. I called in and was ranting about how you were a founding member and had the one and only cross over hit with "Beth" and you had ever right to receive equal pay. The band wouldn't have been what it became without you! I will not go to another KISS concert with the imposters standing in for you and Ace. They need to take off the make up. It has run it's course. I actually pity them.

Your book was so heartwarming, too. My heart broke with you when you described losing your mom, then your dad. My dad passed in 1992 and I've been lovingly taking care of my mom, who is 87, ever since. She has dementia now and is in assisted living. I hate it because I wanted her to stay in her home but I couldn't take care of her 24 hours a day anymore. She is my best friend in the whole world and I still talk to her 6 times a day and see her often. I just wish she could be home. I also loved reading of your love for your daughter. There is nothing as special as "Daddy's love" and I know she knows that. Congratulations in your anniversary with Gigi. I am so grateful to God you found each other. You have had enough misery and heartbreak. Praise God in the highest that you have found your soul mate and true love.

I just had to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. I read it primarily to get to know my childhood idol a little better. I came away with a renewed respect for the Catman!

Take care and love always!

Rock on! Go Pete Go!!!


Subject: Thank You

Hey Peter,

my name is chris im from ontario canada just wanted say you are my one and only idol, the reason i started playing drums at the age of 12 i am now 28 so thank you and god bless....p.s your biography was a great book i could not put it down your an all around great guy thank you once again.


Subject: The Book

Hi Peter,

I just finished your book: I just wanted to say well done, it was one of (if not the) best rock memoirs I've read. It was honest, insightful, entertaining, inspiring, powerful and emotional. I've long been into KISS, but I always loved your work. The drums on all your albums, One For All. I'd like to say what Beth has meant to my mother. She heard it when Destroyer first came out, and to date it remains her all time favourite song. I love it too. It's a great, heartfelt song. Just a reminder your fans still care about you: the one and only Catman! Thanks for all the great work Peter, can't wait to see what's next!

All the best,
Subject: Your book.....Makup to....

Hello !

I live in Switzerland, and I've just finished reading your book.. I would just make a BIG THANK YOU for having open your heart as you did ! Your book is just great, and it's very interesting to hear the KISS story by the Catman ! I love KISS, I love the actual line-up..but : the CATMAN is still YOU and it will ever be !!!

Thanks again, and I wisch all the best for the future !

Udo Switzerland

Subject: Hey Catman!

Good Morning Peter,

just read your book and it was GREAT!! I am a huge KISS fan, I remember watching you on the Mike Douglas Show and that was it!! KISS fan for LIFE and a PETER CRISS fan for ever.

Thank You and GOD BLESS!!!! Chris.

Subject: Long Road

Hi Peter,

my name is jeff I'm 41 and just started to playing the drums. I had a career ending injury with my back. I had many surgeries and I was determined to learn. After learning about your battle with breast cancer and your willingness to beat it, it inspired me. I was always a fan of yours and I think you are gentleman and one hell of a role model for anyone. You deserve all the success in life. Keep rocking because what you do sets examples for and happiness my friend...


Subject: Hello from Brazil

Hello Peter,

Love´s you!

Janna From Brazil

Subject: Dear Peter, Thank You Very Much

Dear Peter,

i'm your biggest fan from Russia! i just wanna thank you for all your work! you're amazing songwriter and musician! i so miss you in Kiss, but whatever happen - all for the best! i'm glad that you found your way and happy now! you're always was my favorite Kiss member! first time when i heard your drum solo at Alive! i was like: "Damn, how he does that?!" i really was hypnotized by your play! and your 1978 album is my favorite one of those four! it was so fresh and original to the usual Kiss sound! i was really excited to listen to it and i still enjoy it to present day! your taste and music view has a big influence on my work! because of you i've loved to do ballads! :) besides i admire your overcoming of disease! you should have an iron spirit to go through all these things, and you did it! so i wish you a health, success and happiness! be always honest and strong, and you'll always be first! Cat#1!

P.S: the special thanks for this site, because i can say a few words to my idol! )) good luck, sir! thank you for all kind emotions you gave to me and you'll give more!


Igor :)

Subject: Memory Lane

Hi Peter.

I am a long time fan and received your book for Christmas. I just finished reading it and loved it. Reading your book brings back fond memories of my youth and the first album I ever bought, Kiss Destroyer. I was 13 at the time and had saved enough money to be able to purchase it. It was a unusually hot summer in Ottawa that year and I had taken the bus to the local mall about 4 miles from my house to buy the record. When I got to the counter at the record store with my money and the album in tow I realized I failed to calculate the taxes and would have just enough money to buy the record but I would not have enough for bus fare home. It was an easy decision I bought that album and walked my ass home in the hot sun, in the process warping the record. It was so warped Peter the needle moved up and down and inch from one side of the album to the other, but it did not stop me. Me, my friends, neighbors and cousins played the hell out of that record. I even took it to Spain on a family holiday and got some Spanish kids hooked on Kiss. 

I am almost 50 now and that album is framed and hangs in My basement.

Thanks for the great read     

Tony S.

Subject: Hello Catman

Hi Mr Peter

how are you ?? i'm fine

I'm a brazilian drummer and a great fan of you

I read your book in three days and was very emotional with your history.

I meet the KISS maybe in 1996 when my uncle give me a gift The Acustic MTV and lathe rmy father


Lather i'm buy all the cd's the I found...

Well I would like to thank you for all the words, phrases and moments in which you opened your heart and wrote the book.

I tried to imagine how much it hurt in the Lord and tried to transfer myself

since I started playing drums you was my great inspiration both technically and singing

I hope this email reaches you and you, please do not stop their efforts because they may represent very many people just like me.

God Bless you and your family and never forget
You is  PETER CATMAN CRISS !!!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: A Fan from Brazil

Hello Peter

My name is Rogerio, and I'm a Kiss fan from Brazil.

I just finished reading your book and I'd like to tell you how much I liked it. Your book is one of the best biographies I've ever read, so much that I finished it in just a few days. I've read other Kiss books also, including Ace's, but yours is clearly the best.

I remember back in 1999 when I saw you singing Beth live in Sao Paulo during the Kiss reunion tour, and although I know now that you were far from happy with the way the things were going, I remember you did your best and it was great! Congratulations, you're a hell of an artist!

Subject: 70's Magic

Hi Peter,

Thanks for being a member of Kiss. Kiss would have been less (if at all) without your spark & rock & roll attitude & voice. In the 70's there was a certain magic about it all. I play guitar now but, back then I wanted to be a drummer because of you.

Thanks for kicking ass. (and keep well)


Subject: Your Book

Mr Criss,

Your book was fantastic. Honest and from the heart..thanks for sharing.


Subject: American Cancer Society Award


Congrats on the Humanitarian award. I just found it on the web. I have been a fan of yours since 1975, in and out of kiss. That award means something very special to me and my wife, of 20 years. We have both been involved in the Relay For Life for some time. Then recently,  my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her surgery went well, but now the chemotherapy is  not so good. But it will get better. Then comes radiation, but is all for the best and she will come through. I am thankful for the American Cancer Society for all the help and understanding they have given us. Our prayers are for them and people like you who help them accomplish their goals. I thank GOD every day for my wife and my children and every day with them is a blessing. I guess the Relay will take a new meaning from now on . Thank You again for everything you do against cancer.

A loving fan & GOD BLESS You and your Family.

Ron G.

Subject: From one of your fans in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Hey Peter,

just wanted to let you know that i've read your book and without a doubt it has to be the BEST book i've ever read (and i'm a HUGE reader...i get that from my aunt who used to be a teacher and she instilled in me the love of reading)

wow...what can i say. all of the shit you've been through and yet you're still on this lovely planet of ours. the Good Lord is certainly looking after you. i'm going through some shit as well. 12 years ago my parents passed away and EVERY day that God sends me, i'm always thinking of them. I have one brother as well but he apparently doesn't give a rat's ass about me and he made damn sure that he wasn't going to be there for me in my parents' illnesses and their deaths. but you know what? i'm still here! god knows how i've managed to make it through the past 12 years because i am NOT a strong person, believe me!!!! i'm not a die hard churchgoer BUT i absolutely LOVE our heavenly father and every night before i go to sleep i always ask Him to look over my mom and dad and keep them safe and happy. my heart broke when i read about all the shit YOU went through so i'd just like to say, before i send this email, that i'm sending you all of my love, thoughts, and prayers for NOW and FOREVER!
may god bless you and your family,
kim           xoxoxoxox
"Turn your face towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you"
Subject: Peter G.O.G.

Hello Peter how are you cat man??

I started listening a KISS in 1978 because of his incredible performance on drums…to me you are a G.O.G.

You  know what is G.O.G??  G.O.G = GIFT OF GOD….

Every time I'm stressed or distressed, BETH  listen, because his voice THROUGH SOME MAGIC POWER RELEASED MY SOUL . Just because you have composed the music BETH since its passage was valid for this world. Thank you Peter

I pray every day to God for you and your whole family.

I live in Foz do Iguacu, Parana Brazil, and I feel proud and accomplished, if you were dining in my home.

I promise I'll take you to meet the Iguassu Falls ..

Sorry for my english, God Bless you cat man….FOREVER AND FOREVER….

Italo Elias V.

Subject: I Miss You

I miss you with KISS kiss isn't kiss without you! Outta all the members you are my favorite I even have the movie kiss meets the phantom of the park! Congrats on the awards and the great things you are doing!

Linda from Florida

Subject: Makeup to Breakup

Hi Peter,

I just finished reading your book last night. I just want to let you know that I found it a fantastic and inspirational biography.

I loved/love the early Kiss albums. You inspired me to learn the drums when I was a kid in the 70s. It started me on the road of loving music in its many forms. These days I enjoy gift of music, playing in my band, teaching my kids, having fun.

