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Subject: God Bless

Hi Peter and Family,

I am a fan of yours! The first time I heard KISS ,I was amazed..The first song I heard was Beth....It was beautiful...still is..I know your life was hard..And I am glad everything is going good for you now..You have a wonderful family..I know sometimes you do not get a "thank you" for all you do...and I just wanted to say ,thank son is going to be 5 soon and we listen to you in the car. He loves to jam...!!!!

Many blessings from God to you and yours!

Just a fan,


Dear Peter Criss,

My name is Russell, I am 7 years old, you are my Favorite and you are the best drummer in the world. my favorite song is you got nothing to lose and Beth. I am going to dress up like you for Halloween. I am sad when I see you cry I am your best fan you rock I am going to join the KiSS army soon, when I save enough allowance money I really love KISS.

Love Russell

Subject: hello friend

I can remember when I was 4 or so my sister bought me every kiss record. I am now 34 years old and have been playing drums for 16 years now. Thanks to you of course. I have always wanted to meet you and just talk with you. I have so many questions...Like what you thought about Eric Carr (RIP) and just wanted to let you know that I am no longer a kiss fan. The reasons are plain and very simple. The moment I found out they put Singer in your trademark make-up infuriated me to no end!!! I cant stand that guy (I can play circles around him) Anyways I shouldnt sit here and bash the guy.The only kiss is Peter, Ace, Gene, & Paul. And yes in that order!!! Well, gotta go I just wanted you to know you are appreciated by the true fans...The PETER CRISS FANS!


Subject: you rock

yeah kiss rocks...that means you rock ..this is not mitch this is his friend brandon

Subject: drumming!

Hey Peter,

the crucial link between Charlie Watts and heavy metal drumming, your style (like all of the original Kiss) is so musical, the Ringo Starr like dynamics, it's a shame that since the 80's drummers all started to sound like machines. I am an accomplished guitarist myself, classically trained, but it was Kiss and specifically you that made me want to take up music. You are flat out my favorite drummer. It's so sad that Paul and Gene have let their personal agendas interfere with what is an almost scary Beatles like chemistry between you four. It would seem like they would understand that something as special as that should take precedence over whatever anger and resentments there are. And they should have just paid you and Ace! They're like those curmudgeonly sports team owners that don't want to pay their players. There are alot of rumors as to what you didn't play on the classic Kiss albums. (and even as a kid I thought the drumming on Dynasty was boring, I'm glad that's not you!) I have a very good ear and can tell your style, (I have always maintained that's you on "Rocket Ride"!) but it would be nice to hear it from the Cat himself.

God Bless you Peter

Mr. Shannon Mehaffey

Subject: Authenticity

Dear Mr Criss,

Firstly, thank you for widening my musical tastes with your music over the years. Secondly, I appreciate your forthright manner, your heartfelt nature and your honesty. These are wonderful character traits, and they obviously serve you well.

I spent Friday night in the company of one P.D Frehley at the Astoria, London, England. Please pass my congratulations to him, for putting on such a fine show. I attended his Hammersmith Odeon gig in 1987, and, if anything, his playing and showmanship has improved with time. Only one thing could have improved the gig and that would have been your voice on 'Strangeways'.

Please also let Mr Frehley know that his show was as exciting as the last gig I saw. This was by a little known English band by the name of Led Zeppelin, in December 2007.

God keep and bless you both.

Subject: Hi Peter

Hi Peter!

Being a KISS since the 70's and my first ever concert being KISS on the "Destroyer" Tour, I just have to say thanks! Thanks for being such a huge part of my life! No matter how much Mr. Simmons has tried to destroy the memories ( and wallets!!! ) of the true long time fans with his megalomania and greed, the original 4 were the single greatest musical force in my life. When you guys came on it was as if I had been invited into the halls of Valhalla to have a personal audience with the Gods. It was that intense for an 11 year old back then!!!! Gene and Paul may have been the focal points if you will but you and Ace were and always will be the quiet cool of that Fab Four - without a doubt the 2 coolest guys in Rock 'n' Roll!!!!!!

Keep pounding Catman!

From a fan,
John Graham

Subject: Fan for life

Hi,my name is Matt. I am 36,and grew up listening to the original Kiss. I've always been a Peter Criss fan. Back when I was 5 in 77,I had PC posters and puzzles.I love playing drums too.Went and saw the Kiss reunion tour here in Atlanta,Ga back in 96. You rocked! Recently bought Cat Tales because I always wanted to know your feelings about Kiss. My opinion is you weren't treated fairly.Should have had my of your songs on the Kiss albums.Always told my parents that when I grew up,I wanted to be "just like Peter Criss."


Subject: Yep

Yep I turned 45 back in Jan., how old does that make you now ? Can't remember when I wasn't a big fan. The posters of you and kiss covering every wall of my parents paneled basement. It started around "73" after I got kiss's first album. Wish I held on to them, think my son got most of them. Those were some of the best of times.

Anyway thanks, as a kid I idolized Jesus, Bobby Clark from the Phil. Flyers, and the great Peter Criss. None of you let me down.

Your the man , thanks Pete


Hi Peter,

I'm a long time fan of you and KISS. I'm a heavy metal,hard rock drummer, i'm 43 years old. I started playing drums at 8 years old only. I was inspired by you Peter when i heard your drums solo in 100,000 years song on ALIVE. Along with NEIL PEART of RUSH, the late COZY POWELL and CARL PALMER of E.L.P./ASIA fame and finally IAN PAICE of DEEP PURPLE.

