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Subject: drums

hey pete

i love your music and kiss. i have a drum kit a pearl with a 18 inch crash and a 20 inch ride i love drums , rock n roll. your best song you sing would be hard luck woman i love that song all the origonals of kiss should do a reunion tour that would be awsome and come to brisbane because i live in brisbane . i went to there latest gig 'alive 35' it would of been way beter if you and ace where there that would be sick .i heard your a christian i am too . im guessing you live in america if i had a chance to fly to america and meet you i would even though i hate flying i would .ive seen your drum kits on your web site and i love your pshco curcus drum kit and your 1980s drum kit , the yellow on it is awsome .i would love to meet you hopfuly i do.

from austyn god bless

Subject: Hi Peter!!!

Hi Peter!

Always wanted to send Kiss a letter, since I became a fan in 1996, but never did. Peter, I love your drum solo you made Donnington, November '1996, which I saw on a video many times. That's really impressing! My friend and I like you a lot, specially, after we first saw the MTV Unplugged. Thanks for being back in Kiss for the time you did.

Fernando Heinrich de Souza


hey pete

You rock man...hope all is great for you. thanks for making me dream when i was little, the dream never stopped and now my son is into you.

your the best,

your friend Dennis

Subject: KISS World Domination tour of 2003

Hey, Peter

it was such a joy to see with Paul and Gene in 2003. The best was though seeing you sing "Beth" live. I am watching the KISS Antlology 3 as we speak. Black Diamond is on right now. I saw the best and enjoyed the best. Thank you, for giving us one helluv a show. I love KISS and will always love KISS no matter what.




hi pete

i am diego i am 15 years old and i am from ecuador i am the drummer of the rock band of mi high shool and yesterday we won a prize!! when i hear kiss i was amazed with the drums specialy in god of thunder and black diamondbut when i hear to your voice in beth i was amazed to beacuse you sing bery good i just wana tell you THANK YOU for make me rock and make me hit very strong the drumms i think that you are e very special person for your problem but that is pased and you get up and continue your life that is a very good example for me i only seen you in pictures in the internet or in my dvd´s and would like to greet you but i think that is not posible you are like my hero beacuse you are the gratest drummer i ever heard or seen and peter dont feel bad about kiss you will alwas be te CAT MAN



Subject: Fans Speak

Dear Peter,

I am a young fan of your music, and most notably your music while a member of KISS. I am 17 and live near Detroit, Michigan, yes that's right, Detroit Rock City! I would just like to say that of all the drummers, you are definately my favorite. The first time I heard 100,000 years on KISS Alive! I was blown away by your intense drumming. I imagine there were millions who felt the same way I did. I also love your singing on stuff like Beth, Hooligan, and mainline. I hope that you continue doing what you're doing and Thanks for all the great music over the years




Hello Peter

I grew up with Kiss and I still remember my mother buying 'Alive II' for my b-day
My first ever concert was on the ' Dynasty' tour I just want to tell you that after the 'Farewell Tour' I just lost all respect for what Kiss stands for Listening to Gene speak just makes my skin crawl and Paul's comments that he "could right another "Let It Be" but the fans just want to hear 'Love Gun' so why bother" He's no McCartney

I've sold all of my Kiss collection with the exception of my tour book from 1979 and your old and new records I just wanted to let you know that I'm mad at my self for putting up with Gene's B.S. for most of my adult life

Take Care


Subject: when you can from italy


I'm diego, an italian boy!(sorry but my english is not perfect).

I hope,you read this mail, because is very important for me,tell you're a best drummer in the world!you had a story of rock music for a long long time!!you're rock legend alive and will be forever!

so when you go in italy i hope you will remember me,will be in my heart(cuore) forever!....will hope to get drunk with you!!!!

Bye peter...drummer forever

Diego Cappanera


Hello Peter!

My name is Tomi and i write from Finland.I am a huge KISS fan and best song is Beth. Is it personal song for you?I cry everytime when i hear it.

Someday i wanna see KISS in original members.I have ALIVE CD collection and Psycho Circus,they are best albums.

All the best and keep on rockin?

Best wishes...Tomi 32 years

Subject: Love your music

I just want to start off saying you were my favorite the first time i heard and listen to kiss. I cannot say what caused me to fall in love with "The Catman", but I did. You were a person I looked up to and wanted to be like. I never had the ability to play any band instrument even though I tried. But I always dreamed of meeting you someday. I know there were problems with KISS but I am glad to see you are doing great and wish only the best for you and your family. I will always be a fan of yours and hope you will keep keeping on.

God Bless you.


Subject: Greetings

Hey, Peter.

I´m a big fan of yours from Colombia (South America). Congratulations for your new album. Great songs, great music, great lyrics. Enjoyable es everything ealse you´ve done, including every Kiss record in which you were involved (by the way your solo album with the band is one of my favorites).

Thks a lot and keep on rockin´..

Subject: Thank You

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your music – it brings our family many hours of enjoyment. Our 6 year old son had to do a profile at school – he listed “Beth by Peter Criss” as his favourite song. Nobody in his class even knew what or who he was talking about but he proudly stood up saying it’s the best song ever! Thank you so much.

