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Subject: hi Peter!

Hi Peter!

How are you? I'm Jorge from Chihuahua, Mexico. I just want to let you know that I'm one of your biggest fans since I was 6 years old (in 1975), now I'm 38, I grew up with KISS in my mind and will die with you in my heart. Thanks for the great moments, your music, and for keepeing the spirit alive!


Subject: for peter

thanks for one for all very very very....thanks for your album one for all.

your "doesn't get better than this" and "last night" and the very very super "what a differnce a day makes" and the "send in the clowns" and the "whisper" and " space ace".sincere album very beyond of that of too superficial Paul that ci indeed brings something has musichushed up favourite web for a long time.thanks dont stop this is too good for the music.I would have preferred your photograph on the case it parries me more commercial but me few deceive me.still one thousand thank you and to go on in this way.

p.s.:I wait with impatience for your 2 next album

Subject: life

Dear Peter:

I have been a kiss fan since 1976, i first seen kiss on the Paul lynn show Oct. 31, 1976 and have been a fan since.

I was inspired to play drums after watching you play what seemed to be that endless set of pearl drums.

I recently watched the newly released kissology 2 and i was saddened by watching it. I wondered what would kiss had become if you and ace never left the band. I know that you wanted to go out on your own and make music for yourself for your own needs, but the magic of what kiss was is something that no one will ever be able to duplicate.

I wish that the four of you would once again get together and suit up and give the world a taste of that magic that once was, bring a new flavor and new outlook of music and rock n roll to end the kiss legend like true heroes and let past feelings subside, let the kiss spirit ride off into the sunset with the four original members that gave us that shock and awh, kiss, we wanted the best, we got the best, but the best can't be without you.


Subject: You're great and I absolutely LOVE your voice

Hi mister Criss,

I'm always listening the same album these days over and over again and it's you're new solo album "One for all". I've always LOVE your voice and I can feel that this album is really coming straight from your heart. The lyrics, the way you sings... man it's magic! My best song is "Memories", it is an amazing song!!! And it's a great album cos you're 100% sincere in what you're doing, you're not doing it for the business and I thank you so much for that. In a couple of years from today, I will still listening to this album cos is it so sincere, it touches me straight to the heart, you're voice is amazing!

thank you mister Criss.


I like Eric Singer a lot as a drummer but when I watched the "Rock The Nation DVD", sorry but this show has no soul, no spirit. It is a cold show. But when I watch Kissology 1 shows, man it rocks ! That was the REAL time, I mean when you guys still has something to prove! You were hungry! and Peter Criss was the man on the drums back then and no one can steal that from him, no even a good drummer like Singer!!

PJ from Canada

Subject: Greetings from Germany

Hello Peter,

I bought "One for all" last week and was well surprised of its musical content. Thank you for sharing some of your personal moments and meanings of life, all of them being packed into a wonderful, warm sounding production. Please don't let some of your former bandmates turn it down as they're having a hard time with themselves.

Oops, I have to log off...-my black cat is begging for some food...

All the best wishes to you and your family, from Germany,


P.S.: How about a club tour overseas? Please, you're welcome!

Subject: My Drumming God

Hi peter

my name is Jason and I live in santa rosa california,im 38 years old and grew up on kiss in the 70s,I can remember putting those 8 track kiss albums in my friends parents stereo on saturdays...You inspired me to drum and I still play today.You are probably the most accurate drummer timing wise to date, and the new kiss kissology proves it. Hope this email reaches you...Dude you are the drumming god!.......


Subject: To Pete

Hey There Peter,

Just a fan here with a few thoughts on the state of Kiss. First off I came across your site only recently feeling nostalgic with the recent release of Kissology Vol.2. After hearing your radio interview on your site, I felt the need to drop you a line and say that I totally agree that Gene and Paul's treatment of yourself and Ace showed not only a lack of respect, but also shows how greed and the need for control can really hurt the ones around you that you care about.

It's ironic how Paul felt that you wouldn't be able to cut it because of questions about your age/health when Paul himself is dealing with multiple hip surgery, and recently Gene when under a weight loss plan, and plastic surgery, of course with Gene everything that goes on in his TV show could be a money making gimmic, but my point is Gene and Paul should hardly have been casting stones at you and Ace.

You and Ace should have been more respected by the Kiss organization, and not so shamelessly casted aside, replaced or treated as secondary members, Gene may have initially started Lester brought in Paul then you and Ace, but the four of you together are what made Kiss, without you and Ace it's just two shameless marketers running a legendary name into the ground.