You Peter are one of my top 5 drummers listed below that influenced me. I have a DW drums set a hot rod red ones consist of two bass drums "26", 3 floor tom 15,16&18, 4 toms 6,8,10&13 a picolo snare a "metal" snare. The hardware are DW "CHROME" 11 cymbals includes a selection of " splash", "crash", "power crash" ,two whuan china, all made by SABIAN.

I saw you for the first time on the ALIVE/DESTROYER TOUR in april 1976 at the old MONTREAL FORUM you still whore the ALIVE outfits at that time, i saw you again on the LOVE GUN & DYNASTY TOUR always in MONTREAL. I saw KISS on THE CREATURES OF THE NIGHT IN 1983 and in the non-makeup era. But in1996 when you got together, i was really happy with that reunion tour. I saw you in the ALIVE/WORDLWIDE 96-97 , on the PSYCHO CIRCUS TOUR , on THE FAREWELL TOUR 2000 all in MONTREAL . The last time i saw you with KISS was on THE WORLD DOMINATION TOUR 03 without ACE.
I recently got your new cd and it's pretty good. THANKS PETER for enjoying my life since i was a kid,since i got "ALIVE ",33 years ago.


Subject: Hi Peter

Hi Peter

how are you. My name is juuso and im from finland im13year old im call drums like you. you ar best drummer ever. its amazing if you come finland because i want to see. but you ROCK!!!!!

God Bless.

Subject: miss you.PETER C.


kiss finally kiss will have some consert in Norway,but kiss aint the same whit out i will miss are and will be the greatest.take care.




Dear Peter,

I'm an italian fan of your band: KISS. for me Kiss is just the band with you, Ace, Gene and Paul. I like so much Paul's voice , and I also like a lot Gene, but without Peter and Ace, is not the same... anyway I respect KISS without you and/or Ace, but they aren't "glam".

I received your last album today, I will airplay it like the others album that you made in the past.
Many many thanks for your Music and Your Style.

Raimondo - Radio Anydaynow

Subject: Hi Peter

Hi Peter

My name's Brandon and I'm 14 but I've been a really huge fan of you and Kiss since I was 4.Just want you to know you are my equal favourite member with Ace and you are a real hero of mine.I loved The Cat album and One for All was a very heartfelt album.

It is also nice to see you believe in God and you're not ashamed to admit it.It would be a real honour for me to meet you.

That's all thanks Peter take care.

Subject: hey peter my name is catherine please read its a fan letter

hey Peter

im a huge fan of kiss and of course U! i am 13 yrs old and i am a huge fan! And the fist time i saw the band kiss was when my dad showed my me "kiss meets the phantom of the park" AND I LOVED IT! well any way im a huge faN AND I SAW YOU AND PAUL AND GENE AND ACE live in tour in 2003 and i hope to see u guys go live again! because that was the coolest! i really like the closeup of gene when he spit blood and i loved it when you were passing out those roses and i hope to get one next time you guys go on tour ! i hope it will be soon!

you've inspired me alot since iwas very young and since i was 7 ive been taking drum lessons so one day i can become as good as you! thanks for reading this!!!

your BIGGEST FAN Catherine O

Hello Peter,

I just want to start off by saying what a fan I am of your work! I've sent you an email before but that was before I listened to your latest album. I'm quite taken away by the personal appeal you've given to music. I really wasn't a large fan of rhythm and blues fan, and originally bought the CD because I'm a fan. But you have given me an appreciation for this type of music that I thank you so humbly for. Many of the songs reminds me of old family times that are long gone. During Easter break I found myself in my room listening to you CD, I especially like listening to in while it's raining outside! "Whisper" is such an impeccable song! There are a others I put on top of my favorite list but I'm very curious about your song "Space Ace." Along with you, I'm also a fan of Ace Frehley and actually went to see him in concert when he came to Baltimore. I'm curious on what he's thought of this gesture you've made. Obviously you two have a bond of friendship that's sustained through out the years. Good times and bad. This song is quite touching. When writing it, did it take a long time coming up with the right words to say and express? Sorry for the questions, it's just that I haven't seen too many artists in your field that dedicate songs so astoundingly to former band mates.

I wish only the best for you and your wife Gigi and your other friends and family. Keep it up!

-Casey Jo, Baltimore MD

Subject: kiss

Peter ;

I was always a great kiss fan but whit the new spaceman and catman they better stop whit kiss .

A catfan from the early years from Holland .

Ps nothing to lose..there is more than kiss the new kiss I mean.


Hi Peter,

I always liked your approach to playing drums both in the context of a song, and playing your solos: swing meets rock. Hopefully Ace made some room for you to play and/or collaborate on his upcoming solo album. Wish you and yours the best in all your endeavours!!



Dear Peter,

my name is Jimmy Owens, I am a Pastor of a small Baptist Church here in Lynn, NC. I came across your wed site while just surfing the internet and began to read some of your quotes and how often you mention God and your love for him. Back in the mid seventies me and my buddies began listening to Kiss and became fans for alot of years. After your breakup it was never the same, and as I began in the ministry my life took a little different turn in music. But anytime I could I would get online and see what my old friends from the seventies was up to. You were always one of my favorites. You guys deserve to be in the hall of fame. I am glad to hear you are doing well and you have a beautiful wife. Stay close to God for He will always stay close to you. And oh by the way my oldest son is a big fan, with all of the crazies out there these days it makes you guys seem alot saner than people used to think. Well I just wanted to say hello and to tell you that I will be praying for you, stay close to the Lord and you will never go wrong.

Thanks for the years,

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