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Subject: Hello there, Peter

Dear Peter,

I have loved your style of playing ever since I was blown away by Destroyer ( my first ever Kiss album that I got at age 13- I'm 32 now), and I also think it's awesome that for whatever the detractors and the naysayers may say, no one can deny that the first sound on the first Kiss album is the opening beats to "Strutter." I've heard and liked your playing outside of Kiss as well ( used to own a copy of "Criss",but it was damaged during a recent move).

While anyone can say that you're a good drummer, or irreplaceable as the Cat Man, I really wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your sincerity. In this world of "bling", it's nice to find that someone that's been around still appreciates what the fans have given him. I think you're a pretty cool and approachable guy,and the world's better for having you. Like other Kiss fans, I really wish that you'd (the 4 of you, of course) be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. You belong there, you deserve to be there. At any rate, thanks for bringing Kiss into the life of this (former) 13 year old,and god bless, my friend.

Robert Finnerty

Subject: Hello
Your drum playing is AWSOME!!!

Subject: Just a Note to Say Hi from Oakhurst, NJ


Just a note to say hi from a fellow Monmouth County resident. I live in Oakhurst – just about 10 miles up Rt 35 from you. I remember lots of my friends in grammar school back in the 70’s (here at the Jersey Shore) being big Kiss fans. I was always more of a Yes and Emerson, Lake and Palmer fan, but always admired the Kiss creativity and enthusiasm. Regardless, thanks for all the good music, and I hope I can get a chance to meet you some day when I’m “out and about” with my family!

John Oltarzewski
Oakhurst, NJ

hi peter!

i am not a realy huge fan of kiss, although i do believe you and ace were the backbone. There is something "special" that i could not put a finger on but without ace the band has no kick. I believe your voice was a gift peppered on those albums. I just dont know if there is a harder kick ass song than hooligan. Again ace's basic but cool and fitting riff and your voice...perfect kick ass rock and roll. It has been a while since i heard the first albums, what other songs have you sung on. There is on from one of those first that i thought was great but cant remember and would like to pick up the cd.

thanks much all the best to you and yours

Subject: KISS

hello petter criss

i m a big kiss fan
my name is marco schrüfer,i m 16 jears old.
i play guitarr and i have a school cover band of KISS.

My englisch is not perfect.

Subject: Beth

It was great to find your website. I have been a lifetime KISS fan and had the opportunity to take my 4 year old daughter to see your Fairwell Tour several years ago in Knoxville. Her name is Beth and of course I had been rocking her to sleep to your solo her entire life. I had seen KISS on multiple occasions and when I saw your stool being carried to the front of the stage, I made the announcement to her that "it is time". Before I knew it, my boss had picked her up and somehow made her way to the front of the stage. During the song you were kind enough to give her a rose and she stayed for the next song during which she got a guitar pick. Those items now rest with our ticket stubs in a special shadow box shrine at our home titled "Beth's first concert". When I asked her what she thought about KISS close-up, she simply replied, "their giants". How do you follow KISS and Aerosmith? She's 8 now and she still lights up when I talk about what a special night that was. I would love to get an autograph for her to include with our other memorabilia. Thanks for the memories and our special song.


Subject: Peter Criss

Peter Criss

Thank you so much for being such an inspiration! I'm not a drummer but I am a musician. Your music has this very passionate appeal that draws people closer. During and after KISS your voice reaches out and touches anyone who listens. I hope you an your family is all well! Keep up the great work! I admire all your dedication to the music world!

-Casey Jo: Baltimore, Maryland

Subject: hi peter

Hey peter,

My name is Kelly and I'm 18yrs. old from Asbury Park New Jersey. I didn't know it until a few months ago that you reside in jersey as well. That's awesome!!! Just wanted to say your the reason I play music every day ... the way you play your drums and your music of Beth and Hard Luck Woman is perfect! Your very talented !!! ....

I saw Paul in Short hills mall, and I'm seeing Ace in Atlantic City for his tour....
Maybe in the future we'll bump into eachother... maybe at the windmill? ? ? lol

Hope all is well!! Keep rockin and rollin !!!

Hope to hear from you !!!!




hello peter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mi nombre es Maria EliA soy de buenos aires y soy fanatica de kiss desde los 15 años,hoy tengo 43.tU FUISTE Y SERAS mi favorito,junto a Ace.Kiss no existe ni existira sin ustedes Gracias por tu musica tanto en el grupo como solista.Gracias por tener este correo para poder escribirte,TE DESEO LO MEJOR.Feliz cumpleaños,Feliz año nuevo,Feliz Vida,PAZ Y AMOR,HASTA SIEMPRE.

Maria Elia Chaca.Buenos Aires,Argentina

Subject: hey pete!


