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Fans of the Month - 2023
TB - January 2023

I just watched your performance in KISS Symphony: Live IV. I love watching you play drums, so in the moment, so alive!

Hope you are well.


Marcelo R. - January 2023

Drawing I did 30 years ago

Hope you like it ! Have a great year

Marcelo R. "Boma"

Skot F. - January 2023

You were the first rock drummer that I heard after growing up in rural Colorado and being exposed to only the Carpenters and similar artists. Thank you for inspiring me to become a lifelong drummer, which I believe is the Greatest Gift God has blessed me with.

Here I am at 60, still playing, still absolutely in love with the joy of drumming. I have kind of a cheesy gig at a texas sized flea market in San Antonio, where I get to play my Giant (think art project) kit for tips with a thumping PA, and a digital music player! No other band members, no club owners, no sound police, just me and about 3500 tracks to choose from, playing whatever I want at whatever level I want. From sing sing sing (benny goodman) to old school Kiss...(which never fails to draw a crowd). I still love to run through Alive and Alive II in their entirety, as I usually play 4-5 hrs straight no breaks both Sat and Sun. It's my happy place, and after 10 hours of weekend therapy, I feel I can take on any problem and conquer it.

I am further inspired by your cancer battle, your battles with your previous band mates, and your sheer will to persevere. God has blessed you, and you don't fail to credit Him, something sadly lacking in today's musical landscape. I hope to someday cross paths with you and thank you in person.

Keep up the good fight, and may God Bless you richly

Your drumming brother

Skot F.

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