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Fans of the Month - 2022
Elaine M. - December 2022

For all the Kiss concerts that I went to and holding up a sign for you....you acknowledge me every time. I always wanted to meet you but it never happened. But you made me so happy every concert that I made it to.

Thank you and God Bless you.

Happy Birthday

Angela - December 2022

We all want to wish you that happiest birthday and if you can get someone to take you to the site, you will be able to see many lovely tributes to you for your birthday. You are so loved!



Marcel J. - December 2022

Hi Peter this news is a simple thank you to an extraordinary man. Thank you for all these years of great music being made. You are my idol and thanks to you I started playing drums. I'm learning all your tricks from 1974-1980. I don't want to write a long message so as not to take up a lot of your time. I just wanted to thank you. Stay healthy and don't stop spreading love for people and drums.

Sincerely, Marcel from Poland

God bless you!

Tim S. - November 2022

Hi Peter, 

My name is Tim longtime fan from the beginning of Kiss. Hope to make the North Carolina meet & greet. Glad to see you're healthy and still greeting fans! 

God bless. 

Tim S.

nclineman67 - November 2022

Just wanted to reach out and thank u for being part of one of greatest bands of our times. Your such a inspiration. 

Karen H. - November 2022

Hey Peter, 

Hope life is going well for you. I had debated on sending these pics over to you because I know that Michael (my son) would be embarrassed knowing I did this. But in the age of the internet and connectivity, I could not pass up the opportunity to show you. Because, he is a big fan of yours, and has been playing the drums for two years. You are one of his favorite drummers, and was so excited to dress up like you for Halloween. We had to do several practice runs because he wanted it to be perfect. I tried my best to get it right, in the end the only thing I messed up was the hair…should have just colored his hair since his hairstyle is pretty close to what yours was in the 70s. Anyhow, hope you like them :) 

Take Care 

In Health and Wellness, 

Karen H

Trenton F. - October 2022

Much love 

You are an inspiration to us all! 

We love you! 

Trenton F.

Rob B. - September 2022

Hey Peter! 

I just took this photo here in Denver and wanted to share. Your impact on pop culture is ever strong. You are the greatest, ever. 

I love you beyond words. Thanks for being my hero. 

Rob B.

Anthony S. - July 2022

Hey Peter! 

Hello Peter! I have been a big fan of you since 2019 (12 years old) and you have no idea how happy you make me. You have always been my favorite member of KISS and I hope to one day meet you. I am from and live in Texas so every night I wish that you’ll come down here! I’ll pay any price to meet and get a picture with you. You have inspired me so much that I have picked up the drums myself recently (finally). I hope I get as good as you. You’ve saved me many a time, keeping my head up during tough times. I really want to meet you. You’re my favorite rockstar. Always have been and always will be. The one and only Catman. Love you Peter. God bless you and Gigi. Please visit Texas or even the south soon! 

We Love You, 

Anthony S.

Edward P. - July 2022

Hello Peter!

I found your site and thought I would reach out to you.I loved Kiss as a kid I hung out with a few kids from the neighborhood and. With my friends .We all had instruments I played the guitar .We would try and play kiss songs.We all wore kiss shirts at the time .I have always been a better drummer than a guitar player but I keep trying it was my father who bought me my first guitar.Peter I always hoped someday I would get my chance to go to a Concert which I never been to one in my life .I quess I don't like to be surrounded by large groups of people .I hope I might have the opportunity to meet you someday .I know you probably get a lot of fan requests I usually don't reach out to Celebrities. I know famous people don't need to be bothered by strangers.But you are my favorite in the kiss band .I love the painted whiskers that made the difference in standing out also you drumming was the greatest of all. My 16 year old daughter is a model and actress she has a agent in NewYork city .I am proud of her accomplishments. I think it's great you have a web site .That fans can Share a story.. 

Peter Stay safe and take care, 

Edward P.

David D. - July 2022

Hey Peter! 

just wanted to start out by saying I've been a huge kiss fan for a long time. Since I was 12. I have got a large kiss collection Since then. I am not rich so alot of big ticket items I don't have but I do have a kiss pinball from 79. My favorite kiss collectable. I was curious if I mailed you a poster of you. It's a smaller poster of a painting of you. I have already got ones signed by Tommy, Vinny, Bruce and Ace. All I need is Eric, Paul, Gene, and of course you're self. I would also buy a drum head from you for charity on your behalf. I have been trying to get to one of your signings but have not been able to attend one yet. Maybe soon. I'll pay for everything including shipping. If not that's ok too! I understand you must be a busy person and get letters like this all the time. Anyways it's really cool if you just get to read this. If you do I hope you have a wonderful day!! And know what a huge enjoyment it has been to be a fan of yours and kiss! God bless you and yours always.  