Hey I’m an old drummer from Delaware. I’m 42 right now and learned under Dick Kenny, who I think was from the Broncs. Anyway, you r d’man!

You have no idea what you have done for me. You probably get this all the time I know!

I have a 17 year old son who started watching you when he was… no lie, 4. You, drums, kiss and hockey were his dream.

I will have to show him this site.

I just cant believe that I can actually email you.

This has made my week!

God Bless you,
Nick Pettoruto

Subject: greetings from Belgium

Hello Peter,

I live in Belgium, and used to be a Kiss fan from the late 70ies up until '81 - it was my cousin who introduced me to Kiss, she was one year older than I and somewhat more mature in certain respects I suppose :-)
Kiss was world famous back then, but it was a very black/white situation, much controversy - you either loved them or hated them. A lot of people couldn't take the make up and high heel boots, and blood-vomiting and fire-spitting thing very serious, but on the other hand a lot of people thought it was great fun and a great show.

Anyway, as a young teenager I was easily impressed, and you guys were something like Gods to me - on top of that with all that make up and costumes I guess I really thought you were some kind of super heroes :-) .. I recall I was stunned when it was announced that you, Peter Criss, the Cat, were going to leave the band !! What a shock to a 14 year old boy :-) !!! What would become of Kiss without the Cat ??

Well I realize now, many years later that you're probably just a "normal", "mortal" guy living somewhere in New York, just a musician who became famous playing with a great entertaining band, and that you probably left Kiss because you had professional reasons to do so, like doing what was your own thing etc, but in those days it was for me like the end of an era - the Cat left the band !!

... well after that it wasn't the same ... I also think shortly after Kiss decided to perform without the make up - which actually made them look (and even sound) like most other "hair" bands (guns 'n roses, bon jovi etc ...) so I switched over to being an Iron Maiden fan until I grew out of "loud guitars" music when I had my first serious girlfriend - serious girlfriends hardly ever like loud guitars - too "macho" for them :-)

But I never forgot Kiss as it was during the "old" days, and I like to remember the band like that ; I saw your photo on your website, and I know what you look like now, but I hope you won't mind that I also remember you as The Cat - the superhero who was so well painted on the covers of "love gun" and "destroyer" by artist Ken Kelly.... as a matter of fact I was, like everybody else, very impressed with the demon/vampire act of Gene Simmons and very wild about that, but somehow somewhere I think that deep down at heart I was a great fan of yourself and Ace Frehley, and you were the ones I wanted to know all about - you both may have seemed to be the most accomplished musicians to me, despite one bandmember stealing all the show (you're a capable drummer, a good singer also with that special raspy voice - "Beth" is a great song ! -, Frehley is a very good guitarist, and I would like to add that Paul Stanley is a great vocalist also, in some ways he was the "voice" of Kiss for me); I also recall that a friend of mine once put on the make up of The Cat, and it was very impressive. ... So you see, sometimes people who put on Kiss make up DID want to be Peter Criss ! ... well everybody would imitate Gene Simmons, being The Cat was much more interesting and intrigueing !

So, what this e-mail comes down to is this : Peter, I damn near worshipped you when I was 14, and I'm glad to see that you're doing well and continue to make a living out of music, and I just wanted to say "hello Peter" and "thank you for being The one and only Cat"; you are not forgotten by this old Kiss fan here.

Warmest and kindest regards,


Subject: Hey, kitty!!

I just wanted to say hello and that your birthday is really close to mine (December 30). Also, I read the official KISS biography and someone made a comment in there that you really like that true? Anyway, that's all and I hope you get this because I like cats too.

A KISS fan,


P.S. - Keep on drumming, thunder drummer!!


Hi peter

my name is mike and i have been a fan since 1974 i am 41 years old what you havgiven the fans words can not describe and your music is out of this world i just wanted to thank you and say that there will never be a drummer that will do what you have done and that has given the fans so much



I LOVE YOU! You are in my dreams every night ever since I saw you in 1975 in El Paso,TX!!I wish you were here by my side hugging me. I can't stop listening to ANY of your music. I taught my daughter everything she knows about KISS and of course all about your amazing self. Oh Peter, when I see you on t.v. my heart melts! Hope to hear from you very soon!

your absolute #1 fan

Subject: Thanks!

Hi Peter -

just a short e-mail from a fan to say thanks. Thank you for all the years of rock n' roll and keeping it real. I had the privilege to meet you and the rest of Kiss a long, long time ago (1974) when you did a show down in Asbury Park, NJ. It was in a tiny place named the Sunshine Inn. We made the trip to Asbury and ran into you guys on the boardwalk.