Wood Family
Sydney Australia

Subject: Peter and Ace forever

Hi Peter,

Wow !!!

I just heard the interveiw from the Eddie Trunk show and I have to say that it was incredible, and I am so glad that you told it how it was. I agree with you totally on the subjects of Kiss. I just want to say that I am a 44 year old drummer myself who has done alot over the years on the local music scene (Indiana ). You taught me my first song on drums. I was in my basement( 13 yaers of age ) trying to play along to Kiss records when it all clicked for me. I remember it so well because after it happened, it was like I fully understood the relm of drumming. The song was Shock Me. I learned that song to a tee that day, and haven't stopped learning since. For that alone I have to say Thank You and God Bless. Hey !!! Why don't you and Ace do an album together and call it Kiss Off !!!

You and Ace have alway's been my favorites.

Thanks for being there.

Art Burton


hey pete,

why dont you try to do a gospel album, amazing grace, just as i am,, do lord , exct. your voice would sound great with them songs,or what ever you like

scott harris


peter i don't know what to say......

i love the band kiss, YOU are awesome,your make up, have not EVER heard a drummer like you, man.I have all 4 members tattooed in 96 and yours turned out beautiful don't ever stop rocking

Subject: Hey

Hello there, Mr. Criss.

My name is McAndrew Noonan. I'm one of your biggest fans/admirers. I'm fifteen years old and I'm a freshman in high school. I live in the grand "Metropolis" area of Granite Falls, North Carolina. You're what inspired me to take up drumming. I 've always loved your unique style of drumming. You weren't balls to the wall like Eric Carr. You were more about the rhythm, and that is what makes a great drummer in my opinion. You were also quite the singer! Beth had me from the first lyric and Hard Luck Woman is a timeless classic. Something else that drew me to you was your individuality. You loved oldies and doo-wop and Frank Sinatra. That's pretty much all I ever listen to, no kidding! Frank is one of the greatest singers, (second to you of course.) I constantly watch the original Kissology to learn some of your moves on the drums. You made those drums talk! Whenever I come up with a solo, I immitate alot of your beats and fills. Which is kind of what you did when you supposedly took lessons from Gene Krupa. In my opinion, no one has topped you and no one ever will. You're one of a kind. But then again, so am I. I took up drumming about a year ago and I'm honestly not too shabby. I just think of it this way, it's not the talent, it's what you do with it. I have a talent and ear for the drums and I couldn't just let that talent slip away. I either use Ludwig or Dw kits. I'm a very humorous person, I'm the kind of guy who would buy his wife lingerie for a wedding anniversary gift and have her wear it around the house for mine. I'd love to be a famous, legendary drummer like you smeday and maybe meet you and talk with you. But then again, I also wish that money grew on trees. To wrap this up, I'll say this. Kiss is the best, you're the best. Thanks for your time.

God Bless,
McAndrew Noonan

Subject: Hi Peter

Hi Peter

I'm Brandon I'm 14 and I am a really big fan of yours.I have liked you and Kiss since I was 4 years old and you have always been my favourite member.I also loved what you did with your solo career "The Cat" is my favourite.  May I also say I like the fact you believe in God and you're not afraid to admit it.That's all I hope to have the pleasure of one day meeting you.

Thanks Peter


Subject: A drummer at heart....

I just love the drums. I have since I was a kid. I just love to "feel" the beat in your chest when close enough, I FRICKN LOVE IT MAN!!!!!

A fan since my first concert in 1979..... The Cow Palace Rocked!!

John from California

John Heath

Subject: Hey Criss Cat!

Hey, My name is Nichole Licardi, I unfortunately haven't been a fan of KISS or the Originals for very long, I am only 21, ( in a few days at least lol ) I had recently gotten the spark when I heard a song on the radio, now I have all the originals albums. I in the best way put have fallen in love with both you And Ace Frehley. At Comic Con me and my friend dressed as the two of you In dedication! No others were there as KISS and it well upset me a lot. I now have a dream I have to live and that is to meet you and Ace just once ( more if possible lol ) as my heroes. I know Im very late in the ball game, But hey better late then never. Thank you for reading this.. I know its not much but I have pictures from the day we went to Comic Con, Well also be going to Big Apple Con and New York Anime Fest in the same outfits, Well Actually Im going dressed as you The Cat Man! Just need to work more on my costume lol. The Ace one was a lot of work all hand made. And I thank you both for being heroes to me. Inspiration really.... I can only dream that I would ever hear back from you. I plan to e mail a Poem I had written ( but need to perfect ) to you as well...

Thank you again!



I am 41 years old and have been a fan for over 30 years. My son Stephen managed to hear KISS in a Scooby Doo video and is obsessed. He wore his mother's boots to the local deli and didn't care.The neighbors are wondering who the 5 year old is with the cat makeup and boots riding his scooter. He constantly bugs me to watch that old movie with Kiss at Magic Mountain. And we have taped him singing "Beth". It is amazing how you have reached out to another generation.

best wishes,

Michael Hornyak

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