David D.

Johnathan D. - June 2022

Hey Peter! 

I grew up listening to my dad's KISS cassette tapes and when it came out the Unplugged and Psycho Circus albums. KISS wouldn't be what it is/was were it not for You & Ace. It boils my blood when I heard all the behind the scenes stories and studio horror stories. You are THE original drummer for that band yet they treated you as though you were a session drummer. I've always loved the bluesy drum sound and style you brought to the band. When I first heard your KISS solo album, I loved it. Most fans probably thought the record would be filled with blistering drum solos, but your songs came from your heart & soul and resonated with me quite deeply. When I was younger I used to jam out on my step dad's kit or the one in the music classroom at school. I probably played along to your drums more than anyone elses. I also have a bit of a soulful sound to my voice as well. Your music helped me through some seriously emotionally rough times. It's a damn shame that they slapped the Cat makeup....your makeup on some other guy. One question I do have though is what the 3 on your cat man outfits means. Is it to signify you being the third member of the band? 

God bless you Catman! All the best, 

Johnathan D.

Beth K. - June 2022

Hi Peter!

I have been a huge fan of yours for 45 years. I always thought you were a cute cool cat.I stopped buying Kiss records after you left the first time.Was so thrilled to finally see you guys in person on the Farewell Tour.I went back again on that tour, drove 6 hours to see you guys.Iwas lucky enough to be on the front row.You threw a rose toward me after "Beth" when I yelled out that's my name.Als security guard gave it to another person.It is my favorite of the Kiss songs.You have a beautiful voice and great drummer.Glad to finally let you know. 


Beth K.

Chris H. - June 2022

This is a true honor to send you this email. I have been a fan of yours for many many years. I first saw you in concert with kiss back in 1976. It was the Destroyer tour. I was 4 years old. Over the years I have collected many many Kiss things. From the original 16 inch dolls, to the original comic book that had all of your guyses vials of blood and it. I'd invested thousands of dollars. I never went to another concert until your guys's reunions tour. I was so happy to see all four original members back together again. The way you played and your style of playing has always impressed me. I have been a bigger fan of your solo career after you left the band. I have all your albums and have been blessed to see you play a couple of times. You have been a true hero of mine. Recently seeing what happened with what Paul Stanley has done with his lip syncing and before that Gene Simmons putting down bands for doing the same thing that they got busted with doing. I've always felt those two have been the biggest hypocrites that have ever walked the face of this Earth. I went in and grabbed all of my collection except for your solo album while you were still in the band and all your stuff that you have done since leaving the band. I went outside and had the biggest bonfire ever. It broke my heart. 

I still stand strong beside you and I'm still a huge fan of yours. When you had your health issues, I prayed for you. I've always looked forward and seeing any new album you may come out with. I am wondering if you could send me an autograph photo of yourself? And can you make it out to Chris? That is one thing in my life I have never gotten and I would be truly honored to get that from you. I love you so much brother. I will always be a die-hard fan of yours. Keep up doing what you've been doing all these years. I thank you for your time in reading my email. And I hope to look forward to seeing you somewhere down the road 

Chris H. Titonka,IA

George M. - May 2022

I’ve been a fan of yours for decades, and wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of the great music over the years. I know you’re a busy man, Sir, so I’ll make this short. Again, thank you for sharing your talent with the world…we’ll never forget KISS or the amazing drummer who made it all happen with the band!!!  

George M.

Doug G. - May 2022

So I just wanted to thank you for the better half of my memory. My love for you and the boys of Kiss are forever. I know it wasn’t easy at times especially the tension you had between Paul and Gene. When you work and put your minds together you were and still are a stellar group of entertainers. I was about 4 years old when first heard your music and too this day I still am a fan at the age of 46. I have autism too but it doesn’t stop of hinder my love for y’all. Outside of the fandom I am also a fan and collector of Japanese pop culture like Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman, Kamen Rider and Sentai (Power Rangers). I never been to a Kiss Concert only because I get claustrophobic in crowds and sensory over load but I have the alive albums so I listen to that. I also love your solo album. My two favorite songs are You Matter To Me and I’m Gonna Love You. I love the whole album, those songs stand out to me I don’t know why but they just seem like great songs. I plan to get another turn table and some more albums because that was the beauty of listening to Kiss and I love the Casablanca logos too. 

Stay awesome and stay safe. God Bless.  

Doug G.

Corey Z. - May 2022

Hey P! 

Hope all is well. Thought I’d share my new ink with you. I got an amazing design constructed by an amazing artist in Melbourne, Australia who tattooed it on my arm! Absolutely love and idolise you. 

Wishing you all the best for the upcoming shows with Sisters Doll!  