The way you guys treated fans made us know you were something special and as teenaged boys, we really looked up to you. You took the time out to talk to us, sign autographs and so on. I know you don't recall this, but we do - you guys gave us a phone number and said "hey its our production company, call it and tell them you saw us here". We did, and even after the band got bigger, we would call and Rock Steady would hook us up with kiss buttons, the occasional backstage pass, posters.

On a return date of yours to Asbury Park, we even climbed up the side of the Empress Hotel, having seen you guys go in there - stupid kids, ya know - and we were tapping on the window and someone named Gloria, possibly your girlfriend or wife? saw us - Instead of having us tossed out, you invited us in and we watched you guys on ABC's "In Concert".

No one at home much believed we sat in Kiss' hotel room with the band and watched them on TV, not that we cared much what anyone believed.

No matter how big the band got, you always had time for fans. I don't think you guys ever forgot what it was like to be that kid in the first row, singing along, knowing all the words, each chord, and each drum roll - anyway, I just wanted to let you know about a couple of days and nights you probably can't even recall but that left an indelible imprint on a kid's life!

Thanks for all the memories!

Dear Mr. Criss:

First of all it is an honor to talk to you. I had a thrill of meeting you at the Palms Casino in 2003 and we had a group photo taken. I was with my mom in her 70's and she said you all made her feel like a teenager again. Actually, even a photo of her and Gene together made it onto the Kiss Symphony poster that was in the limited edition set. I also had a few words with your wife who is very nice.

I had a question for you. I just tonight watched the old Donahue show and I must say you were spectacular on it. I think it was despicable what the tabloids and those people put you through. Condolances also on your mother. My question was do you know what ever happened to the person that impersonated you? I think he was so wrong in doing what he did, but actually was more angry at the woman that was on the show accusing you of other things and bold faced lying. But, after watching the show, I can't help but wonder if that imposter passed away, did finally get his life on track, etc.

You are a great man Peter. Not only are my fondest memories growing up wrapped around your music, you were a God to me then and I admire you so much now... but, one thing I have learned about Peter Criss is it isn't about the money, the talk, the fame... to you it is about making a difference, doing what you like, and most of all what stands out most is how you feel about family.

I think you are one stand up guy.

Tim Hotchin
Victoria, BC Canada

Subject: HERO

I'm 41 yrs old and, I have been a fan of yours and KISS from the beginning. My first concert was in 79 DYNASTY in Cleveland Ohio. You guys sold out all 3 nights, I was 12yrs old. My mom took me, my brother who 7yrs old and my best friend. We sat on the side of the where Gene stood and it was awesome. New England was the opening act and it was the greatest time ever. My brother was chosen to sit on the side of the stage on the cases near Genes stuff was located. He got sticks from the drummer and you gave him a rose during Beth. It was such a thrill for all of use. Then we where chosen to go back stage to meet you guys, we all got passes and everything. So we went down to go see you before the show and we told that you guys were not ready yet, and that we would have to go back after the show. That wasn't problem because just getting to meet you guys was the best thing that could ever happen to us. We rocked out the show and couldn't wait. Finally the show was over, we all looked at each other and said here we go. As we were shown to the back, security came out and told us we couldn't get back to see you because you already left the building. Talk about heart broken and a let down, THAT SUCKED. Still a loyal fan and always will be. I've followed you from the beginning of your leaving KISS in the 80's. Seen you in Cleveland on your solo tour I was never able to meet you. Meeting you would be the greatest thing ever. KISS IS NOT THE SAME WITHOUT YOU. The chemistry you guys have is untouchable. Youhave a curtain sound no one can match. You and KISS has been a very big part of my life in growing up. I thank you so much for the memories and keep rockin' those drums. Your fan forever, take care of yourself.

Chuck Dalton

Subject: hey

Hello Peter,

Just wanted to let you know that you are my favorite memeber of the original KISS and that you and I share the same birthday. Hope all is well with you.

Peace & love,

Subject: you touched this father's heart


I have been a fan since 1975. I saw the real Kiss several times with friends, then my girlfriend (later my wife) and then on the comeback tour with my son.

I have met several famous people - Muhammad Ali (I'm a big fan), Mickey Mantle, Wilt Chamberlain, Ringo Starr, Ace.

But the reason I send this to you is that the highlight of meeting famous people is the time myself, wife and 8 year old son met you outside Chicago at a KISS fest before the reunion. We went so far as to knock on your hotel room door and you came out signed some things and took a picture with my son, and some some nice things to him. You touched this father's heart and gave my son a great memory.

thanks and God bless

Subject: Is there Gonna Be a Tour for the new Album ???


Two big fans of yours just heard your new album (AMAZING) !!!

Is there gonna be a 2008 tour ??

This message has been sent to you by........

Andy Alcorn & Glee Boozell
Round Lake Beach, Ill

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