When Kiss came out to Australia in 1980 without you, it was hollow, you were my favourite. I still went to the concert in Adelaide(Australia) & saw the rest of the band play. They were ok ... but really..., I lost interest in the band after that.

Hopefully, I will get to see you play live someday somewhere. I'm guessing it wont be with Kiss (LOL), but whatever it is, I know you'll be giving 100%

Once again, thanks for all the inspiration man! And you should be very proud of the book. A real eye opener for a lot of us old fans.



Subject: Thank You!!

Hi Peter--

Just wanted to pass on a message of thanks to you. As I am sure many people have told you through the years, but Kiss was and continues to be such a huge part of my life. I can't tell you how many dirty looks, eye brow raises, etc., I have received when people have found out I am a Kiss fan. I live in St. Louis and am a physical therapist and own seven clinics here in the city. Being a medical professional, I might not be the prototypical Kiss fan, but again can't begin to thank you for all of the memories and great music through the years. Continued health and happiness. Would love to see you on that stage for one last show and one last, great memory.

BTW, loved the book.

God Bless!

St. Louis, MO

Subject: New Rock Album

Mr. Peter Criss,

I read your book. You've experienced a lot with Kiss. For me you're still the best drummer and singer. I'm still Kiss fan, but always imagine that you are still playing in the Band. When your Rock Album comes on the market? Please do your fans that joy.

Love your loyal fan,



Subject: Met You in Charlotte

Thanks for all the fun with KISS!

S.A.Tisdale III G-DADDY *-)~

Subject: Your Book

Hi Peter.

I've just finnished reading your book and I was so moved by your story. All the hard times you gone throuh and all the depressions. I'm bipolar my self and I know how hard it is to be deppressed. You and Ace have always been my favorites in Kiss every seans I first heard the first Kiss album when I was 6. Your book is one of the most inspiering books I've ever read. It have given me the power to belive in my self and realy focus on my own Music. I love your voice, you have always been my favorit vocalist in Kiss. And while reading your book I've been listenig to every song you sung in Kiss.

I know that you must get this kind of emails every day, but I realy hope that you read every one of them. You are a true inspiration to me. And I wish that I just could talk to you over the phone just to hear your voice live once in my life, then I know that i could die happy. You been my idol every seans I was a little boy. It's because of you that I picked up an instrument in the first place.

And I'm going in the studio in Two weeks to record my second album with one of my bands, Koffertgubbarna. If you have time and have a spotify acount you can listen to our first album Uppsala Blues. It's also on ITunes and amazone. I'm the guy who sings like tom waits, so my fans told me. I hope that you continue to have calm and nice life with your family. (Sorry if my english isn't that good, but I hope you understand me)

Best wishes Markus from Uppsala Sweden

Subject: Drums

Just wanted to pass a note along, though I was always drawn to music as a child, mostly vocal, but I started playing when I was 9 after having been exposed to Kiss by a friends older brother. I am 44 now, I continued through elem, jr high and HS and into college as a music education major. I quit college but continued to teach HS drumlines play musicals, jazz, pop..... Though I have found many inspirations over the past 35 yrs in just about ever genera I attribute my interest in drums/percussion to you.

Thanks for your art.


Subject: Number One Fan

Dear Mr. Criss

I have been a fan of you sense I was a little girl I'm 17 years old and Ive seen kiss twice once in 09 and last year in Raleigh NC. I'm a drummer too and I've been trying to play black diamond and hard luck women. I really don't like how Eric singer is playing black diamond, I think that should be left for you to play. Next year I am going to get the same tattoo you have and do a tribute piece to kiss with the original members. Ied really like to see you one day and meet you. ever sense I was a little kid I would always call you my kitty, I have a whole bunch of collectibles for kiss. Well I hope you have a nice day

Love your number one fan

Subject: Book


I just finished your book.  I was absolutely amazed by it!  The first KISS album I heard was Alive II when I was 8 years old and I've been a fan ever since.  It was refreshing to finally get your side of the story.  You are the ultimate survivor and I was greatly encouraged.  It is truly by God'sgrace that you lived to tell your story.  Thank you for pouring your heart out.  My God keep you and your family safe and healthy.


Subject: Breast Exam

My wife encouraged me about having a breast exam. I was hesitant but my doctor who is a pretty female did the exam. It seems ironic to be examined in such a way by a woman. My wife an adamant CAT fan told me about what happened to you. That was the reason I had the examination. I believe that you helping in the fight against breast cancer is great and thank you for doing something to to help. Maybe you and your supporters may have prevented someone like me from not doing the exam. That has changed.

Thank you Peter.



Subject: Mad Monster Party


I just finished your book and I couldn't put it down.

I volunteered at the Mad Monster Party in Charlotte earlier this year, and on Saturday I was scheduled to work with you and Gigi signing autographs. I'll be honest, I was never a fan of KISS growing up and honestly didn't know about the members of the Gene (that reality show of his and the film Detroit Rock City). In all honesty I feel embarrassed that I didn't really know who you were. I saw kids in that room that were literally crying because of how amazed they were at meeting you, and here I was helping you guys and I couldn't even tell you the names of the four members of KISS. I felt a little guilty that I was helping you, because I know that any of those fans standing in line for hours would have given good money to just help you out. And perhaps that when my shift was finished sometime around 4 that afternoon, I would have gone about the rest of my life not really caring about KISS. But what I witnessed in that room made an impression on me. You and Gigi were absolutely amazing to the fans. You didn't sign autographs and take pictures like you were just going through the motions. You took the time to talk to them and listen to them. And, while some of them may have pushed your buttons, you were never fazed by it. You guys seemed truly genuine. And amidst everything you have been through that is truly amazing. So once my work was finished at the convention, I went straight out and bought your book. Up to that point I had probably listened to just one or two songs by KISS, but as soon as I started the book I put you guys on. The entire time I read your book I had my earbuds in listening to KISS albums on Spotify.

So, since the few hours I spent helping you guys out with autographs; I've read your book, become a fan of KISS, and a fan of yours. I wish you and Gigi all the best.

God Bless,

Jonathan - Charlotte, NC

Subject: Book

I am currently reading your book . I have also read both Gene's and Ace's. I believe both you and Ace are the musicians that made Kiss rock. Great read.


Subject: Hi Peter!

Dear Peter:    

In 1980, when I was five, my elder brother bougth your solo album. We lived in Argentina and in those days there was not much information about you and who was the man behind of that make-up. However, since that day I´ve listened your songs once, twice and again and again and again till today. All my life i dreamed of meeting you, playing drums like you, or just speak with you, (finally i learned to play drums but... I suck...ja). Now I´m 38 and thanks to technology and internet I thimk I have the chance to make my dream come true. I thimk that you are an awesome composer and singer and I can´t believe my ears, even today, when I listen your rock & roll songs. What a rock songs, man!! you are amazing!! my child, who was two, can´t stop dancing!! Perhaps you never read or answer this e-mail, but.. man...if you read this ...if you can take only two minutes to read dream, after so many years, will come true...  

Good bless you Peter. You will always be in my heart.  


Subject: Thank You

Hi Peter,

Just want to say thankyou for all the years you inspired me with your music, you will always be a legend, an idle to millions of people and one of the best drummers of all time. Always remember that.



Subject: Just a Note

Hey Peter,

I know you must get a boatload of emails and I don't normally write  "celebrities" but I was just browsing your website and had the "urge".

I want to say thank you for all the great memories. In the 70's I  grew up in a country-music household and wasn't allowed to listen to  rock and roll. I remember going to the skate rink with my buddies when I  was 12 and hearing Strutter. I asked my friend, "Who is that! It's  awesome!" I haven't stopped listening to Kiss since.

I remained a loyal Kiss-freak all my life. Through the ups and  downs, personnel changes, etc. I had never gotten a chance to see the  original Kiss until the Farewell Tour when you guys played Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI. It was a dream come true! I had seen Kiss several times during the non-makeup years but was always regretful of not seeing the originals. I was in my 30's and I was crying like the girls on Ed Sullivan when the Beatles were on...LOL.

When I say I was a loyal Kiss-freak, that includes all aspects of Kiss, You, Ace and Eric Carr. (I was never a Vinnie fan). I thought that  Bruce was a great guitar player as well and he earned his stripes along the way. However, this new line-up just doesn't do it for me. They seem like a Kiss tribute band. They keep touting that the new albums are of the same vein as Destroyer but they aren't. I cannot understand the whole deal about the character makeup though. If I got remarried, I wouldn't dress my new wife up in my ex wife's old clothes and parade her around as someone she's not. Granted, Eric Singer may be an ok drummer technically, but he doesn't hold a candle to someone who plays with his heart and soul like you.

I didn't write this email to bash Kiss. I actually wrote this email to say how much I admire you for all your accomplishments throughout the years. You've been an inspiration to me. Not only in music but in my general life as well. The way you beat cancer was awesome man. And not reluctant to share your story with the world about it. I just think you're great man.

I love how you express your faith in God as well. I am a Christian as well and I appreciate your not being shy about it. You make God smile man.

Again, I just wanted to let you know how I felt about you and that I'm always on the lookout for anything "Peter Criss". Can't wait to see you in person again!

Eric Hays

Subject: Hi

I'm so glad I got backstage while you we're in Houston in 2003 because you are in my picture. I got to stand there with you while you signed autographs with my pen. You looked really happy in my picture and the others did not. You looked like you were genuinely having fun with everyone. I was sort of hesitant to meet everyone because I was afraid I would be disappointed after being in the Kiss Army since the 70's, but I wasn't. Thank you for keeping my dream alive.

I am 51 now, and it seems kind of silly writing, but Kiss is such a big part of my history. I am a nurse in Houston, but I have the picture from 2003 hanging in my office. I hope you are well and happy.

Thanks again.


