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Subject: Happy Birthday!

I Want to wish you a Happy Birthday Peter! Hope you have an Awsome one!

John-Kiss Army Missouri Division

Subject: Happy Birthday Peter!

Hi Peter!

Im writing to you to send my best wishes for you 62 birthday :)

Mi name is Dario im from Argentina and i got 18 years old. Im a big KISS fan since my 8 years, unfortunately i never see you in KISS

Subject: Happy Birthday & Merry Kissmas


Happy Birthday & Merry Kissmas to you and your family And Happy New Year 2008... Thank You for allowing me and my very good friend The Cat Man/Dave to be your fan of the month.

Have a wonderful Birthday & Holidays...

God Bless Luv. Karen

Subject: love the new CD!

Hi Peter,

I just wanted to say that I really love your new CD and I'm glad you followed your heart and made the record YOU wanted to make. Your voice sounds just as great as ever and it's such a treat to hear honest music for once. "Send In The Clowns" gave me chills! Don't ever listen to the nay-sayers! Follow your heart!! You are the reason I play music today and I know I'm just one of the many lives you have touched with your art. Thank you for making this record. It came along at just the right time!

I hope you have a great birthday tomorrow and a wonderful Merry Christmas!

Love, Dave DeMarco


Dear Peter,

i am a 12 year old boy and i think you are one of the best rockers of all time. you are right when you said that you don't play music for the money. you are a great drummer and i think i am going to name one of my kids after you and SHOUT IT OUT LOUD.

Subject: CATMAN

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND ALL YOUR WISH COME TRUE.I MEET YOUR WIFE AT A HARTFORD CT.CONCERT SHE IS VERY NICE.My pic was even on your website because I was painted up just like you.I never had the chance to meet you but I always wanted to maybe someday my wish will come true!

Subject: Birthday Wish

Mr. Criss,

Even though I have followed your career since you started, I feel that I can not call you by your first name. You are the measuring stick by which all rock-n-roll drummers should strive to be like. I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday and I would also like to send my wishes for God to continue to Bless You and Your Family. Thank you for all that you have contributed to my youth and that you are contributing to my adult music collection.

The "Real" Catman Forever.......keep rock'n and keep writing those memorable lyrics.

James L. Farquhar Colorado City, Texas

Subject: thank you

Dear Mr Criss,

I wanna say only very big THANK YOU!!! The album "One For All" is amazing!!!

Best wishes Marko Tallinn, Estonia

Subject: NEW FANS

hola peter,

te escribo desde sudamerica, mi pais es chile y quisiera que supieras que te admiro como persona y baterista, ojala este mail llegues a leerlo y asi poder convertirme en una fanatica mas de tu exitosa carrera junto a KISS, si puedes contestame este mail para saber si esta bien el contacto, besos para ti, CLAUDIA

Subject: Merry Christmas

I just wanted to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas. The first concert I ever went to was Kiss on the Dynasty tour in Biloxi MS, The most vivid memorey was when you sang Beth and me and my cousin had made it to near the stage on your left. That song is one of my favorites of all times.


L.D. Harrison

Subject: You are the best!

Criss Hello!

How is that? I have to acknowledge you and how unique you are and how well they play the drums. You are the best battery in the world! I look forward to viendote in action much longer. A greeting from a large fan.

Ezequiel Rosado, from Spain.

Subject: hello peter

hello peter

my country is colombia, my city ibague,

kiss is my favorite band, hard luck woman my favorite song, and you the best drummer in the world. thanks peter for you'r music.


Subject: Merry Christmas

Dear Peter,

Just wanted to send some Christmas Cheer to my favorite musician. I have been a huge fan for over 30 years (i was in the audience at the Garden in 1977). I just recently purchased "One For All" and I am always amazed at your artistic range....It's fantastic. Please keep the great music coming!

Hoping you and Gigi have a happy and healthy Holiday!

God Bless Alison

Subject: kiss

Dear Peter

i am 10years old and ever since i heard "beth" when i was 6 i loved KISS i thought they were the best band ever. My favourite was you and ace my only wish is to see you form up with paul and gene 1 more time for a few concert's! that would be AWESOME.

Peter you are the best Jazz drummer ever and your solo's rock!!!!

Have a good one mate!

Subject: Fan Mail

Hi I'm a 14 year old boy sending you this message.You are a good drummer for Kiss. My cousin Christan is a huge fan of Kiss .He is about 10 years old ,and you're his favorite band member.Thank You for giving my cousin someone to look up to.


Alex Shiu


Dear Mr. Peter Criss,

You are the best drummer in the whole world.I am a drummer myself I am in the seventh grade band at school and in the band room there is a nice blue drumset that I always play on. At my house I have a drumset I play and I am really good at it. One night at my house I put on black makeup to look like you. My dad went to two of the KISS concerts and he got a T shirt of KISS on it then he gave it to me and I love it. I have the first KISSology DVD set it is awesome. My mom isn't really a KISS fan, but I am your biggest fan ever.I was going to be Peter Criss for haloween but I don't know where to get a costume at that is not that exspensive.

Your Biggest Fan


Trenton Hicks

Subject: done wrong

dear pete..

hated to hear how u and ace were done by your former band mates. glad to hear u r moving on.listening to u since i was 5 and u never fail to impress me. u r a legend! your live performances were always right on. you r an inspiration to all.not a day goes by that i dont listen to something u have done and in the hell does he keep that up. drum solo's may be old news but yours r still some of the most technical i have ever heard. in my mind you will always be the "hottest drummer in the world" hands down! love ya!!!! keep on roll"in!!!!!! mike

Subject: Hi Pete,

Hi Pete,

I'm Nick from Belgium and I'm a Kiss fan since a was only six years old. (I'm 33 now) I liked your recent "One For All"-album very much, because it is the most personal album that you've ever made. I hope to expect new material from you soon.

Thanks for everything Peter (with or without Kiss) and God bless you and your family.

Subject: Yo PETE...


How r u bud Its so awesome 2 email My name is Wayne and just like u im also an italian drummer HEAVEN HELP US ... I just wanted 2 say thanx for the many songs u recorded with KISS... Im a huge fan and u inspired me 2 play the skins ... Mi amico grazie per molto annis en musica... Tu e primo PER SEMPRE... Of course i had 2 speak italian 2 ya ... Take care your biggest fan WAYND DRAGOTTA aka KNIIGHTWULF

Subject: Hi Peter! You Are One of My Idols

Hey Peter,

My name is Kameron and I am a HUGE fan of yours. My favorite rock band in the world is KISS! You and Ace have meant so much to me. You guys were the true rockers and it is great to see you in all those classic concerts on Kissology. I am a musician in a band called "Hardly Gone" where we mix in a couple KISS classics like Love Gun (my favorite KISS song) and Detroit Rock City! Let me just say it is an honor to play those songs that mean so much to me. Thank you for all your years of wonderful music with KISS. Also, I just wanted to say that I am obsessed with "One For All". The whole album is amazing especially "What A Difference A Day Makes" and "Last Night". I can't get enough of it. Thanks for the new album. Well I just wanted to stop by your site and let you know what an influence you have been in my musical life! I really hope to hear from you. Take care and thanks for all the memories and the music!


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