Corey Z Melbourne Australia.

Jardel D. - April 2022

Hello, Catman! 

I am a Kiss fan since I was 10 years old. Last Tuesday I was on my first KISS concert ever and it was the best time of my life. I want you to know that you will never be forgotten by us. I saw a lot of children using your make-up and heard your name a lot of times there. You made history. You made something that will never be done again. Thanks for being who you are. We love you forever. 

Jardel D.

Danny S. - April 2022

Hi Peter, 

I just wanted to drop you a quick email and say I hope you are well and to thank you for all the years of great music. I have been a kiss fan since I was about 10 years old which was the early 80's but I didn't really become a kiss fanatic until I heard KISS Alive. That album changed my life. I also love your 78 solo album. I seen the video you posted on you tube singing Don't You Let Me Down a while back. That is one of my favorite tunes from the album. I hope I get to meet you someday. 

God Bless, 

Danny S.

Henrik S. - April 2022

Hi Peter! 

In Sweden I’m 45 years and halfway through reading your astonishing self biography Make up to Break up. I have been sharing your laughs and grieves in this very exiting, sensitive and moving life story, identifications in many means of human life. Your book made me also discovering your solo recordings and now rotating the Out of Control album which is a great record with soulful energy Thank you a lot and Best wishes 

Henrik S.

Mark D. - March 2022

Hi Peter, 

I’m sure your aware how many kids you‘ve inspired to become drummers, in 1974 my 9yr old self was blown away seeing you for the first time on Dick Clark’s ABC in concert inspiring me to become a drummer. Just wanted to say thanks! 


Mark D.

Acey. - March 2022

Hello Peter! 

You have always been my favorite member of KISS ever since I was a little girl. I've had the honor of meeting you a few times and I hope to meet you again one day soon! 

God Bless You & Gigi!  


Ryan R. - March 2022

Hello Peter, 

I never sent an email to a famous person before and I live in a pretty isolated area in upstate New York so I never got to meet any famous people because meet and greets are pretty rare up here but I thought I’d try to reach out to you since I’m a HUGE Kiss fan and you’re my favorite member. I’m 20 years old and love listening to Kiss, I just recently discovered your solo album and I really enjoyed it! I actually am playing it on Spotify as I’m writing this email to you. If you could respond to me it would make my entire week! I hope you’re doing well and it would be an honor to hear from you.  

Ryan R. New York

Jesus M. - February 2022

Hi, Peter, 

I know you do not know me but I am one of your biggest fans, 1973 original drummer (peter Criss) Wow I love how you drum and I want to be a famous drummer like you 

Jesus M.

Gary & Zachary A.     - February 2022


Bought My First Kiss album in 1975 when I was 12 years old growing up on Long Island. Been a fan ever since. Now in my late fifties, I still have one in the nest who just turned 17. As a vinyl record junkie I found my original Kiss Alive album, so we hooked up my old Technics SL-1200 turntable and we enjoyed it together through 500 watts of simulated 6 channel surround sound. Now the two of us have been going through YouTube finding every live concert we can find. My son is a big fan of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, so when I showed him your concerts his eyes lit up. He now understands where the big theatrical stage show comes from. I thought you would enjoy the story of how the younger generation is now appreciating what you guys did as much as we did when we went to the concerts back in the late 70s. Glad to see you're still active and healthy, and I was super impressed with your drum work in the reunion tour you guys did 96-02. (Black Diamond live in Detroit 1996?) Awesome! I know you are a man of God like I am, so therefore God bless you and your family. Enjoy those golden years, you earned it! Forever fans,  

Gary & Zachary A. Lorena, TX .

Mark C . - January 2022


You are the G.O.A.T. Greatest Of All Time on the drums. No one can do it like you do. Your style, your sound, your personality, you are the very best. I wanted to say thank you for a life time of inspiration! I started playing the drums back In 1975 and modeled my style after yours. In the world of music, you were my hero. The reunion tour in 96 was amazing because we all got to see you and Ace again where you belong. Kiss without you is empty. You drove the band and the music always sounds so much better with you behind the kit. God bless you, and thank you again for all that you’ve given us. 

Mark C.

Mark T. - January 2022

Just wanted to show my appreciation for you and my new tattoo inspired by you! Kiss is my all time favorite band and you’re the best rock drummer who ever lived. 

Thank you for everything 

Mark T.

Skeeter L. - January 2022

From a life long fan, thanks for all of the great music and memories growing up listening to you and Kiss! As a young Oklahoma kid in the 70s, you took the imagination to a whole new level. Changed my life. Nearing 60 now, I still play in a predominantly country band but, I still play Hard Luck Woman in tribute to you! Thanks again! We love you! 

Skeeter L 

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