Subject: The Book

Dear Mr. Criss,

I just finished your book "Makeup to Breakup" and for the last 24hrs just had to let all you wrote soak in.  Just let me say that the book was so well written. I loved the brutal honesty , it was like you were sitting there just telling me this incredible journey you have been on. Wow!

There is so much more would say but Wow I think covers it all. I am sure a lot of your fans wanted to hear your story so thank you so much for sharing!

God Bless!

Yours truly,


Subject: Touring

Hi Peter

I just finished reading your book enjoyed it immensely very scary the life of a rock star your roller coaster ride was both upsetting at times and inspiring.  Thank You. 

Would love to see you come to the UK some day soon to play.

Best Wishes and Take Care


Subject: Long Time Fan!!


Words simply can not express how much I adore you. I grew up in the 70's, born in 1972. I had 2 older brothers who listened to KISS nonstop so I also listened nonstop. My very first teddy bear was a cat, I named it Peter Criss. To this very day, I only listen to the albums you were the drummer on. I have 4 boys of my own now, all were raised on KISS. All of them raised that the only KISS is the KISS that includes Ace Frehley and yourself.

I hope that you read this and realize what a huge impact you have had on this little girl from Pennsylvania. I wish you the best Peter !!

Sending all my love to my favorite Cat Man !!!!!



Subject: Makeup to Breakup

Just wanted to let you know That I just finished reading your book and I Just want to say thanks. I have spent many of my waking hours for the last 3 days with my nose in this book. I have been a KISS fan since Rock and Roll over came out when I was 9. I am a drummer myself and have had some close calls with success. But nothing on your scale. Anyway I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this book and your brutal honesty about the things you have been through. This book was a birthday present from my beautiful loving wife. Who has supported my music for many years now. I hope someday I can have you sign my copy. Thanks for all the wonderful music over the years. I have a friend who also worked with Gene Simmons. His name is Wes Beech. He played guitar for the Plasmatics from New York. He also wrote and played on Wendy O' Williams solo stuff that Gene was producing. I think he shares your opinion of him. Next time we talk I'm going to get him to tell me some stories. He is now living the quiet life here in Michigan. Anyway Glad your doing Cancer awareness. Glad you fought your demons and won!! Thanks very much Your book is some thing to be proud of.


North Branch Mi. (born in Detroit, rock city)
PS I hate it when Paul makes out with himself. Blaahh
Subject: Hi Catman!

Hi Catman!!

I am reading your book and it just blows me away when it comes clear to me how u lived ur life..

Came in contact with Kiss when i was a small boy at 9 years via a cousin of mine who had all the records.  It for me as for so many others was true love at first site.

I don´t have to dig any deeper in what u guys have meant to me musically and personally, i believe u heard that a 1000 times.

So about 250 paiges into the book i,am stunned by the honesty and sensibility u give me, i cried during some chapters beacuse u really made me feel like u,re telling the truth i can feel it right in my heart.

My son who is soon to be 4 years old loves u and loves the songs u written and sings, especially Beth and Black Diamond ( I know Paul Wrote that one but it,s down into the bones your song) and he has his drumsticks and counts in one, two, tree hit it.

I just want u to know that u past on the legacy and that "the Catman" will never die!!!

God bless/Linus

Subject: Your Book

Dear Peter,

I just finished your book and completed it in three sittings...........I just could not put it down. I'm a lifelong fan and was very upset by the way you have been treated by your old pals in Kiss. But I do appreciate the integrity you have walked away with when it is all said and done. I also love the fact that you openly profess God as being such a big hitter in your life. God bless you and your family Peter Criss.


Subject: Thank You for Your Book

Dear Mr. Criss,

Thank you for your autobiography. My wife bought it for me for Christmas and I really enjoyed reading it. I have read the two other KISS biographies and I think that yours was the best because it seemed to be the most honest and down-to-earth. I especially enjoyed reading about your faith in God and how that has played into your life and work. Even in your darkest days you maintained faith in God. That is a great testimony to the power and grace of God. You are a phenomenal drummer and great artist. One of your best songs with KISS is "Hooligan." I love it! Great fills, great singing, and great playing by everyone in the band. I wish you all the best.

Sincerely, J. Gordon Anderson

Subject: Hola señor PETER CRISS

Que tal, Pete, mi nombre es Fernando Maravillas, y soy un gran fan de KISS, pero sobre todo de Ace Frehley y de usted, de hecho siempre he usado su estilo en mi forma de vestrir, si bien es cierto que no toco la batería, he puesto mucho empeño en tocar mi guitarra y sobre todo canciones que han marcado mi vida como, I CAN´T STOP THE RAIN, DON´T YOU LET ME DOWN y HARD LUCK WOMAN…

Solo quiero darle las gracias por haber tocado la vida de mucha gente como yo que lo admiramos, (con y sin KISS)…

Saludos desde la CIUDAD de MEXICO…

Espero algún día pueda visitarnos, aquí se le quiere y admira…

Facilitando la agricultura,


Subject: KISS Forever !! Followed the band since 71

Hey Peter !

Hope you are well. My name is Gus Cacciotti. Longtime KISS fan. I'm 50 years old now and when I listen to KISS songs especially going back to the heydays of Destroyer, Hotter Than Hell and KISS Alive ( best all-time live rock album).

Me and my buddies first saw KISS live in Sudbury, Ontario Canada way back in 1974. The concert was awesome. Cheap Trick was the opener too.

It was an awesome fuckin concert and we were all wired. The booze was flowing freely, pot smoke clouding the air and girls were getting felt up was a blast and loud ! ...the roof almost caught on fire in the arena.

The concert venue in an arena made to sit 6,500 was packed more than capacity and it made for a great intimate experience with the hottest band in the world ...KISS !! ...never forget that night.

Since then I seen the band 3 other of those times was to see the KISS reunion tour in Toronto so I can see all 4 original members again.

I have to admit, KISS is not the same without Ace and the one and only Catman on the drums. You guys made the band click and the distinct lead guitar sound from Ace Frehley is obviously missed. Hardcore KISS fans like myself can hear the difference without you and Ace in the band...the distinct KISS sound just isn't there even though the riffs and melody is there the sound just doesn't come out the same...not 100% anyway.

I remember me and my buddies were riding our bikes around the arena in Sudbury in 1974 and we saw the KISS caravan parked along the street and we started singing ' I wanna Rock n Roll all night...." and a window slid open near the back of the bus and a voice said ' Hey..thats not bad man..' and we can swear it was your voice or maybe Ace's voice. By the time we turned around the window had closed already.

That was my closest encounter with KISS in of those famous moments in Rock n Roll

I have a son who is in his 20's now. I brought him to his first KISS concert when he was 14 years old. It was great to see me and all the old rockers like me standing and singing to every KISS song during the concert and
my son standing by me singing all the songs too. Priceless.

Thanks for the memories Catman.


Subject: Your Book

As a long time KISS fan I just want to thank you for finally putting the truth out there. Much respect for you.

Regards to you and yours,


Subject: Your Book

Dear Peter,

I have just read your book for the second time. Man oh man what a ride. I laugh, I cried, I got angry. I did not expect to feel so many emotions,but then again I was reading the life story of a man and a band I have loved since I got my first kiss album in 1976. One of the happiest night if my life was when you, Ace,Paul-and Gene played in Sydney in 97 I site that I thought I would never see. The four originals in full war paint. Thank you so much for making one if my dreams come true.

I was so sad to read that you put a gun in your mouth. I just wanted to reach into the pages and give you a big hug. What away to start your book!

Thank you for writing your book and thank you for the enjoyment you have given me over the years with your music. You have been my hero since I was 6 years old.

You may not have the millions in the bank that Paul and Gene have, but you have got something that they will never have, and that is CLASS and you will always be able to hold your head up high and be so proud of what you have achieved in your career, and know you are loved and respected all over the world. ( even all the way down here in Australia ).

I wish you and your family all the happiness in the world , and I hope one day that I will be able to meet you and say G'day.



Subject: Your Book

Just finished his book,let him know he was right,it was the most honest book ive read,he did it with class but still made his point,i like the fact that he was so open about himself both good and bad,doc and the rest of the band of idiots are trying to put a spin on it,but its just rediculos when you here them,its obvious that peter hit them right behind the eyes,good for him,i wish ace would have done the same instead of putting the piece of junk out.


Subject: Your Book


Kyle Davis here in Columbus, Ohio. I met you in '96 in Las Vegas when I was living out there & worked for the MGM Grand...I know Ed...anyway, I recently finished reading your book & loved the way it read!! I had no idea you went thru such heartache in the band. So sorry. You are the sole reason I play drums to this very day!!! I'm now 46 yrs. & I bought Alive! when I was just 9 yrs. & that is still my fave album, which I still have...booklet included. I'm so glad you've come thru the other side with the love & light you portrayed in the writings of the book. God has definitely blessed you & that gives others a hopeful outlook in their lives, mine I'm speaking of actually!!!

Thank you for being who you are, more than a inspirational person that truly seems to give a damn.

God bless you & yours, Peter.



Subject:Peter Criss... My favorite KISS member, my inspiration for playing the drums

Hi Peter,

I'm not sure what the odds of you reading this are, but I thought I'd spill my guts, especially after reading your book and identifying with you. I've read Ace and Gene's books. Gene's was garbage, but I always considered Ace my favorite member. After reading you book and revisiting your solo stuff, I've got to say that your memoir struck me as the most real. I felt what you were writing, the same way I always felt what you were singing and playing. It's a fucking shame that Gene, Paul (and surprisingly, Ace) treated you the way that they did, but please take pride knowing that you inspired a 26 year-old to pick up the drums after seeing you guys reunite in 96'. You're a survivor, and I'll always respect you for how you lighted up my dark days. I hope to meet you one day just to have the chance to tell you this face to face. You're my hero, and the footage of you breaking down during Beth at Tiger Stadium will stay with me forever.