Much love, and God Bless you and Ace.


Subject: You rock!

Dear Mr. Criss,

I have been a Kiss fan since I can remember. Though I wasn't around in the 70's I did however see you live on the Farewell Tour in Knoxville Tennessee 4/30/2000. I have fond memories of that show and was thrilled to hear you sing Black Diamond, which is my favorite vocal you ever did. I became a Kiss fan before that show, when I was given a copy of Alive on Cd for Christmas one year. Your drum solo on 100,000 Years, I thought was awesome! You and Ace are my favorite members. Your guys' contribution on the early Kiss records made the band rock and give it the balls and the edge that the songs needed. You and Ace provided the musicianship as well as the show (no disrespect to Paul or Gene though, I like them as well). I was glad to hear you release new music this year and that the songs had a maturity and showed an autobiographical point of view.

Thanks a lot and keep rockin!

Brandon Napier

Subject: Great music

Hello Peter!

I hope everything is well with you.

I bought your new album "One for all" last week and it's still in the CD player of my car! First I didn't know what to think about it, I know that much about you and your previous albums that I didn't expect it to be anything like Kiss, but I was still a bit surprised. After listening to it a couple of times I like it more and more. I didn't think that this was my kind of music but maybe it's because I'm getting older (ore more mature as I prefer to say). Thank's for getting me into this kind of music! One of my favorite songs on the album is actually "Send in the clowns", first of all you sing it really well but I also see an ironic symbolism when I think about the clowns in make up calling themselves Kiss nowadays... I can't wait to hear your coming Swing and Rock albums I've heard about. Please don't let us wait for too long! I've also heard that you are becoming a grand father so I don't blame you if you have more important things to do right now than recording albums. Congratulations all the way from Sweden!

Best Regards,


Long time fan of you and the original Kiss.

Subject: Peter!!!!!

Dont mean to bother ya, but Ive been a Kiss fan since the late 70's when Id sit in my garage & listen to your records over and over . Anyway, even after being a fan for most of my life Ive just now seen a pic of you without you makeup -- and man are you handsome! You should never of hidden a face like that - WOW!

I just wanted to tell ya that!

Take Care,

Ms Tere Clark

Nashville, Tennessee

Subject: a fan of yours

Dear Peter,

Just wanted you to know how much you have influenced my life. I started playing the drums at age 12 when I was exposed to KISS Alive II. (Of course I picked drums as my instrument because I loved cats and you were the cat! I guess that is the brain of a 12 year old.) But I am still playing semi-professionally today at age 41!

I wanted to also express that I think it's extremely lame that you are not playing in the band and that someone else is wearing YOUR makeup!!! Like I wouldn't know it wasn't you up there on stage! I refuse to go to any more KISS concerts or buy KISS products if the original members are not benefiting. I don't care who's idea it was to originally come up with the idea of KISS. It's not the same anymore without the original members including ACE. It's just a business not a band.

Good luck to you and keep rockin'!

Rhonda P. in Portland, OR

Subject: i dont care if you post this on your site i just wanted to email you and tell you thank you for everything

my dad has always been a KISS fan and when i was little i remember he would play me your songs and every night i would fall asleep to you singing Beth. not only did your music help me when i was little now that i am getting older i am one of the only 19 year olds i know that are just pretty much in love with everything KISS has ever done. listining to your music has inspired me to sing and i still listen to Beth whenever i have a free second in my day.

i know you probley get these emails all the time but Peter you are my hero and have helped me through so much in my life and i wouldnt be here today if it wasnt for you and the whole KISS band.

so once again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

forever your fan,

Megan Chambless

Subject: hi peter

hi there

im a girl from sweden and i must start to tell you that i love al about kiss and you:D i have been told by my mom that even before i was born i was kicking around in my moms stomach when my dad played o cd with you guys. the greatest song that i know is "Beth" and i have been singing it since i was a little kid... ok im not so much older just 21 but i tell you that ive been a fan since i was just a baby:p i dont know if it is true that you wrote it for your wife once time but thats what my dad told me and i just love it:) i was there when you was in stockholm when you guys was here to play both -97 and -99. first time i was just 11 years old and that was the best day in my life i must tell you. now when i write this im listening to your new album and its great:)

so thats was my letter to tell you how much i love you and the band:)

hope everythings is great with yuo all:)

thanks for everything!

Desirée from

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