God bless you Peter,
Montreal, QC

Subject: Best Wishes

Hi Peter,

I want to let you know that you made me play the drums, at age 6.  When Destroyer came out I was a little Dutch boy and that album made me go nuts.   For years I begged my parents for a drumkit. But I only had the KISS records and an imaginary air-drumkit, but I could play all the songs.

Now I’m 42 and I’m reading your book, still play the drums (real ones) and my three kids are die hard KISS fans also ( the Peter and Ace era that is).

I want to thank you for all you did and still are, you rock!

Stay healthy and much love from the Netherlands.

Best wishes,


Subject: I'm grateful and thankful this season


On the eve of this Thanksgiving 2012, I am grateful for many things – good friends, great family, decent health, a good job, and all of my basic needs being met.

I am also especially grateful for having the privilege of meeting you and your lovely wife, Gigi, in Chicago this past weekend. Being able to spend a few moments speaking with you and have a few items signed was something I will always cherish. To my surprise, this was only just a prelude to the great weekend. The Q&A session, sitting at a table and being able to ask you additional questions and listen to your stories, as well as hearing you sing a surreal and memorable rendition of “Hard Luck Woman” was as priceless as it gets.

John Lennon stated that you should “never aspire to meet your heroes, they will always let you down.” I will have to respectfully disagree, because you lived up to every expectation I could have imagined and were more gracious than I could have conceived. You are a true rockstar and gentleman and the only “Catman” that will ever be.

Thankful and grateful,


Subject: Your Book

Just got done reading your book....I couldn't put it down. Now I know why you were my favorite member of KISS when I was growing up. God Bless!


Subject: Thank You Peter!

Dear Peter

I wanted to thank you for everything you have done, I am an Italian boy of 20 years old and I play drums looking at you, you made me come to this passion, you are my inspiration, thank you Peter, i love you, you are forever in my heart, God bless you!


Subject: Thank You!

Just dropping in to say hi!...I love u peter!...u changed my life!!u saved my life!!#thank you!


Subject: Peter's Book


I just finished your book and was really touched by your last chapter. Just keep your faith in God and all things will work out for His glory. Just remember that all things are done in His time frame not ours. Forgiveness will come,just keep strong and fight the good fight.

Keep up the great music and don't let anyone keep you from the music that comes from your heart.


Subject: Your Book

Hi Peter-
I just finished your book, and wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for writing it for those of us who always wanted to know more about you.

I have read Gene's, Ace's, C.K. Lendt's (my previous favorite) and others. I enjoyed them all, but yours feels the most honest and open to me. Thank you so much again for telling it like you see it, honestly and with real heart.

My best regards-

PS. Ha Ha, 1978, I was 9 years old dressed as you on Halloween!

Subject: U Saved My Life!

Just dropping in to say hi!...I love u peter!...u changed my life!! u saved my life!!

Thank you!


Subject: Thank You Peter!

Dear Peter I wanted to thank you for everything you have done, I am an Italian boy of 20 years old and I play drums looking at you, you made me come to this passion, you are my inspiration, thank you Peter, i love you, you are forever in my heart, God bless you!


Subject: Your Book

Just got done reading your book....I couldn't put it down. Now I know why you were my favorite member of KISS when I was growing up. God Bless!


Subject: Finished Reading Your Book

Hi Pete,

This is the first time i've done this with someone famous but here I go.

I've just finished reading your book and I had to tell you how moved I was. I have read Gene's and Ace's books but in no way do they detail so much behind the scenes goings on that you do.

I mean to say that I cant believe how badly they treated you and Ace. I've never been a huge fan of Paul and Gene from the get go, and I've been a KISS fan since the late seventies, but I've always loved the music. I've watched alot of KISS videos and doco's and such and I've seen how often Paul and Gene change their stories about certain moments in "KISSTORY" and how they're always the one's to tell the story, but anyway, to cut a long story short, I think you are the greatest drummer on earth and I'am so thankful that you have survived and risen above the bullshit of rock and roll to tell us of your journey through life. God bless you Peter Criss and may the rest of your life be filled with love and happiness.

Your Friend


Subject: Congratulations!


I want to congratulate you on a a fantastic and honest book, Make Up To Break Up. It was absolutely fantastic!!!!

I received your book as a Christmas gift and could not put it down and could totally relate to many of the challenges, trials and tribulations you had to overcome and experience.

I am a long time fan of Kiss as the first album I ever owned was the first Kiss LP which I paid $3.99 for and wore it out on my Phillips Sterophonic.

I saw you play 3 times in Toronto, twice in the 70's at Maple Leaf Gardens and Varsity Stadium and once at the Sky Dome during the Reunion Tour.

I have such respect for you telling your story with no fluff just the straight truth. It is not easy having to go back and open wounds from the past in order to tell your story. I have great respect for your strength in writing this book. At times it must have been very challenging and emotional.

I wish you and your family good health, happiness and future success.

Your biggest fan in Toronto!


Subject: A fan

I saw kiss the 1St time in 1979 when I was 12. You have been and still are the reason I love music and percussion . My 15 yr old daughter plays drums for Hollywood hills high school just outside of ft. Lauderdale due to her love for drumming due to her being exposed to guys like you, Neil Peart, and John Bonham, who I got her to listen to when she was just able to talk and walk. It's amazing that today it's possible to contact someone who I idolized 30 some off yes ago. Thanks man, you are a part of millions of us and our life memories. Thanks.

Dave Houston

Subject: Loved your Book!!

Got your book for Christmas !! Thanks for revealing the everyday antics of your crazy life. It's the little details that make all the difference.

Patrick (KISS fan since 1977)

Subject: the book is excellent!

Hi Peter,

I got the book for Christmas and have been in it now for a couple days and have to say bravo and thank you for sharing your story with us - hilarious, compelling, enthralling, exciting, eloquent even. Most excellent read.

Thanks "Catman"!!!!!!!


Subject: Just a word

Just wanted to thank you for years of entertainment , kiss was and is my favorite type of music . I know you hear this all the time but there is no kiss like the four original members , you guys are great together , and you were my favorite ( just saying ) thanks again and let's have some new music from you , ok ?

Just a fan named Dave!

Subject: Love your book

Hey Peter

Thanks for writing your makeup to break up book. I'm a major fan from back in 76. I'm 51 now and remember blasting your music and my parents getting so pissed off at me. They thought I must be fucked listening to these guys all in makeup. What makes me enjoy this book so much is getting to know you and the shit you went through. I read gene's book and that PRICK said that he gave you some credit for Beth because he wanted Kiss fans to think everyone contributed to the bands songs. He is such an asshole for that. Once again thanks for your honesty and may GOD bless you and your family.

Much Love Ralph

Subject: Thank you for the book

Dear Peter,

Thank you for writing such a great book. I was a KISS fan from the time I could put one of those tattoo’s on my arm. However, over the years, it became apparent that both Gene and Paul were not really very good people. I mean, every time you hear Gene open his mouth, all he talks about is money. I don’t see Paul as being any better. I’m glad you put into a book, what so many of us have thought for years.

Putting that aside, thank you for talking about men’s breast cancer. As a hospice patient liaison, I think it was such a great thing for you to do. Not too many men are willing to admit it, much less speak about it. I’m glad everything worked out well for you. I know hearing the word “cancer” made you really appreciate the small things in life, so much more.

I’m glad you are doing well. You were always my favorite member of KISS. I remember being allowed to stay up late enough to see you on Don Kirschners’ Rock Concert and a few years later, seeing you on the Phil Donohue show, when everyone thought you were homeless, and being relieved to know you were alive and well.

I hope that you are living your best life, and loving every step of your journey. I wish you and your family a very happy holiday season and a beautiful. Healthy New Year.

Kindness & Peace,


Subject: Wow!

I just finished reading your auto biography. I am so glad that you released this book. I am an original fan and I am not happy with this new lineup. Maybe if they didn't wear you and Ace's makeup. I mean for god's sake they even do Shock Me and Beth. Enough of the disco lol . Glad you kicked cancer's ass and are enjoying your life. Nice seeing someone in their 60's still learning about life. You are an inspiration. Long Live the REAL CATMAN !!!!!!!!!!


Subject: Thank you

Just would like to say thank you for all the good years you have dedicated and all the excellent music contributed by you over the decades. You are such a inspiration with your battle with cancer and the awareness for the disease. I saw you in concert in 96 reunion tour in St. Paul Minnesota the first time I seen Kiss live wow is all I can say I hope to meet you in person some day thanks again Peter and god bless you and yours this holiday season.


Subject: Happy New Year and your book is interesting

Hello Peter, the one and only Catman. I am just reading your new book, I must say you have been kind of straight and honest with your talkings.  The book has many interesting stories, do you remember anything about Finland`s gigs? You played here twice in 1997 and in 1999.  Your fans here in Finland would like to see you here as soon as possible, maybe somekind of club gig or meeting with fans would be so great in the future:).

I wanna wish you all the best and Merry Christmas to you and your family, and of course Happy New Year, hopefully it is successful and gives a lot of joy to you and your closest ones.


Hyvinkää city, Finland

Subject: THE Book

Got it in the mail late friday. Couldn't put it down. Finished it Saturday.

Thanx for writing it. I enjoyed a lot!!!


Subject: Thank You!

Hi Peter,

I don't know if you will ever really get this but I just read your book and I wanted to say thank you. I am about to turn 45 and I grew up loving KISS. I hope that one day I will be able to relate how awesome it was to bring home my first KISS record and listen to it on my little record player back in the late 70s. Your book brought back a lot of great memories from that era.



Subject: Ragarding Your Book

Hey Peter,

Before I go on, just to introduce myself, I'm 23 from Long Island NY (a practicing catholic like yourself) I play bass in a rap/rock band that I put together, I love doing what I do with the guys and we're working hard to get our music out for people to enjoy. I also am in nursing school and I work a full time job. I'm a busy guy but somehow after picking up your book, I was able to finish it in about 3 days. Your honesty throughout your book and your road stories made your work the best thing any Kiss fan could ask for. After all the watered down crap kiss has released over the years, your book was a breath of fresh air. It's funny to hear Gene and Paul apologists bash your book because while reading it, all I could think was "wow this makes so much sense"...on top of all that, you never tried to make yourself look innocent, you were straight to the point in your words and you never beat around the bush. I'd love to go on but I have to go eat early dinner and rush over to the hospital for class tonight. I just wanted to say thanks for being you Peter Criss and when you're in NY, I would be honored to buy you a beer. God bless.

-Patrick Quinn

Subject: Your Book

Hi Peter-

I just finished your book, and wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for writing it for those of us who always wanted to know more about you.

I have read Gene's, Ace's, C.K. Lendt's (my previous favorite) and others. I enjoyed them all, but yours feels the most honest and open to me. Thank you so much again for telling it like you see it, honestly and with real heart.

My best regards-

PS. Ha Ha, 1978, I was 9 years old dressed as you on Halloween!

Subject: Finished Your Book


I just finished your book and was really touched by your last chapter. Just keep your faith in God and all things will work out for His glory. Just remember that all things are done in His time frame not ours. Forgiveness will come,just keep strong and fight the good fight.

Keep up the great music and don't let anyone keep you from the music that comes from your heart.


Subject: NY book signing


it was so nice to meet you yesterday. You are the catman! I'm enjoying your book, and from what I've read so far you've had quite a journey. The world is a much better place with guys like you. Hope to see you tour again, maybe with Ace?? :)

Take Care Peter!


Subject: Greetings!

Dear Peter,

I can't believe that I am writing you at my age. First off, I have been a fan of yours and Ace since day one. I have met you and Ace twice back in the 70's in Pittsburgh, Pa which had a great impact on me. But one thing that I have to say to you I mean from the heart. Back in the 70's when the solo albums came out, yours and Ace actually saved my life. Let me explain. I was in the hospital actually knocking on death's door in an oxygen tent. My parents knew how much of fan I was. They asked the doctor if they could bring in a record player. My parents brought your solo album, they would always play I Can't Stop The Rain over and over again. That has always been my favorite song of yours. If it wasn't for you and Ace I would have passed away.

I thank you and God Bless.


Subject: Los Angeles book signing

Greetings from Los Angeles, Long time fan here Peter!

I was in fact lucky enough to have not one but two opportunities to meet you in the past when you were living in the south bay. We sat and talked at Poncho and Wong's and also at Tony Romas. You were so very nice to me both times and I have to say thank you all these years down the line. At Tony Romas I told you that I was close friends with Pat Lucero and you greeted me with open arms, offered me drinks and dinner, thank you so much!!! I was out on the second date with my now wife and I had left the table to go to the restroom and saw you on the way, we started chating and I was gone so long she came looking for me and finds me sitting with Peter Criss, I still remember the look on her face.

Thank you for your time and kindness Peter!

But this time I would like to ask if you are planning a Los Angeles book signing? Lastly I would like to thank you from one drummer to another for the many, many years of inspiration, thank you kind sir!

With Best Regards,


Subject: The greatest drummer kiss ever had

No holds bar and no doubt, you are the best drummer kiss ever had. You paid your dues and made the original band what it is and was. The other drummers are good, but do not have what you got which made KISS. Hang Tuff.


Subject: BIG fan

Peter I just finished reading your book and I have to say after reading Ace's (which I don't believe because he has no memory of the past 30 minutes no less the past 30 years), Gene's (which is according to his vision and world of make believe). I finally have read the true story of KiSS and I greatly appreciate that. I love the original band more than anything, and I do appreciate the current line up that carries on what the original four started. I am glad you are in a good place in life and have found happiness. You will always be the one and only catman in my eyes. I always thought your voice and songwriting was fantastic. I still listen to all of your solo albums frequently and always will. I think now that you have put your book out the fans know the real/true story and look at Gene and Paul in a very different light. You are a true gentleman, god bless.

By the way when your cd "all for one came out" I was the FDNY firefighter that gave you a baseball hat of my company and you took a picture of us wearing my helmet.

Thanks Forever a Fan of the Catman


Subject: Book

I just finished reading your book and I absolutely loved every page of it. Thanks for being so honest about everything. The way the book was worded, it’s like I could hear your voice reading me the words. You’ve lived a fantastic life.

Congratulations Peter!


Subject: Thank you!

Hi Peter!

I will keep this brief. I just want to say THANK YOU for so many years of great music and memories. I am 41 years old and Alive II was my first record.

I have had the good fortune of seeing you in concert solo and with KISS. I met you twice in the early 90s and you were so nice and signed autographs for me. I will never forget it. I still have signed framed pictures of you on my wall in my house. Your book is fantastic and I know it will be a smash hit!

I wish you and Gigi many many years of good health and happiness. You and your music has always put a smile on my face and you always sing from the heart. Your band was my Beatles. You were my Ringo Starr.

Take care and God Bless!


A Peter Criss fan for life!

Subject: hi peter!

Hi Peter

you are the person who told me hey play drums and i thank you for that.You were my original influence aside from John Bonham and Keith Moon.My dad just bougt me your book,one day I hope we could meet

Your follower,


Subject: Make up to break up


Thank you! May GOD bless you!!!

Big O

Subject: book-WOW-what a ride

Pre-ordered your book off Amazon, got it Tues, finished Thurs., thanks so much for getting it all down in print. I read Gene's book, I read Ace's, so I knew what was coming but still got plenty of shocks. Thanks for being so honest and letting it fly. When I have time I'll put a review of it in Amazon. Another book someday? I'd love to hear more details on all the recordings --including your own. Anyway, I know it must have been hard to decide what to leave in and what to leave out--I think you did a very good job of covering all eras of your life without lingering too long or skipping too fast over any one particular era. A great book.

Thanks again,

St Paul, MN STILL working on Shock Me

Subject: From a fan since '76

Dear Peter,     

I just finished your book about a couple of hours ago, and I had to slow it down or I'd have read it all in a single day!!!   I can remember your talking about writing it back in the late eighties, and have been waiting for it ever since, so it was great to see it become a reality. More importantly, it is a great book that is overflowing with honesty.  I loved it.  It was the best one (including Ace’s) because it needed to be said, and I needed to hear it, too.  It is what was behind Kiss that made the fans’ bond to the band so strong. Your remarks about the fans nearly brought me to tears.  The real fans love you Peter, and not just as a drummer, but as a person.           

I loved your “here’s the irony” remark to Gene!  You have always been the most sincere member with the fans (of the originals).  I’m an Ace fanatic, but he’s really stand-offish.  Ace was the perfect guitarist for Kiss, but you were also an irreplaceable drummer.  Here’s the irony now; you get to live your life as a normal person while Gene and Paul still have to be “members of Kiss,” (what a joke) and also meanwhile, deal with each other.  I’m sorry to hear about you and Ace, but I totally understand you. 

I hope you guys work it out. Everybody in my neighborhood thought that you and Ace were the coolest members of Kiss in 1977, by the way, not Gene and Paul.  

Thank you, Peter.  You’re the best.

“I was there!”


Subject: Book

Hello Peter Criss

I wanted to say that I have read your book and I thought it was really good. It has to be one of my favorite autobiographies I have read this year! It would be really great if I could meet you or get my book signed by you.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for putting out a book and making it such a great read!!


Subject: Book

Hello Peter Criss

I wanted to say that I have read your book and I thought it was really good. It has to be one of my favorite autobiographies I have read this year! It would be really great if I could meet you or get my book signed by you.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for putting out a book and making it such a great read!!


Subject: CAT MAN

Wow...think that's a dream come true, typing you while 32 years ago I was buying my first LP of KISS, Unmasked Although I'm a big KISS fan, the magic and the feelings of the early days just passed away The guys are nowardays doing right but nothing compares to those days I remember plugging my guitar at the end of the 70's trying to catch the vibe. Peter, you are the best drummer I've ever seen in my life Thanks for so much. Keep rocking !

I love you.

Carlos from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Subject: Book Signing

Hi Peter:

I've been a long time fan, in my early 40's. Played the drums for the last 20 plus years because of you. I missed your book signing in NYC wanted to know if you were planning to do any signings on Long Island? Just finished reading your book on my tablet, but would purchase again if you were signing. Great book, been waiting a long time to hear the truth from my idol.

All the best, Charlie

Subject: signing


Do you have any plans to do a signing In Grand Rapids, MI? It would be a honor to be able to meet you and have you sign your book! I’m sure its been brought up before, but any chance you and Ace Frehley could do a midwest tour???? That would be awsome! Most of us die hard Kiss fans would love to see you and Ace tour together again. Please give it some thought..

God Bless YOU and THANK YOU for being a key part of creating the greatest band in history!

Larry Hansen

Subject: Awesome!

So great to see the website back up and running - it looks great!

I hope there will be a "store" section sometime in the future where we fans can pickup some autographed items without worrying about authenticity. Again, it's great to have the website back!

JP PS I just ordered the book today!

Subject: the book is wonderful!

Hi Peter and Gigi

Just wanted to say it was wonderful to see Peter again in NY at the book signing, and that the book is really wonderful and whats best about it is that its honest and spoken in Peter's style, its not like something that someone else wrote in his own language.

Thanks again for all the great meeting experiences, terrific music and terrific book!


Subject: Great time in Ridgewood! Thank you!

Hi Peter,

Just wanted to tell you that I had a great time this past Wednesday at Book-Ends in Ridgewood, NJ... while standing in line I met alot of great Kiss fans! I've been a fan since I was 11 (in 1976).. and haven't stopped liking Kiss... I still love the original line-up and never will be anything like it again!

You were so friendly and personable ... I was the guy who asked advise on a 9-year old (my son Carter) learning drums... you told me to have him play the harmonica or trumpet... We just got his percussion kit .. so, we'll see how it goes... Hope to see you playing somewhere in the near future.

You are one of my favorite drummers!!!

thank you,

Rob - Bethlehem, PA

Subject: Fantastic book


Thanks for this book. Those Ace stories are crazy. I'm glad things are well for you now. I've known for a long time that Gene is a dick. You opened my eyes about Paul. I never realized all the crap and treatment you endured by him as well. The fact that they sabotaged your first 2 albums about made my jaw drop. How low can one go? I have even less respect for both of those guys now. The fact that you can still say thanks to them in your acknowledgments says great things about you as a person. My Kiss died for me back in 2000. I will never support their current version of imposter peter and fake ace. God love ya Pete. Looking forward to your next CD. Here's an idea. How about you and Ace do a real rockin album and call the band Kiss This?

With much appreciation,

Jason - Always a fan

Subject: The most BEAUTIFUL Book ever...and thats saying something

Howdy from Texas Peter,

I just read the most BEAUTIFUL book ever...and it's YOURS;you made me laugh so hard,and I'm still crying as I'm writing this after reading the last chapter you must have an amazing guarding angel with you.It's so beautiful the way you talk about God...I talk to God like that too.I LOVE all your albums, One For All is one of my favorites  I listen to it before I go to sleep at night I love all the songs and Whisper is one of my favorite songs.YOU are a beautiful man...very soon I'll be moving to New Jersey and I hope to meet You, would you  maybe do another meet and may freak out when you see who I am. Thanks for the laughter and the beautiful tears and I'm so sorry that you had to endure that much pain.But I believe all of that,just made you so much stronger.Thanks for everything CATMAN I can't imagine this world without you in it!

Will Always Love You,


Subject: Book

Hey Pete , Just wanted to tell you the book Is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!


Subject: Great Book


Just finished your book and went thru it in 2 days. Great story and thank you for sharing all your great times and bad times with me!!!! Because that's what it felt like; you writing to me as a fan!

To give you some perspective, I'm a 51 year old male fan who thought you guys where the greatest in my teen years. My wife and I have been married for 26 yrs and have a 25 yro son who is ok with KISS and loves the Detroit Rock City movie but gets a bigger kick out of watching "That 70's Show" to get a feel of what his parents were like growing up!!!!! I have never read any of your band mates books, and never will after reading your life story. I totally see the truth in the book. As a German/ Irish catholic I loved your epilogue and have many of the same feelings. Hope all goes well with you & Gigi's health & happiness. God bless and thanks for once again making me feel great & happy!!!!!!!

You are still touching people's lives.


Subject: Fan Apprecieation Thanks

i just want to say i met Peter Criss and his wife at rock n shock over the weekend and i was blown away,it was so great to walk in and be greeted by peter witha hug he not only signed my items but he also took the time to have a conversation with me and my brother like we were the only ones there that matter.he really does treat his fans great ,and his wife was unbeliveably nice as she snap photos for us and also had nice words to say thanks so much peter i hope to meet you again but this will be a memory that will last forever.


Subject: Meeting You

Meeting you at rock and shock on friday was the BEST experience of my life!!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!!!


Subject: Thank you!


I recently took my sons (Matt, 14 and Dan, 15) to the Rock and Shock event in Worcester, Massachusetts. We attended with my brother, Dan, and all of us are really big fans of your work with Kiss and your solo material.  

I wanted to personally thank you for your kindness and generosity. It was thoughtful of you to sign my son's vinyl "Destroyer" album free of charge, and to take several photos with us. To have my teenage children both comment about what a "nice guy" you are was refreshing. Too often people take for granted the kindness of others, and I would be remiss if I did not write to you to express my appreciation.  

For each of us, Friday night was a chance to meet someone that has provided us with years of musical enjoyment. Your respect for those who admire your work made this a great memory. 

Thanks again.   Jamie

Subject: Glad to see your site back up!

No matter who puts on your makeup, you are irreplaceable and missed! The original line up may have had issues , but it's the only lineup that is truly KISS. Stay healthy!


Subject: The Reason

Hi Peter

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that in 1977 when I was given Love Gun , you made a 11 year old kid from the Bronx want to play drums . Because of you I am still playing all these years later. Thank you for being a Class act when I met you years ago and thank you for Loving us, the fans as much as we love you. See you at the book signing on 5 th ave in Oct.

Thanks for Everything you have done...............John

Subject: Regards

Hello, greetings from Colombia Peter.

We are the Kiss fan club in Colombia, are our idol and inspiration, thanks for many years of rock and roll for all of us.

God Bless You.

Jasson - Kiss Army Colombia

Subject: October is Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Hello, Peter:

I am sure you get a zillion emails a day, and having grown up (graduated high school 1970) real music seems to have disappeared nowadays (in my opinion). I just wanted to thank you for telling the world about your experience with male breast cancer because it gives me a way to 'break the ice' with men who I talk to at the various health fairs here in lovely Portland, Oregon! YOU have made it easy to have conversation with them. THANK YOU!!!!!

I not only volunteer for Komen, but I also am (ten year survivor as of 10/6/12) an Outreach Volunteer for the Providence Medical system here in the Portland Oregon area. I also serve on the local (and original) Row For The Cure Committee (The Row For The Cure was started here in Portland, Oregon - and next year is our 20th ANNIVERSARY!!!! Just in case you aren't doing anything next year and want to be our official honorary chair person? Doesn't hurt to ask!). I am looking forward to getting your book when it is released.

Thank you again for helping me help others!!!!!!


Subject: Peter

Hey Mr. Criss,

My name is Bryant. I kind of feel like I grew up with you and your work. My mom now 50 grew up a fan and as a kid from 3 I was hooked and eventually I realized how music was my passion and release and now at 27 I’m a working solo artist. You bring that big band sound when you play man I’ve always wanted to tell you that, and your vocals are an inspiration from your work on songs like “Strange ways” to “Blue Moon Over Brooklyn”. I saw that you had a new web site and I really like it, and it gives me a chance to say thank you for the way that you have affected my life. I’d like to invite you to visit my new website as well at

Stay well, healthy and blessed.

My mom told me that she made you a pillow and a scarf around 79 I believe. She wanted me to pass that message along. Can’t wait to read the book.

Subject: Breast Cancer


Firstly, love the new site.

I really admire you the way you approached breast cancer and your support for breast cancer awareness.

An old school friend, actually my first girlfriend has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, she's only 39. Hopefully she will pull through.

Anyway, have fun! Still love your work with Kiss- especially Strangways . I love that song!

Regards, Chris

Subject: Hello from Amsterdam

Hi Peter,

My name is Lars, I'm a German guitarist living in Amsterdam. I am e-mailing you to tell you how big of a fan I am of the 'old' KISS with you and Ace! Ace was the reason for me to start playing guitar.

When I became a KISS fan (around 1985) the days of the original line-up were already over, but when I heard about the reunion tour in 96/97 I was so happy to get the chance to see my favorite rock band with its original line-up and I saw you guys perform in Frankfurt, Germany. That sure was one of the best concerts I ever saw.  Then I also saw you guys on the Psycho Circus tour when you played a  show in Utrecht, the Netherlands (then I already had moved to the Netherlands to study jazz guitar at the conservatory in Amsterdam).

Just this summer I got some KISS-books, and autobiographies (Ace's and Gene's) , etc and found out more about how the band worked internally and how things went down with the reunion tour, etc. and I have to tell you that I don't like the fact that KISS are now still performing with the original make-up and original show but with two guys that were not part of the original line-up.Nothing against Eric Singer or Tommy Thayer, but to me as a real KISS fan it's just wrong to have them wear your and Ace's make-up. When that went down KISS was over for me, I would not care to see them live in this line-up.

I listened to your Eddie-Trunk interview from 2004 and I am totally with you.  In that interview you struck me as one of the most down to earth and humble human beings and that really impressed me so much! I could really tell that you were speaking form the heart.

I can tell you that to me a guy's personality means at least as much as his playing, and you are top notch in both departments, this means a lot to me and I want to thank you for being the great guy that you are, and for having created what you have created, it changed my life!

I will definitely buy your book when it comes out, can't wait !

Peter, I wish you and your family all the best and once again want to thank you for all the inspiration!!!!


Subject: KISS Drummer

You are and always will be the only drummer in Kiss, To me Eric may put on the make-up but he will never be you...You are the real CATMAN......


Subject: Ace and Peter

Hello Peter,

My name is jeff. I just wanted to say I love and respect your music. You and Ace have really helped me discover how money hungry Gene and Paul are. I saw KISS in 2010 and was just glad to see them. But what kills me is that I am only 20 and would have never been fortunate to see the original lineup. My only hope is to read your book when it comes out, I've read aces and its amazing. Maybe I will be lucky to see you guys live someday and experience the real talent!

Subject: Hi!!!!!

Hi Peter,

I heard this interview you did recently about the current state of Kiss I just wanted to say that I totally agree with ya bro!!!! I think Gene&Paul are nothing more than money grubbers cashing in on what you and Ace helped to create I just wanted to let you know that I was a Fan back in the 70's and I loved you guys to pieces when I saw the Reunion Tour that was my Dream come true thanks for doing that!! I saw the Reunion tour three times each time I want I always felt great for a few days after to me kiss is no longer kiss I see kiss as Peter,Ace,Paul, Gene I feel bad for the people who go see them now they are getting ripped off!!!!

Thanks for speaking up for us I will never see kiss again unless you and ace are involved!!!!!!

Your Fan

Art Fralin

Subject: True KISS Fan

Hi Peter,

I 1st wanted to tell you that I have been a fan of your's since I 1st saw my 1st KISS concert in 1977. I know KISS always said that they are all about the fans...but it seems to me that you are the only one that stands behind that.

I wanted to thank you for all the years of music & memories....


Subject: The old stuff

Hi Peter,

I really respect your love for the music. I like the old stuff. I grew up in R.I. where I started listening to your early stuff. It was my introduction to rock music. The only thing I remember before that is my mom listening to Elvis. I still listen to Elvis. Love the Beatles. I was wondering if you ever met John Lennon or was that a little before your success? Couldn't think of anything cooler than to have a friend like you. I like the way you stand for what you believe in and didn't like the idea of selling out. You are a stand up guy from what I can see.

Jim Welsh

Subject: I want you little giant !

Hi Peter

I hope you´ll be fine when you recieve this e-mail.I´m 42 and I grow up with your music in KISS,only wanna tell you thanks for all these years,I play guitar and compose some songs. . . but,It´s realy difficult to dedicate 24 hours to the music.I´ve a family and my wife gets insane,she was detected cancer at the esttomago (sorry,I dónt know how said in english) and I made a promess. . you know what? I let the musicgo. . . and she´s recovering at all. . . I believe in God and I realy dónt know if was my promess or medicine. . . but She is very well rigth now.Peter. . . thanks to you and you got to know that you make me cry with lirycs like BLUE MOON OVER BROOKLIN. . . I dónt know what else to said.Just thank and if you recieve this mail . . . let me know that. Kisses to you and all the people you love.From Argentina. . . one more fan.


Subject: Hello

Who would have ever thought back in 1977 that I would be sitting here today writing to you. The ripe ole age of 12 and my 1st tryout for kickline was to a KISS song!!! Loved you all back then and still do at 43!!!! Thanks for the music. It got me through some dark times.


Subject: Hello

Hi Peter,

I've been a life long KISS fan and I'm still a huge fan of yours. I'm looking forward to your new CD and we need to see you in Canada! I have All for one and I love it, so keep up the great work. You're the original, the best. Your drumming style on all of the classic KISS songs is evident and makes those songs stand the test of time to this day. I also wanted to say I really enjoyed the article in 40/74. You look amazing, at peace and are a true rock star.

Take care and I can't wait for the new CD.


Subject: hi peter!!

Over the summer I discovered KISS, and over the summer, I have become obsessed with KISS. My opinion is you are one of the greatest drummers who ever lived, and although I think you were one of the only truly talented members of KISS ( the others being Ace and Paul, Gene is more of just a showoff) I've come to learn about and love all of you, and I can't judge any of the replacements because my mother has always told me, don't judge who you don't know, which is true, as much as I'd prefer you and Ace, I can't judge Tommy nor Eric because I don't know them and have never seen them in concert. However, that does not change the fact that you are amazing, KISS has inspired me to embrace my creativity and be unique, you guys have showed me that it's ok to follow my dreams and be myself, and for that you have my thanks. I love listening to your music, it helps me work harder and faster to achieve my goals and inspires me for various drawings. My mom thinks your a musical genius too, and she's not much of a KISS fan, in fact, I discovered KISS on my own, with the help of the internet. Neither of my parents like nor listen to KISS or you, no one in my school does either, at least not as much as I do, thats for sure. I even have a KISS backpack!! Well, while I'm typing, I might as well mention that we have the same birthday, I think thats really cool. On December 20th I'm going to turn 13.

Oh and by the way!! in my middle school we have a project called Worlds Fair and Im hoping I will get History of Rock and Roll for my project, I want to pay tribute to the REAL rock bands, no, not Panic! at the Disco and not MCR, I'm talkin' about The Beatles, KISS, Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister, Franki Valli etc. ( I was raised on oldies music and continue to love it) during my project Im gonna try and get together an Ace Frehley Dynasty costume for my outfit for that evening ('cause I think that costume is really prettiful :D ) and if I can, I'll try and get my friend to put on your makeup, 'cause you and Ace are totally awesome, dude!!!! Well god bless you and I wish you a great life!! Bye bye now!!!

Subject: "Peter Criss on the drums!"

How I long to hear those words again! I truly wish G&P would come to their senses and bring back You and "Ace Frehley - lead guitar!"

As far as I'm concerned, they're DONE!

I hope this finds you doing well and I hope to see you doing some appearances SOON!

Yes, there's only ONE Catman!

And there's only ONE Space Ace!

God Bless You and Your Family!


Subject: Fan from way back


I remember the first time that I saw you guys. It was on (I think) a Paul Lynde halloween special; and you sang "Beth". At that moment I was hooked and bought the single, every birthday a KISS album was the present I wanted (Dressed to Kill was my first). I'm 45 now and still love the "old" KISS. After you and Ace were gone I stopped listening to the "new" stuff.

Gene is a pompus ass who's strictly interested in money. YOU were in love with the dream. I wonder what's next for them... franchising KISS? Asian KISS! Mexican KISS. Kind of like "The Wiggles" franchising a Manderin version of themselves. At the current rate I imagine that they just put ads in the paper saying, "Drummer needed. Must fit into costume". KISS has abondaned being a band and instead is a brandname. Who the hell wants a KISS toothbrush? It cheapens the entire story of how you came to be. It died for me a long time ago, but I still have the albums that you were on with Ace. Nice memories. Thank you for them.

Liam McKay
West Palm Beach, FL











Hey Peter,

My name is Justin and I'm 14 and i've benn playing drums for less than two years. I've been a KISS fan since I heard about KISS. But I'm also a Peter Criss fan. When I started listening to your jazz, you inspired me, so me being in the school band, I auditioned for the school jazz band... and made it! I beat my friend whos been playing for 9 years. I like rock n' roll better than jazz but not by much. Keep playin your heart out and I'll play mine!

From a huge fan,

P.S.: You used to be good frinds with my uncle from back in the day.

Subject: Wazup Catman

Hey Peter

you are an awesome drummer i always admired your drumming Hey catman what if you and Ace Frehley make a band i mean you guys are the best it will make people really happy to see you guys play.


Subject: hi

hi peter,

my name is ken and im 41 years old and have been a diehard fan since i was 12, i have heard in interviews where fans have said your music changed their lives, well i have to agree, when i was 12 i saw some guys at school dressed up like you guys and i bugged my cousin till he gave me a 45 that had detroit rock city on it and i played it over and over until i decided to flip it over and there was beth and i was hooked, i believe up until that time my favorite band was the bay city rollers so i can definately say you guys changed my life lol. i know beth is most fans favorite song but alltime favorites was hard-luck woman and also by myself off your solo album. i loved your last album and still hope to catch you on tour or at an appearance cause ill never give up on my dream on meeting you guys in person and to shake your hand and thank you for rocking nearly 30 years of my life so far.

keep on rocking



hi peter

first of all there will be no grammar in this message. my name is cory faraci iam from winnipeg manitoba canada i m 40 yrs old and a drummer and italiano.i play in the busiest and most popular cover band in my city(whoppee) just kidding its alot of fun except i also hate my bass player haha. i have met quite a few famous drummers in my time but 100000 years is what made me want to play live i had wanted to be a famous drummer as well and am and had the talent but s**t happens and became a father instead  which i do not regret so now i still get my kicks playing for 3 400 people and play every weekend i am not a starstruck person but i found your website and bought your interveiw video and besides me not being famous we have a lot in common i dont want anything from you because although not a famous drummer i do very well in my other career and i just wanted to say that KISS would not have been what is is if peter crisscola was not behind the drums and also your personal song writing it was the thing that took KISS to the top besides all of the glam i mean what was the biggest hit hmm could it have been beth but really black diamond hard luck strange days and on are some of the most powerful songs kiss ever had and although eric was a good drummer he could have never brought what you did to the band .....ah gene.....ahem.....i know your a busy person but i would relly like to correspond with you personally.

best regards your pison


Subject: The Day Has Come

I knew that one day I would have a chance to communicate with a founding member of KISS, and who better than Master Drummer Peter Criss!!! I love it that you are so into your fans. You Mr. Criss are AWESOME!!! My brother Nick and I have been a KISS fan since 1977 at the age of seven when I discovered KISS. Peter, your music is the best of the four and you (and we and many, many fans) know it.

In awe of your many talents,

Ray Curtsinger

Subject: Greetings Neighbor!

Hey Peter,

I live in Bergen County and even though you're a fairly long distance from me, it's still cool to know that the (REAL) Catman and my all time favorite member of KISS is my neighbor! I won't bother getting into everything that happened with Gene and Paul because I can't possibly add anything that hasn't already been said. I just want to say that I'm glad you're doing well and that you're still writing music. Maybe one day, you'll see fit to collaborate with Ace on an album. That would be phenominal!

Anyway, maybe our paths will cross one of these days which would totally make my day! In the meantime I just want to say, God Bless You and Gigi and keep rockin', Peter. You're the greatest!

Justin J. Rivera
Fairview, New Jersey

Subject: Peter Criss


i want to tell you, kiss music kept me going. As a young man i was told i have a bone disease that will eventurly keep me in a chair. that was 30+ years ago.. i says thanks to you because i loved the big sound of your drums, my parents bought me a set CB700 5 peace.. well 30+ years later and a few bands later I'm still standing and giving it to the old lady..she says thank you..hehe.. thank you thank you..

i dig the old stuff from kiss and will hope that the EGOs of the demon and star child see the light. God bless you Peter and thank you for giving me a reason to get up in the morning. you are my Hero..
Denver Colorado..

Subject: The Truth


This is my first time writing. I have been a fan of Kiss having listened to the music since the very first album was released in 1973. For the record, I believe there is always going to be bad blood and disagreement, even between the best of friends. The fact of the matter is Peter, Paul, Ace and Gene are Kiss. There is no substitute. I stopped seeing Kiss when you and Ace left both times. I have the utmost respect for all four of you and will always remember Kiss as the four original members. That is where the magic came from and still remains.

Thank you, take care, and God Bless.

Loyal member of the Kiss Army till the end.

Respectfully, Jim From Muncy, PA

Subject: Saluti from Sicily,Italy to Mr. Peter Criss.

Hello Mr. Criss,

I'm writing to you from Palermo,Italy. Thank you for being a part in my life. I was born and raised in California, but was forced to follow my parents back to Sicily at the age of 13. I am now 41 but still attached to my past, to the USA and especially to you and to the Kiss group.
Very honored to make your acquaintance one day, please accept my kindest regards.
Grazie, Angelo Militello.



peter I just want to remind you that always be the only cat who knows how to play drums in the world and despite that the dream I know you do not comply will always be my favorite drummer in kiss.


Subject: Congrats


Just read the interview in 40°70°. All I gotta say is deserve every bit of the wonderfulness that is your life.

~ Frank

Subject: Fan1

Hi Peter,

im 12 years old i have been a fan for a while and you are the reason i have started playing the drums i still pretty new at them but im working hard and hoping someday ill be as good as a drumemr as you are!

Subject: Nice memories

Dear Peter Criss,

Recently I’ve put some of my LP’s on compact disc and there I saw suddenly the solo album you’ve recorded in, I guess that was 1978. Actually it was one of the first records I got. I remember that I first was a fan of ABBA, but than I saw ‘I was made for loving you’ on TV and I became -like lots of little Dutch boys from Amsterdam- a fan of Kiss. I guess it must have something to do with the cats my parents had in those days, that I liked catman the most, so my father gave me your first solo-album for a birthday or so when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I always played that album for a year or two, at last I knew exactly were the scratches were on the record. Than I became a fan of Stevie Wonder (children aren’t much faithful, ha! ;-) ), but I kept on playing your record now and than until I was 21 or so, than I brought all my records to the garret. Quiet obviously I have many, many memories on that album you’ve made so it was really a nice surprise to find that album back and putting it on a compact disc, with all it’s scratches too, ;-) . Now I’m 37 and playing your record (in the mean time on a compact disc) again after all these years was like a journey back to my childhood. For many reasons my childhood wasn’t always fun, but listening to your and others music certainly was. It also was a great and nice surprise finding out that I still know all the lyrics with that difference that nowadays I know what I sing along about! Later I served through the internet and found your site and I found it a nice gesture to write my memories down, so I just did and I hope in understandable English, I find writing in English difficult because this language is not my mother tongue, but I find it worth it and at least you understand more of these lines then if they were dutch-spoken, ;-)

Many greetings from Amsterdam and it was nice having the opportunity writing these words!

Sincerely, Olivier Mouwe

Subject: Destroyer the new Peter, Ace, Vinnie and Bruce project

Hi Peter,

I'm 42 years old and I was a great Kiss french fan in the fall seventies. 30 years after I rediscover all the albums I did not listen for years.
And I dream, not of a Kiss reunion, but of an ex Kiss members reunion.
Why don't you create a NEW band called "Destroyer" or "Love Gun" for instance ?
The drummer/singer would be Peter Criss
The Guitar player/singer and bassist would be Ace Frehley
The second guitar player and bassist would be Vinnie Vincent
The Third guitar player and bassist would be Bruce Kulick.
And let's dream of a good set lit!!!!
with songs written by you, Ace and Vinnie from all the areas of the band + solo albums!!
3 hours show!!!!!!!!
Thank you for this next project. I hope Ace, Vinnie and Bruce will agree this new deal

Best regards

Hubert Allusson from Bordeaux (France)

Subject: Saludo de Fernando desde Argentina.

Peter: mi nombre es Fernando te escribo desde Argentina tengo 32 y soy fan de Kiss desde los 15 mas o menos quería contarte que toco la batería hace algo así como 15 años, y que la verdad admiro mucho tu forma de tocar.

Tuve la oportunidad de verte en vivo en mi país en los años 97 y 99 y la verdad fue una experiencia maravillosa.

Mis respetuosos saludos para vos y tu familia.

Subject: hey

Hey, how're you doing from New Zealand. I'm Michelle, 37 and my kids love your music too. Keep it up (the drumming too, ha ha!)


Subject: KISS is a Cover Band

Hi Peter,

I simply had to write to you and say how much I agree with you about the so-called 'new' KISS and the imposters playing yourself and Ace Frehley. I believe you entirely. I think the way that Gene and Paul are disrespecting KISS fans around the world is very, very disappointing. It is NOT KISS without Peter and Ace, that's the bottom line. You may remember Gene once saying, many years ago, how he wanted KISS to be like The Beatles. My question is this: can you imagine The Beatles without George Harrison or John Lennon? That's why Paul Mcartney has never revived the beatles, because it wouldn't be the same. My point exactly: how will it ever be KISS without you? You know what I hope, Peter? I honestly hope Gene and Paul come to their senses and give the fans what they want. A final tour with the REAL KISS. I will wait for the day when Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace come back to Sydney, Australia as KISS.

You're a true legend Peter and a very honest man,

God Bless,

Subject: Hello From Branson , Missouri

Hello Peter Criss;

I have been a very big fan for several years. Now my kids listen to Kiss and all of your singles. I have been a Deputy Sheriff for the past 17 years and I would like to say anytime that your close to the Branson Missouri area please zip me and e-mail and I would be more then happy to show you around. I know that you get many letters like this daily and you can’t answer them all. You and your family take care and God Bless.

Dan Luttrell

Subject: retire the band it's not a business

first and only email Im an Artist but I just want to say I read an article stating Kiss should go on
you know without Bruce, Carr...Ace, or Peter...kiss is not Kiss America knows the truth Europe is cool but

Europe doesnt care about band history... they dont mind like American fans do...

Bill Aucoin was such a better manager...

my distaste for this current kiss is great and Im not interested anymore

alot of the True fans that have remained cause of Paul will leave if a new kiss without any originality

a show for new members This is Why they arent in the Fame and probably will never be

PETER make an article

doc mcgee said no Peter and Ace no Kiss now he supports a totally non original kiss

Subject: Hi

Hello Peter,

I have be introduce to Kiss about 2 years of ago from my new husband. He has been a Kiss fan since he was about 8 years old.I would like to say, sorry, I missed all those GREAT SONGS and TOURS. I have listen to all the records you guys have and I have been blown away. I just wished you had been on the radio more. I came from a very small country town and the radio was all I had. I have just finished the Biography off Kiss. I love every minute. I can tell that its was a long and rough road. But you guys still ended on top. Also have to tell you that I have a 5 yr daughter. She is crazy over the CAT Peter Criss. She can recognize anything anywhere thats you or Kiss.

I will be getting the new music from you and I hope you have a good book (I read something about you writing one) out there.

God Bless and Be Cool

Donna Garrow

Subject: Hi Peter

Been a fan of yours since 1975 or so. Was just 7 years old. Hope all is well with you and your pretty wife . Take care .

Greg Estrada

Subject: Greetings from Germany

Hi Peter,

I just hope that you are fine.

Lots of Love


Subject: hello.

thank for you music,35 years listen to kiss.

from chile


Subject: Catman!!!

I just wanted to say thanks. It was you and Ace that made the KISS sound, and made me want to play drums and guitar since I was 15. I'm now 48, and have been playing guitar (thanks to Ace and Les Paul) and drums ever since thanks to you (and Gene Krupa). They can put make-up on anybody, but they can NEVER replace the REAL members that made KISS what they WERE!!! I know you have limited space, but I attached one of my Krupa/Criss inspired solos. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep the faith.


Subject: Happy Father's day!

I just wanted to wish you a great Father's day Peter!!

Always a fan

Subject: Peter & Ace...The best!

Hey Peter…..

All the best to you and your family. Last time I saw you play was the Bad Boys Tour with you and Ace in Detroit. Sure wish you and Ace would hook up an tour guys rock!!

Roger Sibilsky


Subject: Masspequa 1975

Hey Peter

I was born in Amityville and raised in Massapequa, after 10 years of being in Germany as a traveling musician, I am back in 1975 I guess I was 2 or 3 and my 7 year old brother and our neighbors had all your albums. I was hooked on rock and roll and hooked on you right away. I still can not get you, your voice, your drumming or your tunes out of my head. I am thankful for what you've done to say the least.

I hope you are well and your health is great.

Love, your fan
Matthew John Cutillo
Amityville, LI

Subject: The "New Kiss"

First, let me say there is only ONE Catman - and that's YOU!!!
I have MY opinion on G&P's "new Kiss" but it would take too long! lol! I'd love to hear YOURS.
Hope all is well!

Rock On Catman!!!

Dotti Jones

Subject: hey peter

hi Peter

im juuso 13year old boy and im from Finland im love playing drums i have a pearl drum but im wanna DW but i have not money. my pearl set is good. you ar best drummer in the world and its amazing if you came Finland be cause is 9year kun you ar here but Peter you rock!!!! t.Juuso GOD BLESS..

Subject: hello peter criss

hey peter

this is zachary ripple and i have been a kiss fan for a long time and i am a big fan of you and you are the best drummer of all time.well i am thirty two year old.and i live in beckley wv .and getting married in june 28.we are having the song forever play at our wedding.. your song beth is my favorite too. looking forward to hearing more songs from you in the future.

one of your biggest fans,

Subject: Rock on Catman

Dear Peter,

Just wanted to say that you are my favorite. I used to dress as you during our high school fall festival.My high school friends were all KISS fans so we all dressed like you guys, and put on a performance.Lipsincing of course.But I had to dress like Ace, since my cousin was a real drummer.Those were the days.Anyway I pray the best for you and your family.Stay happy stay real.

Love ya man,


Dear Mr. Criss,

Kiss sucks without you and Ace. Eric Singer is the worst drummer ever and Tommy Thayer can not play guitar for his life. Why don't you and Ace get back together like in 1995. I would rather come see you and Ace then Kiss.

James Hofrichter

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